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Organic Marijuana Brownie

How to Make Weed Brownies

Cooking with cannabis oil or butter gives you the freedom to make whatever you’re craving, with some additional medicinal benefits. Baking with cannabis may seem complicated, but once you have your cannabis oil or butter in hand, it’s really quite simple. Any recipe that calls for butter or oil can easily be replaced with a cannabis-infused version.

Weed brownies are a classic edible that need no introduction, due to their longstanding popularity. DIY cannabis brownies are a superior choice to store-bought ones every day of the week. Firstly, they taste better and do not contain a multitude of preservatives. Secondly, you’re fully in control of how potent you want your brownies to be, and which strain of cannabis you use to make them. If you’ve decided to make brownies, continue reading for Bloom & Oil’s best advice and recipe on how to make pot brownies.

Cannabis and cannabis brownies isolated on white

Making Weed Brownies

The most important thing you need to make your magic brownies is either cannabutter or cannabis oil. If you do not have either of these, then you’ll just be making regular ol’ brownies today. If you need to acquire cannabis oil or cannabutter, Bloom & Oil has expert articles on how to make your own CBD oil or cannabutter. You can also buy either from your local dispensary, or from trusted online sellers, depending on your location in the United States.

Can dry bud be used? Dry buds can be used in your brownies, but we do not recommend it. THC and CBD likely won’t be as properly activated as they should be, and you will end up with very low-potency brownies that mostly just taste like weed. To make potent (and delicious) brownies, cannabutter or CBD oil are definitely worth the extra time and effort.

Should you use cannabis-infused coconut oil or cannabutter? This is a question that’s difficult to answer. The jury is still out on whether coconut oil or butter is a better carrier of cannabinoids, so ‘which option is more potent?’ does not have an answer. The recipe you’re using or planning to use has the best answer: If your recipe calls for coconut oil, then that’s what you should use, since the rest of the recipe has been designed to use coconut oil, and vice versa. Coconut oil and butter are 1:1 interchangeable, but can produce different textures because of their various properties, regardless of the added THC or CBD.

Can you swap out regular oil or butter for infused oil or butter? You can use infused oil or butter just as you would regular oil or butter. It’s essential to keep in mind the potency of the infused product you’re using, though. If your recipe calls for a lot of oil or butter, you may only want to substitute a portion of the ingredient with the infused option, and not the entire thing.

Can you just use a brownie box mix? If you’re not much of a baker, using a boxed brownie mix is an excellent solution for how to make weed brownies. As mentioned in the question above, if the mix calls for oil, make sure you are using an infused oil for the mix, and if it’s calling for butter, use cannabutter.

What about cannabis-infused sugar? Cannabis-infused sugar is relatively new to the marijuana industry, but we’re happy it’s here. If you have infused sugar in your pantry, it’s definitely something that can be used in your next batch of magic brownies.

Ingredients for Weed Brownies

The first step in how to make weed brownies is deciding how strong you want them to be. Homemade or store-bought infused oils and butter can come in a vast range of potencies. It’s crucial to know how strong the infused product you’re using is, how it affects you on a smaller scale, and how much you should use, based on the size of the batch and your level of tolerance.

It’s always better to use too little and make a second batch, rather than making brownies that send you to the moon with just one bite. This recipe calls for ½ cup of cannabutter, but if your butter is extremely potent, you may want to use less infused butter and more regular butter.


  • ¾ cup all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ cup cannabutter
  • 1 cup white sugar (or white cannabis sugar)
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

How to Bake Weed Brownies

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F

2. Grease an 8×8″ metal baking pan

3. In a medium bowl, mix together the dry ingredients. Sift the flour and the cocoa powder to remove any lumps, add the salt, then the baking powder.

4. Cream together the cannabis oil or cannabutter, white sugar, and brown sugar in a separate bowl.

5. Add the eggs and vanilla to the creamed mixture, and beat on medium speed for one minute. You should see the color of the mix lighten a bit.

6. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and beat on low until everything is very well mixed. It is important to mix thoroughly to make sure the cannabutter is evenly spread throughout the batter.

7. Scrape the batter into the greased baking pan. Lightly tap the pan on your counter to level the batter.

8. Place the pan in the oven on the middle rack, and bake for 25-30 minutes.

9. The time depends on how you like your brownies. Test the brownies with a toothpick. They do not need to come out like when baking a cake – if they do, you’ve likely left them in for too long. You want some fudgy deliciousness on the toothpick, but you don’t want a batter-like consistency.

10. Let the brownies cool for 30 minutes… if you can wait that long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you figure out the dosage per brownie?

Figuring out the dosage per brownie can require some complicated math. Fortunately, there are some online calculators made to help with this. Simply search for “edible dosage calculator,” and several results will come up that will help you find your answer.

How soon can someone expect to feel the effects of edibles, and for how long?

The answer to this question depends on the solution you found in the one above. If you’ve made extremely potent brownies, you could feel them after just a few minutes, and the effects could last for over eight hours. If you’ve made low-dose brownies, they could take as long as two hours to kick in, and the effects could last for less than six hours. On average, it will likely take between 30 minutes and two hours to feel your weed brownies, and the effects will probably last for six to eight hours.

How else can I enjoy edibles?

Weed brownies are one of the most popular edibles on the planet, and for good reason. They’re easy to make and are easily split into smaller doses to be shared among friends, in addition to being chewy, chocolatey, and delicious.

Your fun with edibles doesn’t have to end with brownies, however. There are tons of options out there for amazing edibles you can buy, like the best CBD gummies or the best CBD lollipops. With cannabutter or the best cannabis oils, you can THC or CBD-infuse just about anything!

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