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Hearing the word Mimosa brings to mind celebrations and tasty cocktails with friends. Named appropriately after the timeless breakfast beverage, you’ll be hit with wafting waves of sweet oranges and be totally ready for a day of social events. Its claim to fame is its energizing yet balanced effects alongside its unmistakable loud fragrance and stunning bag appeal that shows off hard colorful buds coated in thick layers of trichomes. It’s made a name for itself quickly with dispensaries struggling to keep jars full, as it gains more traction you’ll be seeing this one way more frequently. If you’re lucky enough to live near any of the Cannabis Cup events you may have even seen one of the award-winning cuts of the Mimosa strain in person. 

Mimosa Strain Overview

The Mimosa strain is relatively easy to track down, the folks who bred this one are proud of what they worked for and aren’t shy to talk about it. When the dedicated growers at Symbiotic Genetics decided to pair together Clementine with one of their extra-fruity Purple Punch phenos they came across a super loud sativa hybrid that they called Mimosa. Rich with tropical terpenes, and heavy with large sticky buds. These guys have the experience, and their passion for Purple Punch came through loud and clear in this new guy on the block that’s making quite the name for itself. 

It’s reported that 2017 is when the Mimosa strain first came to market, and in the same year it won Best Flower Overall in the Chalice Cup! Gaining tons of momentum and more awards, it landed 2nd place in the Sativa bracket at the Mid-West Cannabis Cup the following year. It’s no wonder though, this fruity favorite is coming straight from growers that have a long history of putting in the work. Symbiotic Genetics shows, again and again, their capabilities in pheno hunting. The reputation they’ve built for themselves is a big one. 

Mimosa cannabis Strain review IconMimosa cannabis strain bud image Sativa Leaning Hybrid 70/30

THC: 25%

Parent strains: Clementine

x Purple Punch

Watch: Mimosa Review

Brunch Anyone? 

Mimosas gained popularity in the United States in the mid-’40s apparently by famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock. He had an appreciation for this fruity breakfast cocktail that actually originated in France. Well-researched cocktail connoisseurs will tell you that the recipe was first developed by Frank Meier in 1925. 

Cooking On High 

In a show perfect for the stoner who loves to get creative with their munchies, chef Amanda Jackson showed off an elevated alternative to smoking Mimosa weed for the judges on Netflix’s premiere episode of Cooked on Cannabis. She served a smoky ceviche to draw attention to the amazing citrus flavors throughout the dish using an infused oil. Oil is an especially efficient way for our bodies to consume cannabis as its bioavailability is increased substantially. The judges must’ve been baked after they cleaned their plates! 

Not So Little 

When a celebrity starts their own weed brand they’re obviously going to be selling some of their favorites. Lil Wayne is considered one of the greatest rappers of his time, so of course, getting into the weed biz wasn’t a huge obstacle for him. GKUA Ultra Premium offers the award-winning Mimosa strain amongst a killer lineup of high-end strains. 

Different Smokes For Different Folks 

All the hype around the Mimosa strain seeds has made a lot of growers want to add it to their next cycle. Seeds are plentiful online, and you can get different versions of Mimosa that alter slightly from the original genetics. Barney’s Farm seed bank sells a version they call Mimosa EVO that’s crossed with their Orange Punch strain, saying that the bud production with this cross is insane. 

Mimosa Effects

This is described as a fast onset heady attentiveness that lasts throughout the high, removing stress and relaxing the body. Push through morning drowsiness and notice an increased level of focus throughout the day. Any creative or outdoor activity would be a solid match for you with this strain. Lots of folks out there are choosing to add it to their daily routine. All the limonene you smell from those sparkly Mimosa nugs is going to be the driver for waking you up and giving you that zingy alertness. 

This is more of a wake n’ bake strain that heightens your artistic side but is definitely enjoyed at all times. Either way, if you smoke enough of this strain consistently averaging mid 20’s in THC tests you’ll probably find yourself with an unstoppable case of the giggles. Always a pleasant balanced feeling the whole way through, so you’ll still be able to tackle your to-do list and conquer the day. You won’t be too weighed down with sedative indica feelings, but you will feel some of the relaxing effects you might love about hybrids that you’ll be feeling in Mimosa. 

Growing Mimosa

You should have a fairly easy time getting your hands on some Mimosa strain seeds, even though it’s only been on the market for a couple of years now it’s made enough of a name for itself to gain traction with home growers too. Whatever variety of it you end up with, it’s worth adding some zesty citrus smells to your stash jars. Dense nugs that are especially sticky with resin are going to be ready for chopping around the 9-week mark, but getting a large yield can be a little tough. Make sure they’re getting tons of light to keep the bud sites tightly stacked together for a larger yield and keep these ladies in a warm relatively dry environment. Keep your nutrients on schedule and watch for deficiencies. 

If you’re seeing a deficiency that doesn’t make sense to you, it could be a PH lockout. Don’t freak out, just check some of the picture references online. Even though this strain has a very stable lineage, growers generally don’t consider this an easy grow, and it wouldn’t be recommended for a newbie. If you do run into trouble don’t wait to reach out to more experienced growers in your community, problems can accelerate fast, but usually have simple solutions if you know what’s up. Do your research and you’ll make the whole process a lot easier for yourself from start to finish. 

“It just feels really good.“

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