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How to Roll a Blunt

Now that the world is opening up to new kinds of cannabis, it also has us looking back at some old favorites. The blunt has pretty much always been around, and with more people experimenting now than ever before, we think it’s a great time to deliver some pointers on how to roll a blunt the right way.

Rolling a Blunt: The Basics

In order to learn how to roll a blunt, you have to know what it actually is. In short, a blunt is to cannabis like a cigar is to tobacco. Different from a joint, it’s the same great stuff inside, but one uses tobacco leaves as a wrapper, and the other uses paper. The easiest way to make your own blunt is to take your favorite cigar or cigarillo, remove the loose-leaf tobacco, and fill it with cannabis.

Some people love the extra buzz and flavor that a blunt delivers, while others might find themselves intimidated by the harsh smoke from the potent tobacco and cannabis combo.

How to Roll a Blunt: Step-By-Step Guide

Wherever you sit on the spectrum, learning how to roll a blunt has its own challenges compared to rolling a joint. So, to ensure you don’t experience blunt trauma during your next attempt, we’ve pulled together a quick guide on how to roll a blunt like the pros.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Grab a cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap. Swisher Sweets, White Owl, and Black & Mild are a few of our favorites, but anything will do. Next, choose your herb. Since blunts take more cannabis than joints, make sure you have enough on hand to fill it up.

Step 2: Prep Your Wrap

If you’re using a store-bought cigarillo like Swisher Sweets, slice it from top to bottom, crack it open, and empty out the tobacco. Alternatively, if you’re a DIY freak, you can always pick up some empty wraps at your local corner store. Either way, you’ll want to moisten your fingers with a little water and wet the wrap so it’s easier to shape. Keeping it moist will also help prevent cracks or tears.

Step 3: Break Down Your Herb

Breaking down your cannabis doesn’t only make the blunt easier to roll, it directly affects the quality of your smoking experience. If you run it through a grinder, you’ll likely get a more even burn. Break it down by hand and those larger bits will make the burn last a little longer. Whichever route you take, just be sure to remove the stems and seeds along the way.

Step 4: Start Rolling

Now you’re ready to fill the empty tobacco wrap with your cannabis. One or two grams is ample herb for a standard sized cigarillo. If you can squeeze in more, then great. Sprinkle it in from one end to the other, then roll with your fingers to pack the blunt evenly. If you’re using a cigar shell, pull one side of the wrap over the other, then wet the overlapping side from end to end and seal it up. If you’re using a fresh wrap, you’ll need to roll and unroll it a few times until the herb is evened out. Then give it a good, tight, final roll and seal it up.

Step 5: Bake It and Take It

To cure the blunt, you’ll have to make sure it’s dried and baked. You can do this by running a lighter lengthwise under the seam and around the outside. Don’t let the flame get too close – you just want the heat, not the fire. Once all that goodness is baked and sealed in, all that’s left to do is enjoy it!

Ready for the Advanced Class? Here’s How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt

If you’re ready to go Jedi on your blunt rolling, the Backwoods blunt is a great way to show off your skills. Thanks to its popularity in hip hop culture, this hard-hitting smoke is gaining some steam as of late. The name comes from the Backwoods brand of cigars, known for their rustic, all-natural tobacco leaves that are loosely rolled. They come in a wide range of flavors, from sweet aromatic to honey bourbon and all things in between.

Rolling a Backwoods Blunt: The Process

The first step in learning how to roll a Backwoods blunt involves opening up the cigar. Since Backwoods are loosely rolled, there’s no need to slice them open. Instead, simply moisten the Backwoods cigar and gently unravel or unroll it until the tobacco just falls out. At this point, you’ll be left with a slightly coiled but relatively flat cut of tobacco leaf that you can start filling with herb. Just keep in mind though that Backwoods are more fragile than standard cigars or cigarillos, so you’ll need to be extra careful and keep them moist on both the inside and out.

Once you’re happy with the herb you’re sprinkling in, gently roll and unroll it a few times until you’ve got the shape you want. When it feels about right, roll it tight, then ‘lick it and stick it,’ as they say. It takes a little practice, but if you follow these tips, you too can learn how to roll a Backwoods blunt! Now go, my Jedi master. And enjoy!

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