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A Guide To Legal Weed In Massachusetts

Massachusetts may not be a trendsetter in the legal weed space, but it remains one of the “greenest” states in the Northeast. Indeed, ever since 2016, Massachusetts weed fans don’t have to fear the fuzz. As long as you’re over 21 and you’re smoking pot in a private residence, you’re within MA’s current cannabis laws. With the help of a guide to legal weed in Massachusetts you should be able to navigate your bud desire with ease.

Is Weed Legal In Massachusetts? — A Brief History Of Massachusetts Cannabis Laws

Although Massachusetts passed a few decriminalization laws in 2008, it wasn’t until 2012 that voters approved the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. Sometimes called “Question 3,” this new initiative allows patients with a doctor’s approval to apply for the MA Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Once you receive a state-approved MMJ card, you could order marijuana goods from a registered medical dispensary. MMJ patients could also hire a caretaker to purchase and deliver their pot prescriptions. For more information on applying for Massachusetts’ Medical Marijuana Registry, be sure to follow this official link.

Four years later, Mass voters went a step further when they passed the Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative (aka Question 4). Under this new policy, adults in Massachusetts could use and possess small quantities of cannabis flower. The state officially allowed recreational cannabis dispensaries in 2018.

Recent statistics suggest the state of Massachusetts has approved at least 260 retail marijuana dispensaries in the past few years. Obviously, most of these stores are in the densely populated Boston Metro Area. Here are a few of the most popular pot shops in the Bay State:

What Are Massachusetts’ Cannabis Limits?

Cannabis fans in Massachusetts need to remember the state has strict purchasing and possession limits. If you have more ganja than the state allows, you could face a misdemeanor charge and a $500 fine.

MA customers over 21 could buy one ounce of recreational cannabis flower per day. Alternatively, you could buy five grams of concentrate every time you visit your favorite state-approved dispensary.

However, just because you could only buy one ounce of flower per day doesn’t mean you can’t stash more at home. Indeed, Massachusetts allows recreational users to have ten ounces of cannabis on their property. Just be sure to store those extra nine ounces in a locked safe rather than out in the open.

As a side note: CBD edibles are still technically illegal in Massachusetts. Even though industrial hemp is legal in the Bay State, lawyers have yet to approve the use of CBD as a food additive. While you may find CBD gummies in many MA stores, they are in a “legal limbo.” Until the FDA releases findings that show CBD is safe to use in food, you may want to avoid buying CBD-infused edibles and beverages.

Is There A Massachusetts Marijuana Delivery Service?

At the end of 2020, Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission amended the state’s statutes to include marijuana delivery services. Under these new rules, businesses could apply for one of two delivery licenses: marijuana courier or marijuana delivery operator. While couriers must transport cannabis from a licensed dispensary, delivery operators could get their weed from a warehouse.

Currently, Massachusetts recognizes two online weed services: Eaze and Emjay. Stores that want to offer a legal marijuana delivery service should work with one of these platforms.

Could Adults Grow Cannabis In Massachusetts?

Cannabis fans with a “green thumb” are in luck: Massachusetts allows residents to grow marijuana indoors. Anyone 21 and older could grow up to six plants per person in their private residence. Just be sure to keep these plants far from public view. Also, there can be no more than 12 plants per household.

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