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Purple Punch

This tropical strain has a sweet, fruity-candy smell that is absolutely enticing and tastes a lot like fruit punch. Purple Punch weed is a great selection for having some “you time” on the couch, binging your favorite shows. This well-balanced indica-dominant is getting a lot of attention amongst connoisseurs for good reason as of late. You can find lots of different cuts available now as the desire for flavorful cannabis strains similar to this one increases. Try growing it yourself and you can check out the gorgeous dark leaves the plant puts out, it’s an experience from start to finish. 

Purple Punch Overview

When Hawaiian breeders SuperNova Gardens first decided to cross Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple they were very happy to come across a pheno worthy of keeping and working with for future projects. The Purple Punch strain came to be, and the breeders are very proud of their creation. They landed on a pungent flower that smelled sweetly of grapes, blueberries, and candy. Understandably they were pretty protective of it. They’re still working with this strain, creating different hybrids that show off the lovely aromas and bud production that it’s capable of.

Unfortunately, the exact timeline of when this powerhouse was crafted is still a bit of a mystery, but we do know that in 2018 it started to gain lots of popularity, and even more so in recent years. This is due to grower The Village crafting a Purple Punch 2.0 that really gave it a chance to shine, and working hard to get it into dispensaries. April 20, 2017, marked the launch of a project, putting a new F2 round of Purple Punch seeds into the market that were as close to the original as they could manage. The future for these genetics is great, already lending themselves to other fruity strains like Slurricane and Tropicana Punch. 

Purple Punch Strain IconPurple Punch Strain Bud ImageIndica Dominant 80/20

THC: 20%

Parent strains: Larry OG x

Granddaddy Purple

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A Friend Of A Friend 

In a detailed interview in 2020 with Cannabis Now, The Village gave the inside scoop on how the trade went down. They explained that in 2013 SuperNova traveled to California in hopes of expanding their own seed stash. During this trip they met with a grower named Budologist and passed along a cutting of their Purple Punch strain, eventually passing it on to The Village. This is a common story for a lot of strains. Growers and breeders sharing their most prized seeds and cuttings from their own collection with each other is exactly how the strains we love today exist. 

Rising From The Ashes 

Symbiotic Genetics out of California, a seed bank company created by Budologist and The Village, released a Purple Punch x Purple Punch F2 hybrid after working together to nail down the genetics one more time. Purple Punch strain 2.0 is essentially a chance for the masses to grow the original. This speaks to the dedication of these growers, and their understanding of the potential behind this one. 

The Color Purple 

There’s a lot of hype around purps, but here’s how it all happens. This can happen a couple of different ways through changes to their environment that produce these darker purple colors in cannabis, but some strains will produce these colors all on their own. In these cases, the culprit behind those beautiful colored buds is anthocyanins. This flavonoid (don’t get confused, this isn’t what impacts flavors!) is the same thing that makes blueberries blue and makes some leaves change color in the Fall. The cool part about this is that you can see the spots where the flavonoid is active in certain strains, and others will be not just spots but entirely dark-colored. If the purple is coming from the inside of the nug when you bust it, that’s the anthocyanins. If it’s on the outside, it’s more than likely a reaction to the environment the plant was grown in but this is still anthocyanins working their magic. Cannabis can put out some crazy colors, and it’s pretty cool how it happens.

A Safe Bet
In 2019 Las Vegas Weekly collected vote entries tallying the cities most highly rated strains. The competition ranked the Purple Punch weed strain as the top contender in their Bud Bracket. Las Vegas sure knows how to have a good time, you can be confident this recommendation is one to listen to. There’s no doubt that this position in the competition was well deserved.

Purple Punch Effects

A pain-reducing body high that imparts a sense of calm and relaxation. Used perfectly for relaxing your muscles, relieving your headaches, and helping you deal with any inflammation pain you may have, this will help the most restless amongst us get a good night’s sleep. While the sativa side of it isn’t what most people will choose to smoke it for, it does create a balanced feeling that isn’t going to ruin any plans you may have forgotten about. You’ll feel comfy and cozy, but still able to go for a walk and enjoy the sun. Recommended for a late afternoon or evening to best appreciate the effects. Most reviews talk about the strong grape flavors but don’t emphasize dry mouth. Keep some fruit juice around for your session anyways, it will be the perfect pairing with the tropical flavors. 

Growing Purple Punch

Purple Punch seeds are generally not too hard to come by. This potent indica strain is pretty easy to grow according to most growers meaning a lot of shops try to keep it in stock. Looking at this strain’s lineage shows you why. Larry OG tends to be tall for indica, Granddaddy Purple offers great resistance to pests and disease. Both parent strains produce dense buds, no complaints there. These are great qualities for someone who may be new to growing cannabis! Indoor or outdoor, you won’t have a hard time.

Make sure your plants have their nutrients dialed in. If you’re growing indoors make sure you’re giving them plenty of light that reaches down throughout the canopy. Sometimes this gets difficult without intervention though, consider using SCROG (screen of green) to control the spacing between branches and create better light penetration. Where you can expect a big yield of heavy buds, it’s going to be important to have your nutrient routine dialed in. Phosphorus is especially important during the flowering stage, helping the plant produce larger buds, but be careful not to overdo it. You have a full 7-8 weeks of flower to feed it. 

“I remember four weeks into flower I realized, ‘This does smell like blue Powerade.“

Grower, The Village

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