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Cannabis Charm – A Guide To Legal Weed In Vermont

Don’t let Vermont’s quaint New England charm fool you—there’s a lot more than fall foliage going on here! Unlike many Northeastern states, Vermont has incredibly progressive pot policies. Since 2018, Vermonters over 21 could legally own and smoke one ounce of cannabis flower at home. Although recreational dispensaries remain illegal, state leaders expect to start legal cannabis sales as early as 2022. Here we showcase what everyone’s talking about, that cannabis charm – a guide to legal weed in Vermont.

Is Weed Legal In Vermont? — A Breakdown Of Vermont’s Cannabis Laws

Following the West Coast’s lead, Vermont began looking into medicinal marijuana in the early 2000s. By 2004, both the House and Senate successfully passed SB 76, which created Vermont’s MMJ Registry under the VT Department of Public Health.

Today, patients in Vermont with a doctor’s approval could apply for an MMJ card. Once approved, MMJ cardholders could hire a caretaker or purchase marijuana from one state-approved medical dispensary. While MMJ patients could change their dedicated dispensary, they will have to pay a small fee. Patients are also allowed to store and use cannabis in a private residence.

Throughout the 2010s, VT lawmakers made several attempts to legalize adult-use recreational weed. However, it wasn’t till 2018 that Montpellier legislators ratified H. 511 (aka Act 86). Under this revolutionary law, adults in Vermont could own and use cannabis on their private property. H. 511 also established the Cannabis Control Board to investigate and regulate the state’s new weed industry.

While H. 511 allows adults to possess, grow, and use small quantities of cannabis, it didn’t legalize recreational marijuana sales. However, state legislators are putting the finishing touches on a recreational dispensary program. If all goes according to plan, legal weed shops should start opening in 2022.

How Much Vermont Cannabis Can Residents Buy?

Although recreational dispensaries aren’t allowed just yet, Vermont has already crafted a few purchasing limits that customers should be aware of. Whenever VT dispensaries open, anyone over 21 could buy one ounce of cannabis flower per day. The state specifies that each cannabis flower should have less than 30 percent THC content.

For those interested in cannabis concentrates, Vermont will only allow vendors to sell goods with less than 60 percent THC. As for cannabis edibles, VT dispensaries can only include products with a serving size of 5 mg THC and a total THC content of 15 mg.

As it stands today, adults in Vermont could possess one ounce of cannabis flower or five grams of hashish on their property. Medical marijuana patients, however, could stash two ounces of cannabis flower at a time.

Can Vermont Residents Plant Pot At Home?

Vermonters who enjoy closet growing are in luck; it’s now legal for people over 21 to plant cannabis seeds in their Vermont home. Each adult could plant a max of two mature cannabis strains at one time. This new law also allows adult home cultivators to grow four immature weed plants.

However, you can’t double these cannabis limits for every adult in your home. Each household in Vermont cannot exceed this six plant limit. On the plus side, the buds you gather from these homegrown plants won’t count towards your one-ounce flower limit.

FYI: MMJ patients could grow two extra immature cannabis plants. However, both recreational users and MMJ cardholders must grow no more than two mature cannabis plants per household.

Is There A Vermont Weed Delivery Service?

Currently, Vermont only allows medical dispensaries to deliver cannabis to registered MMJ patients. There’s still no word on whether Vermont will let recreational dispensaries transport weed to residents.

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