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How to Buy Weed in California | Three Legal Methods

Passing through? Not sure where to start? We have you covered. Let’s get some quality product into your hands fast!


Recreational marijuana has been legal in California since 2016 when voters passed Proposition 64 – which legalized marijuana for people 21 and over and created a system for the legal retail of marijuana products.

Californians can now legally purchase marijuana flower, THC vapes, cannabis-infused edibles, and more to use in the comfort of a private residence.

You have a choice of three different ways to buy marijuana in California: going to a dispensary, getting cannabis delivered, or ordering ahead for pickup. Here we will detail how to buy weed in California and what to know before buying marijuana for the first time.

Delivery Options

1) Visit a Dispensary

There is nothing like visiting a pot shop for the first time, and if you haven’t been to a marijuana dispensary, it’s worth the trip.

When you arrive at the dispensary you will need to check-in with your legal I.D. to prove you are at least 21. After which you will be invited to browse the salesroom, where the products will be separated primarily by category.

Going to a dispensary is a great choice for beginners who may have questions or feel overwhelmed by the number of products available. Employees at the dispensary known as “budtenders” will be able to walk you through the process and give recommendations based on preference or desired outcome. Their guidance and the ability to browse the inventory in person are two key advantages to consider when deciding how to buy weed in California.

2) Weed Home Delivery Services

It is also possible to order your marijuana online or over the phone and have your products delivered directly to you. Home delivery of marijuana has become incredibly popular in California for its convenience.

While most brick and mortar dispensaries offer delivery, countless “delivery-only” marijuana shops in California will transport straight to your home, office, or hotel. When ordering weed delivery, you have a few different options. Some shops will have you place your order by calling or sending a text, however, the more sophisticated marijuana delivery services will likely have a website or even an app.

There have been several marijuana delivery services that have popped up since legalization — including Eaze, Sava, and Puffy.

Eaze is one of the largest marijuana delivery services in California. They offer fast and easy delivery to locations throughout the state. You can browse products offered from Eaze on their website as well as on their smartphone app. Products available through Eaze will vary depending on your location in California. You can easily “search marijuana delivery near me” to see your options.

Ordering is as easy as shopping online for any product, just load your cart and checkout. You will be sent confirmation and will be updated when your delivery is on its way. I’ve been lucky enough to do an Eaze review, giving me a chance to use the service first hand. During my Eaze review, delivery was fast and all my products were included in the bag.

Other choices include Sava and Puffy. Sava is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Puffy is available in select markets in California and throughout other marijuana legalized states, searching “marijuana delivery near me” will show if it’s available near you. We were able to order from Puffy in Orange County, California. These services work similarly to Eaze — simply navigate over to their websites and fill your cart before checking out. There are tons of Eaze reviews online to help guide what exact locations they deliver to and what products they have in stock.

In terms of how to buy weed in California, delivery will be your most convenient choice, allowing you to access marijuana products without leaving your house. You can find local pot shops online through dispensary locator apps and websites, which will usually offer contact info, menus of the shop’s offerings, and sometimes a way to place an order. Try searching “marijuana delivery near me” to find local recommendations.

If you’re looking to buy weed in the Oakland area, we have a complete review of our favorite services with promo codes.


ease delivery

Eaze Delivers Across California

Eaze boasts a wide variety & selection of products that can be viewed online in their store or through their smartphone app. Once in order is placed you will get live updates on its status and estimated delivery time. Eaze's network of drivers ensures prompt delivery once your products are ready. Their premium delivery service from end to end makes them worth checking out! Areas serviced: San Francisco & Peninsula, Sacramento, Sonoma County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, Napa County and San Bernardino / Inland Empire.

Ordering Ahead for Pickup

The third choice when shopping for marijuana products in California is to order from your local brick and mortar dispensary, either online or over the phone and then pick it up in person. This carryout style of ordering has become popular with customers who know what they want and don’t have questions. It allows them to pick up exactly what they need, foregoing the line. Ordering ahead for pickup is often a faster process than delivery, perfect for anyone tight on time.

When deciding how to buy weed in California, some people prefer the convenience offered by shopping their favorite dispensary online, skipping the line, and picking up on their own time when it fits their schedule.

Do’s and Don’ts: Buying Weed in California

  • Whether you are from California or just visiting, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you are enjoying marijuana legally.
  • Anyone 21 or older can purchase, carry, and use marijuana legally. You will need to prove your age with either a driver’s license, state I.D., or passport. Limits for possession are one ounce of dried flower or its equivalent.
  • Using marijuana in public is prohibited and punishable by a $100 fine. Smoking or vaporizing marijuana in any place designated non-smoking carries a $250 fine.
  • If you are visiting California from out of state, remember that marijuana is still federally illegal in the U.S. and many individual states. That means you will only want to purchase enough marijuana to use during your trip. It is illegal to carry marijuana over state lines by car or plane.
  • Hopefully, our guide “How to buy weed in California” helps you to find the method of purchasing marijuana that works best for you so that you can start enjoying marijuana legally in the state.

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