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What Are The Benefits Of THCV?

What Are The Benefits Of THCV?

A better understanding of what compounds in cannabis you prefer helps you make better purchases. Recently THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, has been focused on in wellness communities primarily in North America, for the different medicinal benefits it offers, so let’s explore and get ourselves a better understanding of THCV. Also, what are the benefits of THCV? Some cannabis strains present larger concentrations of THCv, but it’s becoming more common to see this compound as distillate or isolates, meaning it’s dab-able. You may see some dispensaries carrying a variety of cartridges for vape pens in your town, and it’s good to have an understanding of these products before you fall back on your usual gram of kush or jar of CBD gummies. Perhaps those vape carts are worth paying more attention to!

What is THCV?

It’s another cannabinoid that’s been discovered amongst all the others found in cannabis, right now there are over 100 that have been recorded. Unfortunately, THCV is a bit of a rarity, as cannabis simply does not produce the compound in large quantities, in most strains that haven’t been bred specifically to produce it a test result showing anything over 0.1-0.2% would be substantial. This compound specifically was found in the early 1970s. Some of the excitement around THCV comes from the somewhat tradition of first finding out that a new compound has been discovered, and finding out what medical benefits it holds. Its chemical makeup is quite similar to THC but the end result is notably different from the other. With the legality of THCV still holding back further research on the compound, there’s not so much to be said (yet) as there is for the main characters of cannabis like THC and CBD. Fortunately, as the country gets closer and closer to cannabis legalization, proper clinical analysis of cannabinoids gets closer as well.

What Are The Benefits Of THCV? Raw cannabis rolled on cannabis magazine

Does THCV get you high?

While it is psychoactive, it’s not nearly as much so as THC. Similar to Delta-8 THC, it’s sometimes referred to as “Diet-THC” or “THC-Light”. The intensity of the compound is toned down significantly, making it a much more friendly introduction to cannabis for the uninitiated. The main difference between hitting a regular dab pen and a THCV pen is that you’ll need to hit the latter a lot more to feel the effects. It takes quite a large dose for THCV to really be felt and when it does kick in it’s quite energetic and uplifting. You can expect sensations you would usually associate with true sativa strains – which makes sense, most strains high in THCV are landrace sativas from Africa. The high you get when you do take a significant dose will be very energetic, uplifting, euphoric, and giggly. There’s very little worry for the anxiety some people get with sativas though, the compound could work as an anxiety suppressor and combats that very effectively.

The Benefits Of THCV

If you’re wondering what is THCV good for, this is where THCV really shines. Clearly, the compound isn’t ideal for its psychoactive properties with things like THC readily available in most states. It does however boast quite a list of possible medical benefits. The primary points to note revolve around the neuroprotective benefits that THCV has, studies have shown that its anticonvulsant effects could work very well in limiting symptoms from Alzheimer’s and even seizures. It may also be beneficial for people who are taking on the challenge of losing weight. The compound, unlike THC, actually works to suppress the appetite. Some research indicates it may actually help increase weight loss as well. To add to the list it’s been found to stimulate bone growth as well, possibly suitable for degenerative bone disorders like osteoporosis.

Is THCV legal?

It’s actually in a bit of a grey zone. THCV doesn’t fall under any of the classifications that are listed in the 2018 Farmers Act. There’s an argument to be made that it could be considered a cannabis extract – but it can be derived from hemp as well. Choosing the latter method essentially avoids any legal issues that may be down the road for you if you were to grow cannabis illegally.

What strains are high in THCV?

Doug’s Varin  ~ 8%

THC-Victory ~ 6%

Jack The Ripper ~ 5%

Pink Boost Goddess ~ 4.5%

Pineapple Purps ~ 4%

Durban Poison ~1%

Tangie ~ 0.3%

It’s important to note that even though these are known as THCV strains that frequently have higher concentrations of THCV, it doesn’t mean every harvest from that strain will. Outside of the top 3-4 of them, with lower percentages, the inconsistencies may end up yielding little to none of the desired cannabinoids. When and where available, ask for lab results showing cannabinoid profiles or percentages. This will give you a better perspective of what effects you can anticipate after smoking.

Cautions - What You Should Be Aware Of

As with any other psychoactive compound out there, you can always go overboard with it. It’s important to start slow and find the right dose for you. Doing the opposite could leave you feeling overwhelmingly energetic, maybe even with racing thoughts. Just take it easy the first couple of times.


Careful When Vaping

Some vaporizers aren’t equipped to reach the required temperatures for THCV to be activated, even popular models like the Pax3 can be included in that list. You’ll want to make sure to use a device that can reach a minimum of 220 Fahrenheit or you won’t experience the benefits you’re after.

Early Studies

When THCV was first being looked into, over 150 different strains of cannabis were tested to determine what parts of the world it seemed to sprout up naturally. It was found predominantly in South African and Afghani landrace sativa strains although in much lower concentrations than modern hybrid strains.

Doug’s (Tetrahydrocannabi) Varin

This is a very rare strain that was bred specifically for its THCv production. It’s hard to get ahold of outside of California where there’s a company under the same name who introduced it to the world. They have a couple of different products, mostly vapes, that have high concentrations upwards of 25%.

THC-Victory From Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion has been a name in the mouth of growers around the world for decades. They’re well known for the quality seeds they produce and the huge variety of strains they have available. In 2020 they announced a new strain called THC-VICTORY that had lab results showing 6% very consistently. If you’re a home grower you can order these seeds online and try them for yourself.

Final Thoughts On THCV

It’s hard not to be impressed by all the benefits that tetrahydrocannabivarin has in store for us. Between the neuroprotective qualities, the toned-down diet aid, and the smooth-ride-high, there’s really nowhere to point at and say “not for me” unless someone was exclusively looking for a very strong stoned feeling. Where the benefits are quicker to take effect than CBD it’s actually a great alternative, especially if you enjoy a bit of a euphoric pep in your step. Look for some of these strains and take note of the differences you feel!

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