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How Cannabis Users Can Stay Busy While Stuck at Home

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There’s never been a better time to nurture your green thumb or break out the measuring cups.


The idea that cannabis is a solution to boredom is faulty on several fronts

While it cannot be denied that any given moment is certainly apt to become more entertaining while under the influence of THC, the suggestion that the value of cannabis be derived solely from its ability to help us escape the doldrums is a disservice to the many benefits of Cannabis sativa and its associated cannabinoids. However, the reverse side of this caveat is a veritable treasure trove of worthwhile activities to consider trying while doing your part to flatten the curve by staying home.

Grow Your Own? Why Not?

One of the more obvious choices available is to give home growing a try. Naturally, there are a number of important factors to consider before growing weed at home, starting with the legal status of growing cannabis in one’s current location. Provided a lawful grow is permitted, one needs only to ascertain whether they possess the necessary space, materials, and patience to tackle the challenges that come with cultivating cannabis from the comfort of home.

Any novices eager to assess their ability to start a grow can consult one of the many published texts devoted to the subject. Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, Danny Danko’s Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, and Greg Green’s The Cannabis Grow Bible are all solid options, while numerous online guides are also available.

The obvious payoff to growing cannabis at home in the short-term is that it will potentially allow for patients and consumers to cut-down on trips to the dispensary or interactions with delivery drivers during the midst of a public health crisis. Additionally, many pot cultivators have spoken eloquently about the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of communing with nature in the form of growing cannabis.

Eat It Up

If green thumbs don’t appeal, another practical way to merge a love of cannabis with a serious surplus of free time is to explore the ever-expanding world of edibles. Gone are the days when infused foods meant brownies and cookies with mystery dosages. Today, a number of shows, cookbooks, and online guides exist to help amateur chefs create delectable cannabis cuisine.

A few excellent resources include the hilarious (and informative) cooking series Bong Appétit as well the insightful and gorgeously illustrated cookbook Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen from Mellows founder Stephanie Hua.

Cannabis and Chill

Sometimes even activities like cooking or gardening can feel overwhelming, in which case, a world of cannabis-related digital content awaits. For those looking for pure entertainment, consider streaming a series focused on weed.

Presently, weed-related TV options include High Maintenance, Weeds, and Disjointed. Want something a bit more educational? There’s always the docuseries Weediquette, hosted by Krishna Andavolu. Those intrigued by a show that surveys a larger field of psychotropic substances should also try the esoteric yet fascinating program Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.

Film buffs are likely familiar with a number of cinema’s most beloved stoner flicks, but rewatch value makes classics like Half Baked, Friday, and Pineapple Express all worthy of another viewing. Younger fans of cannabis culture who may also need a crash course on the titans of the genre can learn their history with Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie or Dazed and Confused.

Several fascinating documentaries focused on weed are also available on streaming services. While Weed the People focuses on families, doctors, and advocates successfully using medicinal marijuana to help sick children, Grass is Greener is a fascinating look at the cultural and carceral relationship between cannabis and music.

Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud, Sing It Virtually

The show will go on for a number of events scheduled in celebration of April 20 (aka “4/20”) later this month. While no physical parties will continue as planned, virtual substitutes have been organized in their stead. Celebrations and virtual smoke sessions will now be hosted on platforms like Instagram Live to ensure all anxieties about potentially missing out on the fun are kept at bay.

When in Doubt, Space Out

Naturally, some consumers may wish to pair their experiences with something entirely unrelated to cannabis. Of the endless viable options available, consider tuning into sound therapist Sara Auster’s soundbaths, offered free three times a week on Instagram Live. If that doesn’t fit into the calendar, there are always the live feeds from California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium to stare at for as long as desired.

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