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Cannabis In Cali – A Guide To Legally Buying California Weed

There’s no point sugarcoating it: California is “hot for pot!” From the 1960s onwards, this West Coast state has been at the forefront of weed cultivation and legalization. In addition to creating the nation’s first medical marijuana program, California has some of the nation’s most liberal adult-use recreational cannabis laws. To this day, cannasseurs look towards this state for the most exciting innovations in the legal cannabis space. Let us take you on a tour of cannabis in Cali – a guide to legally buying California Weed.

Is Weed Legal In California? — A Primer On California Marijuana Laws

Arguably, California’s Proposition 215 is one of the most consequential cannabis laws in recent history. Passed in 1996, this “Compassionate Use Act” established the USA’s first statewide medical marijuana program.

Under this revolutionary law, patients with qualifying conditions could apply for an MMJ card through California’s Department of Public Health. Prop 215 also allowed licensed caregivers to transport and grow medicinal use marijuana plants for patients. Ever since Prop 215 hit the books, dozens of other states have successfully copied California’s MMJ model.

Since California was the first to legalize medical marijuana, many people assumed it would be the first to OK recreational pot. Interestingly, Cali lawmakers lagged behind other states on this issue. Indeed, it wasn’t until 2016 that Californians passed the Adult-Use of Marijuana Act (aka Prop 64). That’s four years after Colorado and Washington State passed the nation’s first recreational cannabis laws.

Soon after the passage of Prop 64, Californians over 21 could legally buy cannabis from any state-approved dispensary. The Golden State also established the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing program to track every commercial cannabis product from seed-to-sale.

While California wasn’t the first to legalize recreational weed, it remains one of the world’s largest cannabis markets. Indeed, with about 40 million residents, California is by far the most populous US state.

According to recent estimates, there are at least 500 dispensaries throughout California. Just a few of the most popular dispensary names in California include Kolas, Cookies LA, Exhalence LA, Barbary Coast Dispensary, and The Apothecarium. LA’s West Hollywood district also boasts the nation’s first “cannabis café” called Lowell Café.

How Much California Cannabis Can People Buy?

While California has super tolerant weed policies, there are purchasing limits adults need to be aware of. Under the state’s current statutes, Californians could only possess one ounce of cannabis flower or eight grams of concentrate at a time. People on California’s medical marijuana program could order and possess up to eight ounces of dried cannabis.

While it’s OK to transport these amounts of cannabis in your car, you should never consume cannabis while driving or in a vehicle. If you are going to exchange cannabis with another adult, you should not exceed the above possession limits.

Please also remember it’s never OK to consume cannabis outdoors, especially in one of California’s many federally-protected national parks. California law only allows residents to smoke cannabis in a private residence far from public view.

Two friends smoking joint with weed at seashore at sunset

Could Californians Grow Weed At Home?

California’s Prop 64 allows residents to cultivate up to six cannabis plants indoors. Adults could also buy up to six immature cannabis plants from legal dispensaries or seed banks. The state only asks that at-home cultivators keep their cannabis plants far away from windows.

If you’re on the medical marijuana program, it’s OK to cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants at one time.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal In California?

If you feel like ordering cannabis from your couch, good news: California allows marijuana delivery services for residents over 21. As long as you’re ordering from a state-approved dispensary, you shouldn’t have any issues getting your favorite bud delivered to your doorstep.

Just keep in mind that not every cannabis business offers delivery services. Also, despite the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s seal of approval, a few counties have bans on cannabis delivery services. For your safety, please double-check your municipality’s cannabis laws before ordering from a state-approved dispensary.

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