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BATCH CBD: Loyal to the Soil


Looking for a CBD company that cares about both substance and style? Wisconsin Hemp Scientific has recently launched BATCH,  a CBD brand that creates full spectrum CBD oils combined with potent terpenes.

There’s a lot to choose from in the world of CBD, but if you want a product that integrates the whole hemp plant, BATCH may be what you’re looking for.

BATCH is the latest venture of Wisconsin Hemp Scientific (WHS), a family-run company that has been testing and creating CBD extractions since 2018. With an original mission to serve the industry itself (as extractors and testers), the company has since turned its attention to creating a brand that will be able to compete with the biggest players in the CBD world.

The result is a collection of carefully formulated full spectrum CBD products. The leadership team has clearly put a lot of time into the marketing aspect of the business, but their attention to detail certainly doesn’t begin and end with eye-catching bottles (which are rectangular, by the way).

WHS manufactures, in-house, every product they sell, and they are closely involved with every step of production – from seed selection and plant nurture to extraction and formulation. 

According to co-owner Dennis Mistrioty, ”Starting Batch, we knew we wanted to have a deep connection with where our product was coming from, and that really started with building strong connections with our growers.”

The new line of BATCH products actually came together pretty quickly, but there were some serious bumps in the road getting started. In July of 2019 (which feels like a decade ago, but is actually pretty recent history) the company was unable to find hemp within the state of Wisconsin. 

They found a good farm in Oregon with hemp to sell, but because of regulatory uncertainty, many shipping companies were unwilling to transport hemp across the country. In the end, the company ended up relying on a one-man, one van operation to transport the material from Oregon to Wisconsin, thus saving the company from hemp starvation. 

Thankfully, sourcing high-quality, local hemp is much easier today. 

We’ve always been very selective with what we include in our products and because so few ingredients are used, each ingredient becomes extremely important.

In fact, just how different the situation is now, illustrates how fast things have changed in the US hemp industry. In the summer of 2019, WHS could hardly find local hemp. But by October 2019, Wisconsin’s second hemp harvest had come in (“a juicy one,” in their words), and the company was practically overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of local hemp.

(In true Wisconsin style, their first local hemp shipment arrived at the extraction facility with an accompaniment of homemade cheese curds and beef jerky.)

Co-owner Griffin Lynch summarizes the company’s ethos this way:

“A lot of the players within our industry have become fixated on just producing CBD at the lowest possible price point. We really think that this takes away from what the plant has meant for so long, which is being connected with the grower, being connected with the plants, and finding a natural way to be well.”

What BATCH does well is terpene-rich, full spectrum products. The term “full spectrum” gets bandied about quite a bit in the CBD industry, but, in truth, the term often just means that there may be trace amounts of THC in the blend.

But BATCH takes full spectrum oil seriously, leveraging the benefits of terpenes alongside cannabinoids. That includes both major cannabinoids, like CBD (obviously), and the minor ones as well.

In fact, using their in-house HPLC testing instrument, the company has identified seven well-known minor cannabinoids found in their extracts: CBDV, CBDA, CBG, CBD, d9-THC, d8-THC, and CBC. 

But their full spectrum blends go beyond a wide spectrum of cannabinoids. At BATCH, terpenes are the key ingredients that help produce various effects, like sleepiness or clarity. These botanical additions are the core difference between BATCH’s effect-based tinctures. 

There’s a reason that most companies don’t talk too much about the terpenes in their formulations. Terpenes are notoriously volatile, meaning that they’re just not that easy to extract. BATCH isolates terpenes at an industrial scale via steam distillation, which protects the volatile compounds, then adds them to their CBD formulations. 

There are five distinct formulations at present, each with its own unique terpene fingerprint:

  • Original – limonene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene
  • DREAM – terpinolene, myrcene, and linalool
  • CLARITY – limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene
  • SOOTHE – humulene, pinene, and myrcene
  • CALM – limonene, nerolidol, and myrcene

The company also offers concentrated topicals (like muscle gel, lotions, and balms) as well as softgels and gummies.

The BATCH website stresses that they are not a marketing company, but it has to be said that they’ve shown themselves to be pretty savvy on that front as well. One big innovation is offering free samples of their tinctures to first-time customers. This allows the more CBD-skeptical to get first-hand experience with BATCH’s products before committing a wad of cash. 

They’re betting that the quality of their products will speak for themselves. 

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