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Burning Buds In Boulder – Touring Colorado’s Marijuana Laws

Colorado and Washington State hold a special place in every weed lover’s heart. In 2012, both of these states took a “giant leap for ganja-kind” when they fully legalized adult-use recreational marijuana. As an “OG” in the cannabis legalization movement, Colorado has incredibly relaxed laws for medical patients and recreational users. Cannabis fans have little to worry about using weed in the Centennial State. Find out why everyone is burning bud in Boulder – touring Colorado’s Marijuana Laws.

Is Weed Legal In Colorado? – A Brief Look At Colorado Cannabis Laws

Initiative 20 was the first significant cannabis law passed in Denver. Now known as Amendment 20, this law established Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Program under the Department of Public Health & Environment. Any patient who has a valid doctor’s approval could add their name to Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry.

While Initiative 20 was big news in the Western US, Colorado made national headlines in 2012 with the Marijuana Legalization Amendment. Better known as “Amendment 64,” this new law made Colorado the first state to legalize recreational weed.

Ever since 2012, anyone over 21 in Colorado residents could legally purchase cannabis from a state-approved dispensary. It’s also OK for commercial cultivators to apply for marijuana growing licenses in the Centennial State.

Recent reports suggest Colorado has at least 500 legal dispensaries and about 700 cannabis cultivation zones. A few of the most famous names in Colorado’s dispensary market include the following:

How Much Colorado Weed Could You Purchase Per Day?

Colorado initially allowed adults to purchase a paltry seven grams of cannabis from legal dispensaries. However, as of 2016, anyone over 21 could buy one ounce of marijuana flower per day from a state-approved business. Besides cannabis buds, Colorado allows adults to purchase and possess eight grams of concentrate or 800 mg of edibles.

If you’re on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry, you could have as much as two ounces of cannabis flower at any time. Medical patients could also hire a caretaker to grow or buy their preferred strains.

Where Could You Smoke Colorado Marijuana?

Colorado allows residents to use cannabis products in a private residence far from public view. Like other “green states,” it’s illegal to smoke weed outdoors, in government-protected parks, or in a motor vehicle.

However, there are a few businesses that have legal “smoke rooms” throughout Colorado. Indeed, under 2019’s HB 1230, Colorado companies could apply to create a “cannabis lounge.” Be sure to look up dispensaries in your area to see if any offer this service.

Could You Grow Weed At Home In Colorado?

Colorado now grants adults the right to cultivate cannabis indoors. Under the state’s guidelines, each adult could only grow six plants at a time. Only three of these plants should be in the flowering stage. Please ensure your grow room is far from public view.

If there are two adults in your home, you could grow up to 12 cannabis plants at any time. However, Colorado doesn’t allow any household to grow more than 12 cannabis plants without a grower’s license.

Growing weed in Colorado

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal In Colorado?

At first, Colorado only allowed cannabis delivery services for medical marijuana patients. However, as of 2021, adults throughout the state could order “dank delivery” from a state-approved dispensary.

Just keep in mind that this new rule does allow local municipalities to “opt-out.” Please double-check your city’s policy on Colorado’s marijuana delivery services.

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