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Bloom & Oil’s 420 Gift Guide for 2021


Weed’s biggest holiday is just around the corner. Here are some top products and unique ways to celebrate 4/20 this year.

Can you smell the skunky winds of 4/20 approaching once more?

Now largely regarded as the official holiday for celebrating all things cannabis, April 20 is also a major opportunity for brands to drop their latest goods and for all involved to enjoy an extra moment in the spotlight. Birthed as the lingo of Marin County teenagers in search of alleged cannabis treasure, “420” is now a term synonymous with weed and the date upon which large gatherings usually commence at spots like San Francisco’s Hippie Hill and Denver’s Civic Center Park.

This year, like last, will feature mostly livestreams and virtual events with hopes that 4/20/22 will see a return to past form. In any case, being prepared with quality cannabis products is always a surefire way to ensure yourself of some 4/20 fun.

In that spirit, here is a list of five of our favorite items for those in California as well as another five available to anyone in the U.S. (and beyond)!


‘420’ MonthLeaf Box

Don’t want to leave your house this 4/20? No problem! If you live in San Fransisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Sacramento, or Los Angeles, you can place an order for MonthLeaf Box: a monthly subscription service for curated boxes of cannabis goodies! For 4/20, they are offering 20% off for four months of service. Take a look at their sample box (pictured here) and put your trust in the hands of some true weed experts!

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Sunset Connect

The Bay Area loves its local cannabis legends and Ali Jamalian is one such figure. With a motto of “Since Before We Could Tell,” you know Sunset Connect is the type of operation that has deep roots and fire products. They are also the first equity-operated cannabis manufacturing facility in San Francisco. Branded with a truly awesome design in honor of the tickets issued by the city’s Muni transportation system, it’s all love and amazing experiences when it comes to Sunset Connect.

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Ojo De La Sol

Infused topicals are both a science and an art. The two are exquisitely combined in the products offered by Ojo De La Sol: a Latina owned and operated medicinal cannabis business founded in Oakland, California by former professional soccer player Dania Cabello. Previously only available in Northern California, Ojo has recently expanded into the Los Angeles market with its two signature products: a salve and a bath salt. Both are among the higher-potency options available on the market, but what matters most is that they work, as evidenced by Ojo’s powerful collection of testimonials.

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Gift of Doja

Supporting the legal cannabis market means directing your dollars to the people really making a difference. One such figure is Nina Parks, who helped to co-found the seminal cannabis advocacy group Supernova Women and today is regarded as leader in the movement to bring equity and justice to the legalized cannabis industry. She also has her own flower brand, based in Oakland, called Gift of Doja. Recently selected as a member of the 2021 Eaze Momentum class, Parks and Gift of Doja are names to know with incredible flower to match.

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Green Monké

Over the last year, we’ve seen that people really like to consume cannabis in beverage form. Perhaps the non-respiratory social lubrication element is the cause; perhaps folks just inexplicably dig liquids. Whatever the cause, there’s another new kid on the block: Green Monké. This  “anytime” soda features 3mg THC and 6mg CBD and is legit bursting with tropical flavors (pro tip: serve chilled or over ice), making Green Monké a great pick for hardcore chilling this 4/20.

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Blazy Susan | $89.99

Some 4/20 purists insist that smoking giant, glorious joints is the most authentic way to celebrate the holiday. If you agree, consider investing in a Blazy Susan. These delightfully stonerfied Lazy Susans make rolling joints a breeze, with innovative compartments to store accessories, a silicon slap, custom inserts, and more. Never again let the task of rolling joints get derailed by not being able to find where anything else. Measuring 15.5” in diameter, the Blazy Susan is constructed from high quality birch and looks right at home in any chique stoner abode.

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Cloudious 9 Hydrology 9 NX | $300

Tired of cleaning out that bong or ready to upgrade your vaping tech? Check out the latest gizmo from Cloudious 9: the Hydrology 9 NX. This sleek modular water filtered vaporizer is a win for both concentrate connoisseurs and flower enthusiasts. Featuring a switchable concentrate atomizer and a hybrid convection flower heating chamber, the Hydrology9 NX was designed to get the most out of whatever you put in. Though this product is pricey, the cost assumes you won’t need to make another investment for a good while if bring a Hydrology9 NX home.

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Martha Stewart Pet CBD

Who better to trust the health of your pets to than the one and only Martha Stewart? Having recently thrown her hat into the CBD game, Martha is now doing her best to ensure our furry friends don’t miss out on the fun. Martha Stewart CBD for Pet is a line of CBD drops and treats designed with dogs in mind. “Dogs, too, like to be soothed and calmed and made to feel better,” Stewart said in a recent blog post. Sounds like it’s time to get your pooch prepared for 4/20!

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Caps by Cookies | $55 each

What happens when you combine the medicinal properties of non-psychoactive mushrooms with cannabinoids and terpenes? You get Caps, a new duo of supplements from Berner and the team at Cookies. “Clarity” is for the morning, while “Bed Head” serves as its nighttime counterpart. Packed with organic non-psychoactive fungi, CBD, CBG, CBN and terpenes, Caps are designed to take the entourage effect to the highest level. Now available to order in all 50 states, there’s never been a better time to give this revolutionary new creation a shot!

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Documentaries: “Crack,” “Grass is Greener” (Netflix); “Sasquatch” (Hulu)

4/20 is a day of consumption but it can also serve as great opportunity to learn more about the history, culture, and prejudices of drug policies past and present. Those with a Netflix subscription can choose between the 2019 documentary “Grass is Greener” (directed by hip hop pioneer Fab Five Freddy) or this year’s engrossing and devastating “Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, & Conspiracy.” Meanwhile, Hulu subscribers are encouraged to watch the platform’s new, three-part docseries involving cannabis, murder… and Sasquatch!? “Sasquatch” premieres on 4/20.

Learn more: Grass is Greener (Netflix), Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, & Conspiracy (Netflix), Sasquatch (Hulu)

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