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The Cannabis Job Market Has Never Been Hotter

The Cannabis Job Market Has Never Been Hotter

It’s a great time to find your dream career in cannabis plus a job opportunity with Bloom & Oil!

Tax season is a relatively new concept in the world of cannabis.

Prior to the advent of state-legal medical and recreational marijuana markets, a pot farmer sending a check to the IRS was about as likely to happen as Willie Nelson passing on a puff. Nowadays, however, paying taxes is a central part of the legal cannabis process.

That essential, if cumbersome, aspect of the industry also goes hand-in-hand with the booming job market many legalized states are now enjoying. From craft farmers to marketing gurus, scientist-staffed testing facilities to law firms specializing in cannabis cases, it’s almost as though an entirely new universe of employment opportunities arrives wherever cannabis goes legit.

In some cases – as with small cannabis farmers – it’s not the job that’s new as much as the legitimacy and respect for it.

That’s because many have been operating in California’s Emerald Triangle on a semi-legal or outright illegal basis for decades, with some dating back more than half a century. At the same time, newer cultivators are also taking root, in some cases bringing advanced innovations to the ancient art of growing cannabis.

Ditto those in manufacturing, where expertise, access to capital, and reverence for technique guide the fast-paced world of extracts, hash-making, and other forms of permitted weed wizardry. Simultaneously, there are also a bountiful array of positions for those who may not consider themselves to be, at least first and foremost, weed people.

While an affinity for the plant never hurts, those talented in the myriad demands of sales and marketing, for instance, will find their skillsets welcomed as cannabis companies work to overcome an ongoing cold shoulder from most forms of traditional advertising.

Likewise, there’s always an ongoing need when it comes to staffing more drivers and security guards. Ditto digital solutions experts and financial advisors – both now seen as integral musts for any competitive, large-scale modern cannabis brand. By contrast, there are also jobs that are most definitely unique to the cannabis industry, like budtenders (those who work with customers at retail dispensaries) and flower trimmers.

In all cases, the numbers for gigs in the weed world are all pointing the same way: up, up, up.

How high are we talking about? According to New Frontier Data, there were approximately 199,000 jobs in legal cannabis in 2017. Projections provided by Statista suggest that by next year, that number could be as high as 409,000 – over double the total from only five years prior. Looking even further out, to 2025, and the projection calls for a simply staggering 630,000 jobs to exist thanks to legal cannabis.

Earlier this year, Leafly unveiled a job report of its own, concluding that “legal cannabis now supports 321,000 full-time equivalent positions across 37 states” while also highlighting that the cannabis sector “is creating jobs faster than any other American industry” at the moment.

If the speed and size of this job explosion sound intriguing, there are fortunately some great resources to begin the search for a dream cannabis job. At the top of the list: Bloom & Oil is seeking a CBD Brand Ambassador to join our team:

Learn more and apply today!

Another solid option when it comes to searching for your next career in cannabis is Vangst, which bills itself as “the cannabis industry’s top recruiting platform.” Likewise, there are job boards like Careers Cannabis, 420 Careers, and one run by Ganjapreneur.

With no signs of slowing, the cannabis job market has also already proven recession-proof and pandemic-proof. Thus, if you’re ready for a new gig, look no further than in the new world of green that is cannabis.

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