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Cannabis & Music —Twang and Round

Cannabis & Music —Twang and Round

Music and cannabis culture are synonymous. Therefore, it should be no surprise that artists are carving out their own path as advocates and brand innovators in an industry that many have felt the stigma associated with its use. It’s easy to find iconic lyrics with distinct references to the bud.  Music has always been the subliminal messenger, an avenue to tell a story and connect to people energetically. This is what you feel instantly when you listen to Twang and Round, two Kentucky boys, Vernon Roach (a.k.a “Kuntry Twang”) and Brad Davis (a.k.a “Lil Round”) who are making their mark in Southern Rap. If you listen to their concisely written lyrics, for example, their song, Homegrown, you will take note of the metaphorical imagery laced within each bar that pays homage and respect to canna culture and its impact on their lives.

If you get the chance to connect with Twang and Round, you will notice their unapologetic and sincere passion for who they are and what they do. This doesn’t just extend to the music they write and create but also their work in cannabis which has personal and deep roots.

We want to give you a glimpse into the world of these hardworking creatives and canna enthusiasts who will be helping Bloom & Oil teach you insider grow tips and showcase what is bud-worthy with the latest in cannabis culture.

Most artists have a goal in mind when they create art or music. It’s a way to connect with people who may be looking for someone who thinks or feels the way they do. Sometimes music represents a moment in time in the artist’s life or society. Who are Twang and Round? Is there a message you would like to convey through your music?

T&R: It’s about leaving a legacy behind for years to come. The art we create, we pull from a collective of life experiences and inspirations, from both sides good and bad. We view life as a journey. The memories we make are what we become in the end. So, make as many good ones as possible!  Our music is a direct reflection of this, it’s art imitating life at its finest. We make real-to-life art!

Southern Rap has become a genre of music that is making giant leaps in the music industry. For those who don’t know, what is Southern Rap also known as Country Rap? What sets this genre-bending blend of Hip Hop, Rock, and Country apart from other genres of rap?

T&R: Coming from a rural culture in America, but being inspired by rap, and hip hop leads us to create our own version of the art which is referred to by society by all those names. We didn’t pick those genres they picked us. Which we’re honored to have pioneered that lane. This makes the journey so beautiful!

Twang and Round make references to cannabis in your music. Is this something that just happened since you are involved in cultivating cannabis, from farming to growing and brand development?

TWANG: Absolutely. Cannabis culture is a lifestyle which both of us embrace, and are huge advocates for. Here in America, we are faced with years of negative propaganda that’s left a stigma on a natural flower that in reality is a very powerful natural supplement.


Roots running deep underneath our feet, homegrown - T&R

In the documentary – Homegrown, you showcase hemp. What was the decision behind this? Is it due to your work in cannabis as activists and brand innovators cultivators? Do you think that this is a great way to show a fresh point of view?

ROUND: Growing up here in Kentucky with some of the lushest farmscapes in the world. Cannabis has always been one of our leading cash crops. We have both been around this lifestyle since birth. Our parents were advocates as well. This was a lifestyle that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Since cannabis use has been stigmatized do you think there is a new story to be told as a result of its legalization for both therapeutic and recreational use?

TWANG: Absolutely! In fact, that’s what our mission is on that side of things. Education and indoctrination of cannabis are a must. We carry that burden because we have both seen the benefits of cannabis for overall health and mental health. Whether it’s the anti-inflammatory or anti-depressant components our bodies are genetically designed to flourish from cannabis use. Hence having an endocannabinoid system!

Vernon (TWANG), we have had some great discussions about your connection with cannabis and how you discovered its benefits in your life. Can you share with us a little about how cannabis, along with a healthy lifestyle has contributed to your overall wellness?

I’m healthier now in my early 40s than I was in most of my 30s. At one time I was on pre-diabetic medication and anti-depressants. I use none of that now through daily self-medication of cannabis and other natural herbs. Along with diet and exercise, I’ve improved my vitality immensely!

Cannabis & Music —Twang and Round

Brad (ROUND), what is your earliest memory of cannabis? And, how has your view of cannabis changed now?

One of many memories growing up was when my father and my uncle were busted with 3,000 lbs of marijuana when I was 7 years old. To say this was a family business is an understatement. This made national news in 1993. I have memories of my mother placing wet towels under the door for my Dad. I never understood what that meant then completely. Looking back he always seemed happier, and relaxed after the towel sessions. Like I said my father self-medicated daily. In his lifetime it was ridiculed harshly compared to how it’s becoming more accepted in our lifetime. I’m looking forward to full freedom of that in the future.

In the documentary – Homegrown, not only are there visual references of cannabis in the introduction, but you also go behind the scenes to give a little more insight into hemp specifically. What was the decision behind this?

ROUND: A quick answer to that is yes. We also have spiritual motivations for our advocacy of legal cannabis worldwide. We have both experienced the health benefits from different family members and friends throughout our lives. TWANG’s Dad actually was given a terminal cancer diagnosis, and he quit taking treatments and started using cannabis in place. He was given 6 months to live and lived 6 years with his cancer in remission and died in a car wreck. This showed TWANG that cannabis has healing and vitality properties to it.

Your company Bumblebee Firm LLC, has a broker license through the state of Kentucky to develop hemp and co-ops with over 500 different farms across the country. What was the biggest breakthrough on your journey in cannabis cultivation?

T&R: We were blessed to be amongst some of the first people to obtain a hemp license at the beginning of the pilot program in Kentucky. So we’ve seen the culture grow, and we’ve also had almost a decade of trial and error to go on that helped us streamline our direction. We’ve found that education, is the biggest tool and probably the best key to opening the door on legal worldwide cannabis. It’s almost like our music and cannabis culture have run parallel to one another both feeding the other throughout this journey!

“We’ve found that education, is the biggest tool and probably the best key to opening the door on legal worldwide cannabis. “

Twang and Round

You were recognized on the senate state floor for business development in cannabis. What did that moment mean to you? What doors will this open for your work in helping destigmatize cannabis?

TWANG: It will bridge the gap between cannabis and anti-cannabis people. Seeing us on that side of society at the top levels advocating will in turn inspire the masses to be more open-minded to the benefits that this natural gift possesses! Once again, we are combatting indoctrination in America for a natural herb that has been taken away and made illegal through the prohibition era. Years of brainwashing propaganda has caused this problem on top of that. We are now seeing the first real acceptance on levels nationwide that we ever have! We’re proud to be pioneers in music and cannabis culture!

We are excited to have you on the Bloom and Oil team to educate people on the do’s and don’t of growing, how to start your own brand along with Twang and Round reviews on cannabis products. What is one tip people should know before they start a home grow?

ROUND: Study, and educate yourself on the laws associated with growing in your respective area. Make sure that you can legally grow and how much. Then research, and find the right indoor cultivation packages available for your own personal indoor grow. The most important part is finding the right seeds for your own personal life. These strains whether it be indica or sativa, or a hybrid of both are very important. Finding the right genetics is part of the fun as you progress.

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