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Sundae Driver

The delicious fruity Sundae Driver strain is sure to be on the list for your next weekend smoke session with the buddies. This indica feeling hybrid exotic has a captivating smell of a creamy smooth fruity aroma, kind of like fruity pebbles cereal or a freshly made fruit smoothie. You’ll find Sundae Driver weed has a really great bag appeal! This is a dessert strain amongst the best that gives you creative mental clarity that will last a couple of delightful hours. Just don’t get any crazy ideas and go for a drive, stick to your feet, better yet just light this one up on the sofa. 

Sundae Driver Overview

This cultivar is a cross of Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie grown by cultivator Cannarado. Cannarado has a wide variety of fruity-flavored strains, so did you think Sundae Driver would be any different? Its name is given both for its flavor profile and for the mood-lifting feeling that makes any day feel like you’re taking it easy on a Sunday drive. The smells are pretty straightforward if you take a look at the lineage; fruits like grape and cherry are prominent, with a milky thickness and you may even notice some hints of chocolate in there too. A properly grown and harvested cutting of this strain will be coated in frosty white trichomes, also showing off rich dark undertones of purples and blues. 

Like it was previously mentioned, the delicious exotic Sundae Driver strain was originally grown by Cannarado best in (you guessed it) Colorado back in 2018. He has a crazy selection of strains he’s bred and this one is no different. He eventually sent these genetics over to Jungle Boyz who took the gift and ran with it, making it a hugely popular strain in their home state of California as well. These guys are famous for what they did with cultivars like Purple Punch, another gift they turned into a passion project and developed a beast out of. They’ve done exactly that, driving this strain to the front of High Times Magazine, and making its rotation through competitions. 

Sundae Driver icon Sundae Driver bud image 50/50 Hybrid 

THC 20% 

Parent strains: Fruity Pebbles OG & Grape Pie

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Far Out Man 

If you like the music genre psych-rock (think psychedelic) the band Bongzilla is definitely worth checking out. The self-proclaimed pioneers of Weed Metal just released a song recently called Sundae Driver off their new album after a 16-year hiatus. They must’ve had this one in the works for quite a while! This is your classic stoner doom metal, but with a new refreshing sound. As they like to say “Free the weed”! 

Busy Bee 

Breeders like Cannarado are what have crafted the exotic cannabis market into the beautiful thing it has become. The genetics here can be found in 32 descendants according to Seed Finder, meaning between Cannarado and the lucky few who were gifted seeds or cuttings have been pollinating like crazy! All of the great things you love about Sundae Driver weed usually come out in these other strains too, like its rich purple coloring and its shiny crystal trichome coat. 

Burners Unite

Ed Berners was the inventor of the ice cream sundae, all the way back in 1881. The invention happened after a customer asked for soda syrup on top of scoops of ice cream. It’s kind of suiting that this strain came to be in 2018!


A Jungle Of Cannabis

The Jungle Boyz really did go a little crazy when they got this cultivar into their grow rooms. Apparently, they started with 500 seeds and the one they loved the most and used for full production was lucky number 12. Cannarado says he feels like sending out seeds on crosses like this and Pie Hoe (the actual seeds that got sent along with Sundae Driver) and letting his respected peers help shine a spotlight on his breeds in a cannabis hub like California.

Sundae Driver Effects

People who smoke Sundae Driver weed say they get an immediate uplifting cerebral euphoria that helps you fight off the Sunday scaries with a mellow mindset. Almost everyone agrees this strain has some very creative qualities! Well-balanced hybrids like this are perfect for some intense gaming or fun Sunday activities with the homies. Imagine pulling out a bag of this strain while camping with some friends, with the sun setting and some food on the fire. This is perfect for relaxing with friends in a chatty social setting, sitting down with your sketch pad for some creative freedom, or in larger doses is also well suited for helping you wind down your day. 

Growing Sundae Driver

Mid-August early October for outdoor harvest. 

Some strains can be harder to acquire. Sundae Driver seeds used to be notoriously hard to find because the cultivator Cannarado who is behind this exotic cannabis variety chose to not put it out for sale to the masses. However, the genetic makeup of Sundae Driver can be found in lots of hybrids from the same breeder now as he’s gotten more of a cult following online, as well as being available through other full production seed banks like Jungle Boyz. Growers report that this strain is a big drinker, you’ll need to have your feeding schedule running like a tight ship here, as it’s a pretty big eater too. You’ll notice when you finally start giving it big boy nutrient doses during the vegetative stage that the plant will really soak these up and take off. Depending on the pheno you have you may see a big stretch in the last couple of weeks of veg. When you flip it to flower give it a nice trim on the bottom if that’s the case to reduce humidity and give it some room to breathe. 

“Have you heard? Everyone is talking about that herb. ‘Sundae Driver’! The weed you need“

Musician, Muleboy

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