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Pink Runtz

Aptly named after the sugary Wonka confectionery called “Runtz”, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s “Willie Wonka”, Pink Runtz has recently become one of the most hyped cannabis strains on the market. Given its tangy, sweet, and sour tartness and cherry-berry flavor, this balanced hybrid could have just as easily been named “Sweet Tarts”, if the name weren’t already taken. This rare but revered California strain is celebrated for its stimulating mind and body high, described by one reviewer as “high flying euphoria” and another as “happy to be out of it”. As such, consumers should be prepared for this herb’s uplifting sativa sensations followed by its potent and long-lasting indica effects.

Pink Runtz Overview

Los Angeles-based breeder Cookie Fam crossed the Skittlez and Gelato strains to create this sweet-tasting cultivar in 2017. Pink Runtz’s distinctively delicious smoke is fast-acting, producing a quick and intense head high, followed closely by a prolonged indica-style body stone. The immediate and powerful head rush can be mind-stimulating, producing euphoric creativity, while muscle tension melts away as the body buzz gently sinks in. This might be good cannabis to enjoy with your lover, or just getting cozy with a movie.

Runtz varietals are famous for their fruity flavor profile. Subtle sweet berry notes tantalize the senses, while flavonoids give Pink Runtz colorful hues of green and purple, interwoven with bright orange pistils. Heavily coated in crystalline trichomes, this Runtz phenotype is highly coveted for its happy and relaxed high and maybe an appropriate strain for you if you enjoy being creative, energetic, and hungry! Some users report giddy laughter after consuming the Pink Runtz strain, reminiscent of high-school-aged first-timers, while others describe a psychedelic, out-of-body type of experience. This is due in part to this cultivar’s highly charged THC content, typically exceeding 23%. Always start slow when trying new strains.

Pink Runtz strain Icon

Pink Runtz Strain Bud image Hybrid 

THC 25%

CBD 1%

Parent Strains: Skittlez x Gelato

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Runtz was named Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year. 

As a member of the Cookies Fam and co-owner of the Runtz brand, MC Yung LB developed this strain of Runtz with hip hop colleague and co-creator Berner. 

Hip hop single “Runtz Yo Life Up” was launched by Yung LB in 2019.

Over 100 rap songs use the word “Runtz” in their lyrics, proliferating this cannabis strain’s popularity in popular culture.

Pink Runtz Effects

Caryophyllene dominates Pink Runtz’s terpene profile, making this strain anti-inflammatory and therefore could be good for pain, including arthritis. Anti-emetic and an appetite stimulant, the presence of limonene and linalool explain this cultivar’s ability to induce deep relaxation. Some users report panic attacks, so this strain is not recommended for treating anxiety. Due to its high THC potency, some patients use this strain to help with symptoms of PTSD. This powerful herb can reach up to 28% THC so exercise caution when using this strain, especially for the first time.

Growing Pink Runtz

Experienced growers seem to agree that Pink Runtz weed is hardy and low maintenance, making it a relatively easy plant to grow. This strain produces dense, colorful, sweet, and fruity-smelling buds that are shaped like pinecones. Somewhat exclusive to growers on the West Coast, this rare breed of Pink Runtz seeds may be difficult to procure. This phenotype displays sativa traits as it grows up instead of out. Careful pruning can help to encourage bushier plants. 

Taking care not to burn your plants, plenty of nitrogen as part of a natural fertilizer may help to optimize both indoor and outdoor yields. 

“The Pink Runtz had a heavy high, a you ain’t gonna do much this afternoon high.“

Zerofux the Cannabis Connoisseur

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