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CBD Living: Hand Sanitizer With a Twist

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In the era of Covid-19, CBD companies are showing up with their own take on this essential commodity.

Unless you were living under a rock in early March, you probably noticed that hand sanitizer suddenly became a Very Big Deal. One moment it was an easily purchased commodity, the next moment – poof! All gone. 

We may have moved on a bit from those first weeks of panic shopping, but here we are, several weeks into this pandemic, and the importance of clean hands is still as vital as ever. 

So while recent studies on the potential of CBD to prevent or treat Covid-19 have yet to be confirmed by clinical trials, it’s perhaps not surprising that the CBD industry has taken note of the apparently bottomless need of hand sanitizer – and put their own CBD spin on it.

Among the companies that have stepped up to slake our collective thirst (figuratively speaking!) for this suddenly hard-to-come-by product, CBD Living stands out as one of the more trustworthy. 

CBD Living is a California-based CBD company (though they ship worldwide), and they have a broad product range. From CBD water to…well, just about everything else in the CBD world. Tinctures, topicals, concentrates, pet products – and now CBD hand sanitizer. 

The company prides itself on accountability, providing a full database of third-party lab tests on their website, and they continue to be transparent about hemp sourcing and manufacturing practices. They keep prices in the moderate range, and all products are THC-free.

Like most other quality hand sanitizers, CBD Living’s version contains 62% ethyl alcohol but also comes with the added bonus of 50 mg CBD per bottle. Admittedly, that’s not much CBD (even for such a tiny bottle), but CBD Living makes a big deal of their nano-technology, which may increase the bioavailability of the product.

Customer reviews also point out that these tiny, one-fluid-ounce bottles are the perfect size to put in your car, in your purse, or (let’s be honest) maybe just every available surface in your home. The sanitizer itself isn’t sticky – and it smells good, which doesn’t hurt.

Keeping our hands clean is more important than ever - so CBD Living has created an ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer that combines aloe, vitamin E, and CBD.

But because these are confusing times, it might be worth pointing out what you can reasonably expect from CBD Living’s sanitizer – or any CBD hand sanitizer for that matter.

For example, CBD Living’s hand sanitizer is made with 62% ethyl alcohol. That part makes it very similar to other hand sanitizers on the market. Thoughtfully, CBD Living has also added Vitamin E and aloe to the mixture. These softening agents should help to keep our hands from drying out like the Gobi desert from the repeated sanitizing we’re all undergoing at present.

But why add CBD to a hand sanitizer? 

CBD actually makes a lot of sense as an addition to any topical. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects as well as benefits for some skin conditions. So having some CBD in your hand sanitizer could also help with achy joints or possibly even conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Also, a study came out in September of 2019, showing that CBD may have antibiotic properties. The research on this is pretty scanty, though, and scientists caution against using CBD to self-treat infections. 

In any case, Covid-19 is a virus, not bacteria, so the CBD isn’t going to kill any coronavirus that’s hanging out on your hands. That’s what the ethyl alcohol is there for.  (And CBD Living is staying on the right side of the FDA by not making any claims at all for CBD’s effects on Covid-19.)

It’s worth noting that CBD has actually caused a stir in the scientific community for its possibilities as a preventative treatment against Covid-19. According to scientists at the University of Lethbridge, some high-CBD cannabis strains were able to decrease the prevalence of a receptor that Covid-19 depends on to make itself at home in the human body. 

But these receptors tend to hang out in places like lung tissue, or oral and nasal mucus – not on your hands. And, to state the obvious, CBD hand sanitizers are for topical use only.

A CBD-infused hand sanitizer makes a lot of sense, though, for those who want a hand sanitizer with a bit of an anti-inflammatory boost from CBD.  And for those who prefer to buy their CBD from a reputable source, CBD Living’s product fits the bill.

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