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OG Kush

California has given the world a cornucopia of classic cannabis strains, but no Cali name rivals OG Kush. Beloved by connaisseurs the world over, this 90s strain has come to define the flavors now ascribed to West Coast weed. This legendary status is partly due to the fact that OGK is in countless fantastic hybrids. But that doesn’t mean OG Kush isn’t incredible when “token” on its own. In fact, many potheads still argue OG Kush offers the “highest-quality high” with its record-setting THC rates, earthy flavors, and well-balanced effects.

OG KUSH Overview

As is the case with many legendary hybrids, nobody knows the whole story behind the OG Kush strain. However, the most widely accepted story involves two breeders named Matt “Bubba” Berger and John D. Apparently, Berger got a bag of Amsterdam cannabis seeds, traveled back to Cali, and bred the first OG Kush strain with his “best bud.” As to what’s in OGK’s genotype, most people assume it has Chemdawg and Hindu Kush—however, that’s purely speculation.

OG Kuch icon image OG Kush Strain imageIndica-leaning

THC: ~ 22 percent

CBD: ≤ 1 percent

Parent Strain: Chemdawg & Hindu Kush

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“Original Gangster”...Or Something Else? — What Does “OG” Really Stand For?

It’s fair to assume the “OG” in OG Kush refers to this cannabis strain’s “original gangster” status. However, that’s only easy to say in hindsight. Although it’s hard to believe nowadays, there was a time before OG Kush was famous. So, was the OG label there from the start? And, if so, did it really mean “original gangster?”

While we don’t know for sure, some people have argued the “OG” initially stood for “ocean grow.” Those who subscribe to this theory say the “ocean” refers to the Pacific Ocean since OG Kush is so closely associated with California.

Interestingly, some people even believe the original breeders named OG Kush in honor of For those who are unaware, this website was one of the first online forums for potheads. While there are a few fans who hold firm to this claim, there’s no evidence OG Kush had anything to do with this website.

Sleuthing While You’re Smoking — Sherlock Holmes Is An OGK Fan!

Have you ever wanted to see Sherlock Holmes stoned? If so, you’ve got to check out “The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush!” Interestingly, FXX ran this short-length animation series back in 2015. As the name suggests, the Holmes in these funny shorts traded his signature pipe for some pot as he (unsuccessfully) attempted to solve a bloody crime.

Although this series only ran for two years, it made a lasting impact on the cannabis community. Luckily for us, we can binge almost all of these episodes on YouTube!

Few Cannabis Cup Winners Don’t Have Traces Of OG Kush

A big reason OG Kush has earned such a huge status has to do with its many dank descendants. It seems like breeders can’t get enough of mixing OGK with other strains…and we can’t blame them! Whenever someone breeds a new strain with OG Kush, it tends to have phenomenal results. Interestingly, High Times estimates that “one out of every three new hybrids” has some OG Kush in it.

A few of the most popular hybrids directly related to OG Kush include Fire OG, Bruce Banner #3, Headband, Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Sour Diesel. But wait, there’s more! OG Kush also has loads of unique phenotypes that have gained celebrity status. A few of OGK phenos worth a taste include Tahoe OG and SFV OG.

Is OG Kush Truly The Best Strain Of All Time?

It’s almost impossible to get two connaisseurs to agree on the “best strain of all time.” However, it’s unlikely you’ll find a cannabis fan who doesn’t put the OG Kush near the top of their rankings.

Indeed, OG Kush routinely takes the cake in cannabis “critics choice awards.” Recently, High Times announced OGK is the best strain on the planet. Plus, WeedMaps claims “OG Kush” is one of the most searched-for strains in its extensive catalog.

OG Kush Effects

While OG Kush’s dense buds look like a full-bred indica, don’t expect to sink in your couch after the first toke. Indeed, one reason people rave about ripping OG Kush has to do with its balanced effects. Initially, most users report an intense cerebral high. However, this headrush sensation won’t strike you like a purebred sativa, making OG Kush ideal for social settings.

As OG Kush progresses, you will notice a more relaxing, body heavy effect. While this “couchlock” high isn’t as sedating as strains like Northern Lights, it’s recommended you use OG Kush later in the day—especially if this is your first time testing it out.

New tokers should approach OG Kush with a touch of caution. If you’re not used to strains with over 20 percent THC, you could experience paranoia after taking this strain.

Also, like other strains in the Kush lineage, OG Kush has an intense “hahsy” aroma. These spicy aromatics can induce severe coughing and red eyes. Be sure to keep a glass of water on stand-by for a more pleasurable experience.

Growing OG Kush

The only major downside associated with OG Kush is that it’s a pain to grow. Even experienced cannabis cultivators have issues setting the ideal environment for this hot hybrid.

Home-growers should have some experience successfully cultivating more straightforward strains before buying their first batch of OG Kush seeds. You should also know about ScrOG and topping if you want to get the most out of this plant.

When you feel ready to grow OG Kush, please pay extra attention to humidity levels in your grow space. OG Kush is quite susceptible to mold, so it tends to perform best in a dry climate with average temps in the 70s F. Cultivators also say OG Kush is a heavy feeder, especially during flowering. Be sure to have high-quality nutrient blends and compost at the ready.

Thanks to OG Kush’s indica heritage, it shouldn’t grow higher than about four feet. While this is good news for closet growers, remember that OG Kush doesn’t have a “sneaky scent.” If you’re concerned about discretion, you must install a high-quality carbon air filter.

If all goes well, your OG Kush seeds should reach full-flowering in between eight to nine weeks. The average yield from a batch of OG Kush seeds is 1.7 ounces per ft2.

““We all owe a debt of gratitude to the OG Kush for helping to usher in the next generation of excellent cannabis lines. Without a doubt, the OG is another strain that will forever be on The List.”“

Nico Escondido, High Times Chief Cannabis Officer.

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