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Green In The Great Land – A Guide To Legal Weed In Alaska

Despite its solid red status, Alaska is surprisingly tolerant of marijuana use. In fact, the Last Frontier has some of the nation’s most progressive cannabis laws. So, if you love a nice smoke after eating your freshly-caught salmon, you’ve got nothing to fear in the 49th state! Along with you, we are dreaming green in the great land – a guide to legal weed in Alaska

Is Weed Legal In Alaska? – A Brief Overview Of Alaska Cannabis Laws

Interestingly, Alaska was one of the first states to decriminalize marijuana possession in the mid-1970s. About two decades later, Juneau lawmakers further relaxed their cannabis policies after signing the 1998 Alaska Medical Marijuana Initiative.

Under this new law, patients with chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis could legally apply for a state-approved medical marijuana card. Currently, the AK Department of Health and Social Services oversees the licensing for the state’s expanding MMJ program.

Alaska background

As a side note: Alaska still doesn’t have medical marijuana dispensaries. So, even when the Medical Marijuana Initiative went into law, it was difficult for patients and caregivers to get their hands on high-quality weed. Thankfully, this all changed with the passage of Ballot Measure 2 in 2014.

Also called the Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Ballot Measure 2 states that Alaskans over 21 can legally purchase recreational cannabis from state-approved dispensaries. This law also gave the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office the authority to tax and regulate the recreational marijuana market.

Recent estimates suggest there are at least 90 state-approved dispensaries in Alaska. A few of the most popular brands include Cannabaska, Green Jar, Red Run Cannabis Company, and Pakalolo Supply Co.

How Much Weed Can Alaskans Buy Per Day?

Under Alaska’s purchase limits, adults could buy up to one ounce of marijuana flower or seven grams of concentrate per day. Residents who have over one ounce of recreational cannabis could be charged with a misdemeanor. Anyone with over four ounces of marijuana could face felony charges.

Please remember that Alaskans cannot smoke cannabis while outdoors (especially on federal territory). On the bright side, there are a few state-approved dispensaries that have legal indoor smoking rooms. So, residents should either find these legal smoking facilities or save their cannabis smoking for at-home use.

FYI: there are no possession limits on hemp-derived CBD goods. Just keep in mind that CBD hemp must contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Always ask for a third-party lab analysis to ensure your CBD goods meet these strict federal guidelines.

Does Alaska Allow At-Home Cannabis Cultivation?

Any adult who wants to grow cannabis indoors can do so in Alaska. However, there are a few restrictions canna-cultivators must know about.

Most significantly, you must keep your cannabis crop far from public view. Alaskans are also only allowed to cultivate six cannabis plants at any given time. Of these six plants, only three should be in the flowering stage.

Is There An Alaska Weed Delivery Service?

According to the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, dispensaries cannot offer cannabis delivery services. However, the state’s Medical Marijuana Program allows caregivers to transport cannabis to registered patients. For more details on applying for the state’s MMJ program, patients should visit the Alaska Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Registry.

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