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Bloom & Oil’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


To celebrate the holidays at the highest level, we’ve put together a curated list of our favorite cannabis products, featuring something for everyone on your shopping list.

We’re entering a holiday season unlike any other.

As of this moment, it seems profoundly unlikely that there will be much in the way of office parties headlined by spiked eggnog or tantrums thrown on the laps of mall Santas this December. Though Covid-19 has unquestionably forced us to alter our traditions for the holiday season, the chance to make our loved ones’ day a tad brighter is thankfully still within reach.

And with Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve and more all likely to be markedly different for the majority of households across America this year, why not lean into the theme with an unusual (and fully awesome) gift?

Cannabis certainly fits that bill, and with a seemingly endless array of options and choices — there is, quite literally, something for everyone, regardless of their adoration or skepticism concerning weed — the timing has arguably never been better to go green with your shopping list.

In hopes of helping streamline your holiday shopping, we’ve curated a list featuring some of our favorite cannabis products. There’s a list for residents of California as well as a few goodies that can be purchased by everyone!

California Love

Besito Mini Prerolls | $40

Want to add a little THC to your loved one’s stocking? Consider grabbing a tin of Besito’s new mini prerolls. (Related: check out our favorite CBD joints of 2020). These smaller, 0.35 gram joints are great for grabbing a personal toke in this age of not being able to share joints. Each tin comes with ten minis, with three options available: sativa, indica, and hybrid. The sleek tin fits perfectly in your pocket, making it an ideal grab-and-go option for any special someone who never travels without a little grass.

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Lucky Box Club | $199

Founded by Eliza and Luke Maroney in 2017, Lucky Box Club is the oldest, fully-licensed, continually run cannabis subscription box company in California. Their seasonal boxes — hand-delivered via Lucky Box’s proprietary delivery service — offer an incredible selection of high-end, local products packaged with an informative zine featuring recipes, farmer biographies, and more. Lucky Box’s current seasonal release, Winter, is limited to 250 boxes.

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Airfield Getaway Kits | $60-$100

One of the reasons we visit budtenders is because the experts usually know best. That’s the logic that makes Airfield Supply’s Getaway Kits such a great idea. Packaged in reusable canvas pouches and themed for different “destinations” (think state of mind, not airports), this clever batch of grab-and-go kits includes packages focused on fitness, creativity, calm, and sleep. Trying to get a newbie to take their first steps towards cannabis consumption? Airfield also offers a CBD kit.

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Cann Pineapple Jalapeño Hi Boy | $24 (4-Pack)

The craze of putting cannabis into things we can drink shows no signs of dissipating. While there are a number of new brands vying for shelf space, one of the early favorites is Cann. (Related: five CBD sodas we love). Following the release of a trio of flavors, Cann is now back with a Pineapple Jalapeno Hi Boy. Playing off the concept of “tall boy” beers, each 12 oz can is packed with 5mg of THC (over double what Cann’s other options include) paired with a scrumptious tropical taste that brings the heat.

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Potli x Aster Farms Olive Oil | $35

The nature of California regulations makes it difficult for legal brands to collaborate. Nonetheless, such partnerships are possible, as evidenced by a new olive oil coming courtesy of Lake County cultivators Aster Farms and San Francisco manufacturers Potli. Famed for their flower and honey, respectively, these two local heavyweights have now combined forces on a limited-edition olive oil featuring 100mg of THC per container. Perfect for the culinary cannabis consumer in your life or as a treat for your own tastebuds!

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Sea to Shining Sea

Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini | $9.99

Covid-19 sucks. This much we all know, but given we’re now forced to figure out how to carry on as best as possible, some major adjustments will be necessary. When it comes to smoking weed, the time-honored tradition of “puff, puff, pass” has thus understandably been on hiatus since the spring. That’s what makes Moose Labs’ Mouthpeace Minis a very timely gift this season. (Related: read our list of must-have cannabis accessories). Essentially, these small mouthpieces fit over pre-rolls on one side and blunts and vaporizers on the other, removing the need for multiple mouths to touch the same surface, offering you a great way to ensure your loved ones sesh safely this holiday season!

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Summerland Bongs | $165 – $225

Bongs don’t have to be ugly. That’s the vibe Liam Kaczmar strives for with his unique, gorgeous smokeware. Located out of San Francisco’s foggy Sunset District, Summerland is a bong company that values form and function and eschews any overlap with the neon green (and probably featuring a Limp Bizkit sticker) college bongs of old. In fact, Kaczmar’s creations are so popular that you’ll need to be right on the dot to nab one of his beauties! For those unsure about bongs overall, Summerland also offers other ceramic smokeware like pipes and chillums as well.

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THC Design Cultivation Book | $199.99

For stoners, the coffee table is probably best valued for its use as a joint-rolling surface. Now, thanks to THC Design, the weed/book lover in your life will need to make some room for this massive, lushly-illustrated tome dedicated to chronicling THC Design’s cultivation process. (Related: we’re documenting our own cultivation process too!) Clocking in at 420 pages (obviously), this stunning release is certainly not cheap but the hefty price tag likely reflects its status as one of the more comprehensive books ever written about the art of growing cannabis.

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