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SFV OG hails from an irrefutable legend. Take OG Kush, clone it, and voilà—SFV OG is born. This sativa-dominant hybrid packs THC levels up to 25%, but don’t let this above-average potency fool you, since users love the not-so-stoney effects it brings. SFV OG emits a sweet, berry-like perfume along with bursts of lemon and earthy pine. Although SFV OG falls under the umbrella of yet another OG Kush phenotype, this California-specific strain is quite the original.

SFV OG Overview

SFV OG, or San Fernando Valley OG, is named after its birthplace. Los Angeles locals cherish this California-born cultivar (strain) for its heavy sativa effects, traditional OG citrus flavor, and ability to brighten just about any mood. Based on feedback from West Coast natives, SFV OG is a happy-go-lucky kind of high that generally assists with body pain and annoying mental blocks. 

The origins of SFV OG tend to cause some confusion. For one, many people think that SFV OG and SFV OG Kush are the same cultivars. The one-word difference between the two means that SFV OG is often mistakenly classified as an indica. To settle the confusion: SFV OG is a phenotype of OG Kush, while SFV OG Kush comes from crossbreeding Afghani with SFV OG. This alphabetic jumble is the main reason why so many internet sources wrongfully describe SFV OG. 

Since SFV OG comes from OG Kush, pinpointing an exact birthdate is not easy. The number of phenotypes that have been cloned and crossbred from OG Kush is endless. Word-of-mouth stories say it arrived in California by the early 90s, but again, no one knows for sure. That said, a breeder by the name of Swerve supposedly developed SFV OG at The Cali Connection, a seed bank located in San Fernando Valley. Today, SFV OG can be found all over the West coast, but primarily in Los Angeles. 


SFV OG bud image

Sativa Hybrid

THC: 19-25%

CBD: <1%

Parent Strain: OG Kush

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An OG kind Of maze

With thousands of hybrids available from dispensaries all over the country, we tend to take the acronym OG (ocean grown) for granted. Getting your hands on SFV OG makes you feel like you’re a part of something truly historical, given San Fernando Valley’s popular cannabis culture in the 90s. This era, says L.A. Taco, brought SFV OG to legendary status. Today, navigating the maze of OG hybrids will at some point trace back to SFV OG or straight OG Kush.  

A legacy To Uphold

SFV OG has been deemed one of the most popular strains in California by multiple media outlets, from Civilized to Weedmaps. With an ancestry like OG Kush, first-timers come to SFV OG with high expectations. The lemon diesel flavor and aroma wafting off of SFV OG does not disappoint, making it worthy of being one of the original OG Kush children. 

All Aboard The Weed Express

In Los Angeles, visitors can take The Hollywood 420 Tour, a two-hour ride for anyone interested in California’s weed scene. The tour jumps from dispensaries to glass blowing studios to celebrity neighborhoods. You’ll pass by the Herbarium, LA’s favorite A-lister dispensary where there’s no shortage of SFV OG.

Taking The West By Storm

But SFV OG isn’t just a big deal in California. In 2012, SFV OG took home the first-prize award in the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup. The San Fernando Valley strain can also be found in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

SFV OG Effects

Speaking to the effects of SFV OG, people generally describe light, cerebral euphoria with mild body relief from this cultivar. With its high myrcene, linalool, and humulene-terpene profile, SFV OG follows suit with straight OG Kush, providing therapeutic benefits for anxiety and pain. Most budtenders suggest using SFV OG in the daytime to get through carefree tasks that require little-to-no focus. On par with other sativas, this cultivar gets you stoned without turning you into a zombified version of yourself. 

Worth mentioning, though, is this lesser-known truth among cannabis newbies: the effects of SFV OG are a subjective experience. Consuming cannabis varies from person to person based on factors such as age and weight. Additionally, the time of day you consume and the delivery method you choose may alter SFV OG’s effects. The important thing to remember is to consume with intention so you bring awareness into your cannabis experience.

One way to experiment with SFV OG is to smoke flower in different glass pieces. For example, you could start with a bowl (pipe) and see how you feel after one or two hits. When you’re ready, you may decide to graduate up to a percolator bong that filters SFV OG smoke for a cleaner, more intense hit. That’s not to say that glass is the only way to enjoy SFV OG, because you may prefer edibles or vaporizers. There’s no shortage of products, so get out there and go find your favorite! 

Growing SFV OG

If you’re interested in harvesting SFV OG at home, you’ll either need a clone or feminized seeds to get started. As you search for SFV OG seeds, make sure you don’t accidentally purchase SFV OG Kush seeds, because not all seedbanks sell the SFV OG phenotype. You may need to visit a dispensary to find a clone plant instead. 

Once you have your materials, including an adequate grow space and LED lighting if growing indoors, you can expect your SFV OG plant to harvest in eight to nine weeks. Yields vary depending on conditions such as light, water, and soil, but range anywhere between 13 to 27 oz. The final result will depend on how experienced you are as a grower, but most people find that SFV OG is relatively easy to grow. 

“As soon as you load up your bowl and take the first hit, you may taste a soapy-like pine or even a green banana flavor that isn’t exactly unpleasant, but sure to leave an interesting aftertaste.“

Christie, Hytiva

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