Smoking Weed Discreetly

How to Smoke Weed Discreetly Around Your Family

The strong urge to smoke cannabis around family can be tough because of the possibility that not everyone will approve of it. Holidays and other gatherings bring relatives together but it also makes it difficult to smoke weed around family – unless your family are CBD users themselves. It’s better to smoke cannabis discreetly (indoors or outdoors) and avoid a lot of criticism and conflict. Just because cannabis may be legal where you are doesn’t mean your family has accepted it. So, what’s a CBD user to do when they have to spend long periods of time with their extended family? We have tips on how to smoke cannabis discreetly as well as other non-smoking possibilities for consuming cannabis around family.

Scent-Free Options

The most obvious route is to go scent-free where you don’t smoke weed but consume or apply it. There are now weed strains that produce a low-odor but beware, that smell will still linger on the body and clothing.

If you can, shift to the different types of cannabis edibles and topicals available in the market. Try out cannabis-infused candies, brownies, chocolates, gummies and tinctures. Remember that most of the edibles will take two hours to start working. Always start with a low dose and wait two hours before consuming again. You don’t want to overdo it.

There are cannabis topicals in the form of transdermal patches (like the one used for smoking cessation), lotions, bath salts, balms, salves and lubes. Cannabis topicals are locally applied on the skin.

Usually the topicals are produced not to get you high but to soothe the area of the skin it was applied to. But the transdermal patches are different. It has a very high bioavailability and will send a consistent dose of cannabis through your bloodstream. Usually the patch is applied to the upper arm.

If your aim is to be relaxed, CBD edibles and topicals provide other ways to use cannabis around family. Plus, they are non-psychoactive which means they generally change your behavior or make you appear “out of it”.

Barely-Scented Alternatives

If you don’t like the edibles or topicals, you can excuse yourself and smoke weed discreetly outside the house. You can also ditch it altogether and shift to vaping.

You can smoke it discreetly because vape smoke is soft and muted. You can also get flavored units that give the smoke a pleasant aroma (like strawberry, bubblegum, etc.). Vaping dry flower or oils has a more inconspicuous smell compared to combusting weed.

Vape pens, one-hitters and dry flower vaporizers are some of the slightly-scented options. The vape pens come with liquid cannabis in cartridges whereas dry herb vapes are the ones where you grind your flower, put it in the chamber and smoke it using convection heat. One-hitters look like a cigarette and although some are battery operated, others don’t require any additional add-ons to deliver the smoke.

There are also disposable cannabis vape pens (weed or CBD) where you don’t need to charge them but just throw them out when done. Buying a small, discreet vape pen that would fit in your pants pocket or purse could be the right choice for family gatherings.

With these vapes, there is little to no weed scent that could cling to your clothes and body. This is a great alternative that allows you to discreetly smoke weed around family.

Getting Rid of the Weed Smell

In case your only option is smoking weed (whether joint, pipe or water pipe), then try the following to get rid of the odor.

Smokebuddy (The Blunt-in-a-Cup Method)

The Smokebuddy is a handy, portable air purifier that is shaped like a coffee cup or mug. It offers one of the most discreet ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing. Puff and blow the smoke inside the device and it will purify and neutralize it.

Smoke Outside or Get Lots of Ventilation

A not so favorite way is to open a door or window to get lots of ventilation. However, smoke can often linger in the curtains, floors and walls. If you can go outside to smoke, you don’t have to worry about enduring odors.

Air Purifiers

If you want to smoke indoors and if it is readily available, turn on the air purifier as it works just as well as air fresheners and candles. The HEPA and ionizing filters work well in neutralizing the smell. Air purifiers can often give the same effect as opening a window and blowing smoke out, depending on the potency of your filter.

Clean Yourself by Taking a Bath or Shower

Taking a long and nice bath can be really effective in getting rid of the weed smell. However, if you can’t take a bath after every time you smoke then make sure to wash your hands, brush your teeth, use a breath mint and if possible, change into new clothes. You may want to come up with a good story for when your family questions why you’re taking so many baths or changing into different clothes. As George Costanza once said, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

Mask the Smoke

You can use specific scented candles, sage, incense, Glade, Febreze, body sprays, deodorants and perfumes to mask the smell of weed from your family. There are now cannabis sprays like Kushley and Ozium air fresheners where you can neutralize the cannabis smell. This is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of the weed smell from your clothes and body. Keep in mind that weed smell can linger in clothes, hair, skin and fabrics for a long time and there’s only so much a product can do.

Now that you’re armed with ways to camouflage your cannabis usage, you’ll be able to enjoy family gatherings again. Or at least get through them with your sanity intact!


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