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Lemon Kush

Think homemade lemon meringue pie made with the finely grated zest of fresh lemon at peak ripeness. That’s the vibe of the mellow cannabis strain called Lemon Kush on the nose and the palette. Celebrated for its mood-enhancing properties, this aromatic strain offers a balanced high, simultaneously inducing mental stimulation and physical relaxation. This evenly balanced indica-sativa hybrid is known to inspire free-flowing creativity and a feeling of wellbeing.  

Lemon Kush Overview

“You come out at night. That’s when the energy comes and the dark side’s light”. Sarah McLachlan likely never fathomed that this line from her song “Building A Mystery” might be used to describe the feeling produced by a cannabis strain called Lemon Kush. Furthermore, the exact lineage of this strain is somewhat shrouded in mystery. While Ohio-based breeder Alien Genetics cites an Afghani Kush strain and Lemon G cross, most cannasseurs agree that Lemon Kush cannabis is a blend of an indica named Master Kush and a sativa strain by the name of Lemon Joy. Either way, this uplifting strain is popular amongst users, especially in the medicinal market where it is sought for its mood-boosting effects and analgesic abilities. 

Lemon Kush’s earthy green buds are laced with an abundance of dried pistils and a heavy white frosting of trichomes, giving it a yellowish-green appearance. Ranging from 16 – 26%, this strain’s average THC content is around 20%. Lemon Kush is a bit of a creeper in the sense that the full effects of its pleasant high may build up over time. For this reason, users may want to consider proceeding with caution by taking a few hits before deciding to indulge full-on. Dominated by the citrusy, spirit-lifting terpene limonene, the Lemon Kush strain produces a meditative and quietly reflective high, well-suited to creative projects. Some users prefer it for social interaction due to this Kush’s dependable, happy and relaxed high. 

Take note that this strain is notorious for producing “dry mouth” and dry eyes. The smoke is somewhat harsh, known to induce coughing, while some users report headaches, paranoia, and dizziness, often dependent on the amount of THC in a particular phenotype. Always start slow when trying new strains.

Lemon Kush strain icon

Lemon Kush Strain bud image


THC > 20 % 

CBD < 1%

Parent Strains: Master Kush x Lemon Joy


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Cool Facts & Popular Culture

Limonene is the fragrant terpene that gives citrus fruits their distinct aroma. It is also responsible for the smell of this powerfully therapeutic strain of cannabis, and the “lemon” strains in general. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, limonene makes this strain an analgesic that has proven effective at reducing damage to the intestinal mucosa, potentially effective for treating gastrointestinal disorders. 

Lemon Kush’s parent strain Afghani Kush was named after the Hindu-Kush mountain range, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan, where it has grown naturally for centuries. Famous for its hash, the Kush family of cannabis can trace its indica roots to this region.  

The 2010 single “Lemon Kush” by hip hop artist Curren$y doesn’t contain the lyrics “Lemon Kush” anywhere in the song.

The 2020 single “Smell So Bitter” by hip hop artist Buckholmes mentions “Lemon Kush” 32 times.

Lemon Kush Effects

Lemon Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain that produces a clear-headed high with enhanced cerebral focus. Second, to limonene, which is soothing and anti-inflammatory, Lemon Kush weed contains the terpene myrcene, which is calming, possibly making this cultivar ideal for treating anxiety and depression. Medical users report treating headaches and chronic pain, including arthritic joint pain with this strain. In addition to possessing analgesic and anti-emetic properties, some women have endorsed this herb for easing menstrual cramps. Seasoned smokers may find the Lemon Kush strain manageable throughout the day, while others may wish to reserve its reliably mellow high for evening time use, or when they don’t have to be quite so on their game. Always start slowly when trying new strains.

Growing Lemon Kush

Growing weed is often compared to growing tomatoes. Characterized by dry, hot summers and mild, wet winters, this cannabis varietal thrives in Mediterranean conditions, where they grow great tomatoes! Growers tend to agree that Lemon Kush seeds are relatively easy to grow. So if you don’t live somewhere with ideal conditions, you may want to consider growing it indoors, where temperature and humidity can be controlled. Using highly recommended organic fertilizers, you can expect bushy plants that grow up to six feet tall, with small but fluffy buds.

“Lemon Kush prefers it outdoors and can yield greatly when given lots of fresh air and sunshine. This plant is ready for a harvest around the end of September to the middle of October, and can generate an average of 35 ounces of good lemony bud per plant.” – Robert Bergman, grow expert

“I’m smoking on this lemon kush. It smells so bitter.“


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