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Platinum OG

This strain is named for the thick silvery crystal coverage on the buds at harvest time. Opening a jar you’ll smell freshly turned soil and pine, like walking a trail through some pine trees. The taste contrasts the smell as a spicey floral sometimes sweet flavor. Platinum OG weed is an indica dominant hybrid that is ranked among the “higher” contenders in the OG family tree, almost always breaking past 20% THC, it is well known for the heavy physical sedation and euphoric sensations. 

Platinum OG Overview

Platinum OG, sometimes called Platinum OG Kush is just one of those strains you never forget. If you’re new to smoking or if you don’t really have a huge tolerance built up to stronger strains, you should take it easy. Nor-Cal clearly has a preference for knock-out indicas. Even though there’s some mystery around its origins we know one thing for sure, the name is describing the loads of crystally trichomes all over the buds. It’s noticeably different as the platinum color of the trichomes that get produced in this strain really stand out and give it an almost fuzzy appearance. If you’re thinking of trying your hand at growing, this may be a good strain to start with, it’s almost fool-proof and has a reputation for big yields. 

Like most strains out of California during the rush of the OG days, there’s not a whole lot of information available for those trying to do their homework on this cultivar. Most people say that Apothecary Genetics is responsible for this extra frosty indica, having crossed an OG Kush with their favorite cutting of Master Kush. Apothecary Genetics is Northern California-based and has been in the game for a long time. They’re responsible for other strains like Grape Ape, Old School Jams, JaCure OG, and Sour Grapes. Brett Bogue is the buddy behind the bud at Apothecary, he’s won a whole crop of awards over the years. It’s not hard to imagine that he would be the breeder who created this cannabis strain. Breeding famously heavy-handed, building block strains together makes timeless rockstars like this. 

Platinum OG icon

Platinum OG flower  Indica hybrid 75/25

THC: 22%

CBD: 0.2%

Parent strains: OG Kush & Master Kush 

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Pick your poison 

There’s an odd similarity in a lot of the reviews for this strain online; when you smoke it out of a bong, it has a really sweet taste to it. This isn’t the case when you’re smoking joints or blunts though, isn’t that strange? For some reason the earthier piney notes aren’t nearly as present, instead leaving a nice sweet smoke on the exhale. 


Precious Medals

Even though it’s been around for a dog’s age, it really hasn’t gotten a lot of showtime at competitions. In 2016 the growers at Kind People’s Collective submitted a Platinum OG they grew for judging in the indica bracket of the Santa Cruz Cup. They won 2nd place in Indica, coming up ahead of Gelato, and behind a close relative OG Kush. Of course, it’s a winner in its home state! California loves OG’s, and will always have a place in the heart of the west coast. 

Platinum OG has enough of a fan base behind it that terpene labs now offer Platinum OG-specific terpene extractions. These are often blends of terpenes that haven’t necessarily been harvested from this strain or even cannabis. The pinene that is famous for certain cannabis cultivars is, no big surprise, easily harvested from the resin and oils produced from pine trees. 


Mystery Purps 

Without a solid background, no biography, no article in the New York Times, you just gotta do a lot of reading and make some assumptions. Looking at different pictures of this strain growing or harvested online, you may notice that some plants have some heavy purple coloring. This is probably due to either an offspring of Platinum OG that was bred with Mendo Purps or maybe the purps were a part of the lineage before. Fingers crossed that one day we’ll find out. 

Platinum OG Effects

You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Platinum OG weed is really good for shutting off the world for a bit. If you’re trying to become one with your couch and a bag of chips, look no further. Intense physical sedation is the main effect, relieving aches and pains, loosening your muscles after a long day. This comfy cozy feeling is frequently described as helping to reduce anxiety as well. You may feel like your limbs become heavy, your eyelids start dropping, and maybe pausing the movie for a quick nap isn’t such a bad idea after all. Indica connoisseurs, if you don’t know about Platinum OG yet you’re going to have to set some time aside to reorganize your top 10 list. 

Platinum OG Growing

This isn’t exactly a set it and forget it strain but it’s certainly not going to need hours of attention every week. Platinum OG seeds make for hardy, resilient plants. They tend to branch out pretty well on their own, so you really won’t have to do much defoliating to help light penetration. The plant does tend to get a little lanky with these branches though. SCROGing will help keep those lanky branches from making a birds nest, while also supporting the branches to let them produce heavier yields. If you’re growing this strain indoors try to mimic a Mediterranean climate. The resistances of the plant will help it thrive with slightly higher humidity levels. Sometimes OG’s will try to fool you into thinking you’re gonna have a pretty lean harvest. Around week 7 they really start to swell up, showing bulbous dense buds that will be covered in that frosty platinum trichome coating. 

“I think this is a top-of-the-line strain. A descendant of OG Kush, the father of all California weed. So I really enjoy this strain a lot.“

Jeremy, Budtender

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