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Arrow Organics: Leveling Up Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Arrow Organics is a new CBD brand that creates 20:1 cannabis products – that still keep THC within the federally legal limits.

On the surface, the Arrow Organics website looks much like most other CBD websites. There are the crisp images of smartly labeled bottles, the company origin story, the reviews, the insta-friendly photos.

And then there’s this

“Our new Full-Spectrum Tinctures maintain a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio while still within the .3 percent THC volume limit. In other words; Freedom to enjoy a 20:1 cannabis product from anywhere is finally here.” 

That language, my friends, does not sound like the CBD industry. 

Like much jargon in the CBD industry, the term “full spectrum” gets used in wildly varying ways. In theory, a true full spectrum product should preserve as many as possible of the terpenes and cannabinoids (including THC) that are present in the hemp plant. 

But as things stand, probably the most common usage of the word is to give notice to the consumer that the product may contain trace amounts of THC. And indeed, if you go to the trouble of looking through the third party lab reports of many full spectrum products, you’ll find that the amounts of any other cannabinoids or terpenes are indeed only traces. 

Not only that, but generally speaking, the CBD industry treats THC as the “bad cousin” – to be minimized, and even explained away, as much as possible.

To be sure, there have been good reasons for this. For people new to the world of cannabis, CBD feels safe because it is non-psychoactive. The fear that even a low, legal amount of THC could scare customers off has kept “the other cannabinoid” very much off to one side.

Rather than minimizing the presence of legal amounts of THC, Arrow Organics creates full spectrum products that make full use of the amount they can legally include in their CBD-rich hemp extracts.

In this framework, COAs are there to ensure that the amount of THC is well under the legal limit, not to ensure that the company is fully leveraging the legal amount of the cannabinoid.

Luke Paschal and Nick Lawless, co-founders of Arrow Organics, are taking a different approach.

To be clear, the company sells hemp CBD products which are fully legal across the country. That means that THC is always within the federally legal limit of 0.3%. The difference lies in their decision to leverage (rather than minimize) the role of THC.

But at such low levels, can THC actually exert any benefit?

In short, yes. There is evidence that a microdose (a small, sub-psychoactive amount) of THC, can have big benefits on the brain. 

For example, a 2017 report in Nature Medicine found that very low doses of THC in older mice helped restore learning, memory, and social recognition abilities to levels that we would expect to see in much younger, healthy mice.

In another paper, published in Neurobiology of Aging, researchers reported findings that “suggest that extremely low doses of THC that are devoid of any psychotropic effect … may provide a safe and effective treatment for cognitive decline in aging humans.”

There are also multiple studies that suggest that CBD and THC seem to work better together.

Combine these studies with the fact that CBD consumers are bound to start looking beyond CBD to the other cannabinoids at some point, and it seems clear – Arrow Organics is probably on to something here.

For a newer company, Arrow Organics offers a wide range of full spectrum CBD products – from tinctures and gummies to capsules and pet treats. And the company has also recently launched two topical rubs that “have been shown to greatly reduce pain in various forms,” according to Arrow’s scientific consultant, Alex Laughlin.

As for transparency, Arrow Organics has COAs for all their products on the company website, so customers can verify the amount of CBD – and THC – before buying.

“Our goal is to shine a light on the fact that CBD is safe, convenient, and effective,” says Lawless… 

Even when it’s combined with a bit of THC.

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