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Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream is unquestionably one of the world’s tastiest comfort foods. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly fattening. Plus, if you’re allergic to milk, there’s no way you could enjoy a bowl of ice cream without busting out in hives. Thankfully, there’s now a hybrid named Ice Cream Cake that can deliver all that dairy deliciousness…plus a hint of dank! Anyone who’s looking for a delectable dessert strain will enjoy puffing a few refreshing Ice Cream Cake nugs.

Ice Cream Cake Overview

According to most reports, the Cali-based Seed Junky Genetics created the first batch of Ice Cream Cake seeds. Modern marijuana historians believe the Ice Cream Cake strain contains genetics from two equally popular dessert hybrids: Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. Although it’s unclear when Ice Cream Cake first hit the scene, it’s now a fan favorite in many weed-friendly states. Customers rave about this indica-heavy strain’s sugary flavors, high THC percentage, and potent sedative effects. Anyone who’s going to hit this sticky strain should be prepared to hit the hay after enjoying a “slice.”


Ice Cream Cake Strain IconIce Cream Cake Bud Image

Indica dominant

THC: 20 – 25 percent

CBD: < 1 percent

Parent Strain: Wedding Cake & Gelato #33

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What Does Larry Bird Have To Do With Ice Cream Cake?

Although Celtics superstar Larry Bird never admitted to smoking pot, he certainly inspired a few master marijuana breeders. Indeed, the San Francisco-based Cookie Fam Genetics named one of their most successful strains after the basketball legend. The “33” in “Gelato #33” is a nod to Larry Bird’s jersey number. You may even see this strain listed as “Larry Bird Kush” in a few dispensaries.

While Gelato #33 lends its sweet flavors to Ice Cream Cake, please keep in mind it’s not as sedating. Gelato #33 leans indica, but it’s far better suited for social occasions when you need to feel uplifted. Please don’t think Gelato #33 and Ice Cream Cake will have the same effects!

Don’t Get Your Ice Cream Cakes Mixed Up!

When you search for the Ice Cream Cake strain, nine times out of ten you’re going to run across Seed Junky’s offering. However, there is another Ice Cream Cake hybrid that’s also causing a “buzz” in cannabis circles. Breeders at Mad Scientists Genetics now offer their rendition of Ice Cream Cake made with a blend of Dream Cookie and Cheesecake. While both Ice Cream Cake hybrids are remarkably similar, some connoisseurs notice slight variations in terpene profiles. Go ahead; try both of these strains and see which flavor you prefer!

Ice Cream Cake Has A “Sticky” Reputation

Often, there’s more than one meaning behind a cannabis strain’s name. That certainly seems to be the case with Ice Cream Cake.

Sure, this hybrid was primarily named for its sweet flavor—but that’s not the whole story. Many connaisseurs believe Ice Cream Cake’s frosty white appearance partially influenced its name.

If you’ve ever handled these nugs before, you know how incredibly sticky they are. Trust us; you’re going to need a pair of gloves and a high-quality grinder to prep these bad boys.

Want More Sweet Stuff? Seed Junky Can Satisfy

Seed Junky Genetics has a serious sweet tooth. If you’re a fan of dessert strains, you will love looking through Seed Junky’s pastry-filled pot portfolio. In addition to Ice Cream Cake, Seed Junky helped create many tempting hybrids like Animal Cookies, Sunset Sherbert, and Bermuda Pie Cake.

Most interestingly, Seed Junky played a role in the creation of the Wedding Cake hybrid. Yes, this is the same strain that forms half of Ice Cream Cake’s genotype!

Ice Cream Cake Effects

Ice Cream Cake is a nighttime-only strain, period. Sure, there may be other indicas that are more sedating, but Ice Cream Cake will still glue you to your couch. The slight head buzz from this strain’s sativa lineage only lasts for a few minutes after your first toke. As the high intensifies, you will notice a heavy “body high” sensation that will make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

This strain’s sedating qualities make it a perfect companion for people struggling with sleep-related disorders. Many people also use Ice Cream Cake for its purported analgesic and stress-reducing qualities. Just be sure not to take this strain when you need to feel productive or sociable. This is not a good strain to sneak on your lunch break!

Also, since Ice Cream Cake has a high THC count, it’s not a wise choice for beginners. New tokers will have a more pleasant experience with strains that contain a higher CBD count. As tokers learn how THC affects their body, they could slowly ease their way into strains like Ice Cream Cake.

Growing Ice Cream Cake

Unfortunately for at-home cultivators, Seed Junky Genetics is extremely protective of its strains. Hence, it’s challenging to order a batch of Ice Cream Cake seeds or clones. Hopefully, as this strain grows in popularity, it will be easier for cultivators to grow this hybrid at home.

If you’re fortunate enough to get a batch of Ice Cream Cake seeds, then you should treat them like other indica hybrids. Plant your seeds in a moderate, Mediterranean climate in the 70° F range. It should take about 8 – 9 weeks for these plants to reach full flowering.

Like most other indica strains, Ice Cream Cake is known for its dense buds and short stature. Even if you have minimal space indoors, you shouldn’t have an issue fitting Ice Cream Cake in your grow tent.

For more details on how to grow the Ice Cream Cake strain, be sure to research Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. By better understanding how these parent strains grow, you should get a sense of Ice Cream Cake’s characteristics. You may also want to cultivate a few better-known indica strains before growing Ice Cream Cake seeds.

““[Ice Cream Cake] is a poster child of what a modern flower connoisseur wants, covered in a thick, sticky layer of resin like a powdered doughnut, with sweet, creamy notes of vanilla, dough, and hash to boot.”“

Herbert Fuego, journalist at Westword.

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