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Chasing Green – A Guide To Legal Weed In Illinois

Searching for a guide to legal weed in Illinois? The Prairies State wasn’t the first Midwestern state to legalize marijuana; that distinction belongs to nearby Michigan. However, Illinois deserves serious props for passing the nation’s first pot laws without a statewide ballot. That’s right, legislators in the Land of Lincoln passed recreational cannabis laws in the State Capitol. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Illinois is one of America’s most marijuana-friendly states. What to find out more? Here it is, chasing green a guide to legal weed in Illinois.


Whether you’re an MMJ patient or a recreational toker, you can legally smoke weed at home in Illinois. Just be sure to avoid smoking your ganja outdoors to avoid legal hassles.

Is Weed Legal In Illinois? – A Quick History Of Illinois Cannabis Laws

Although some lawmakers tried to decriminalize weed in the 1970s, it wasn’t until 2013 that Illinois got serious about adult-use cannabis legalization. During this year, legislators created the state’s official Medical Marijuana Program. Anyone over 18 with a medically-approved condition could now apply for an MMJ card through Illinois’s Department of Health.

Three years after Illinois inaugurated its Medical Marijuana Program, Springfield introduced new decriminalization laws for residents with less than one ounce of marijuana. This law paved the way for the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which Governor Pritzker approved in 2019. Under this new policy, anyone over 21 in Illinois could buy recreational cannabis from a state-approved dispensary.

Recent reports suggest there are already 22 cannabis dispensaries in Illinois. Also, some reports indicate Illinois will approve over 70 new dispensaries throughout 2021.

Understandably, most of these cannabis businesses are in the populous Chicago Metro Area, but you could find dozens of other dispensaries throughout the state. Here are a few of the most popular dispensary names now open in Illinois:

How Much Illinois Weed Could You Buy?

Although weed is legal in Illinois, that doesn’t mean you could buy a shop’s entire inventory in one day. Like other “green states,” Illinois has possession limits that customers must abide by.

Currently, you’re only allowed one ounce of recreational cannabis flower per day. Alternatively, you could purchase five grams of cannabis concentrate. These possession limits are cut in half for anyone visiting Illinois from another state.

FYI: If you’re on Illinois’s MMJ program, you could possess over one ounce of cannabis flower if you have a doctor’s approval.

Is Marijuana Delivery Legal In Illinois?

Currently, Illinois only allows medical marijuana patients to request delivery services from a licensed caretaker. It’s also possible for MMJ cardholders to pick up “curbside cannabis” from approved medical dispensaries.

However, that doesn’t mean Illinois leaders aren’t considering recreational cannabis deliveries. Indeed, a few lawmakers put together HB 5274, which would allow dispensaries to deliver weed in the state. At this time, there’s no indication when this law could reach the governor’s desk.

Can Illinois Residents Grow Marijuana At Home?

Only MMJ patients could cultivate cannabis plants at home in Illinois. The current limit on-at-home cannabis cultivation is five plants per adult. If patients are going to grow medical cannabis at home, they must keep these plants far from public view.

Currently, recreational users cannot grow cannabis at home. If the police catch you growing even one cannabis plant, you could face a $200 fine.

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