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CBDent: Reinventing Oral Healthcare


Oral hygiene appears to be the next frontier for CBD to conquer – CBDent wants to lead the way.

In April of this year, just as many of us were beginning to adjust to the reality of shelter-in-place orders, Trent and Megan Straw were launching their new broad spectrum CBD toothpaste out into the world.

While starting a new business during a global pandemic may seem like rather unfortunate timing to most of us, the developers of CBDent saw things differently.

In fact, with dental offices closed due to Covid-19, the Straws seized the opportunity to promote the benefits of preventative oral care, most of which takes place at home: 

“With direct dental care not available right now, it is an especially important time for consumers to revisit their oral care routine to prevent problems,” Trent explained. “Our goal is to be a disruptor in the oral care niche through education and the introduction of safe and superior products.”

The Mayo Clinic refers to oral health as “a window to your overall health,” yet much of the population continues to see what goes on in the mouth as effectively separate from the health of the rest of the body. (This is probably due to the lamentable practice of keeping dental work entirely distinct from the rest of the medical profession.) 

But as a dental student at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, Trent has seen firsthand the connection between oral health and overall wellbeing. 

“Not only is there a lack of information available to the public on how important a healthy mouth is, many toothpastes available to the public include harmful ingredients like SLS, hydrogen peroxide, and triclosan, as well as dyes and preservatives.”

That’s a long list of ingredients that may not mean that much to the average toothpaste consumer, but there is a growing set of consumers paying close attention to what they use to clean their teeth. 

CBD, Tea Tree Oil, and Peppermint Oil work together to reduce gum inflammation creating a stronger, healthier smile.

For example, many consumers prefer to avoid SLS (sodium laurel sulfate). This is what makes your toothpaste foamy – but it can lead to gum irritation and other unwanted side effects. So CBDent just leaves it out.

CBDent also replaces fluoride with a substance known as hydroxyapatite. The main draw of hydroxyapatite in toothpaste is that it helps to remineralize (rebuild) tooth structure without any known side effects. Also, hydroxyapatite remains on the teeth after brushing, so the remineralization process can continue.

But CBD in a toothpaste? Why?

Apart from small (but promising) animal studies, there is limited research on using CBD for oral healthcare specifically. There is good evidence though, that CBD has potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and analgesic (painkilling) properties – all of which make good sense as part of good oral healthcare.

Basically, it’s not unreasonable to expect a CBD toothpaste to help to kill bacteria and fight painful gum inflammation. Meanwhile, you’ll need to rely on other ingredients like hydroxyapatite or fluoride to replace lost tooth structure.

According to CBDent’s website, all products are subject to third party labs test and contain at least the amount of CBD claimed (but typically contain around five percent more than what is on the label). The company makes it very easy to find lab results, with scannable QR codes on the product box. Just enter your batch number and you can view this thorough test. ⁣

The company is also Leaping Bunny certified and only makes use of vegan ingredients – so they’re setting a high bar for the competition.

This is a good thing because, while CBD-infused toothpaste may sound like a novel idea, as a disrupter in the oral care niche, CBDent is about to have some very big competition. Colgate has already signaled its readiness to jump into the CBD toothpaste market via its newly acquired Hello Products brand. 

But over at CBDent, the Straws don’t seem phased. “CBDent has already proven very popular with our customers who understand the healing benefits of CBD and wanted an upgrade to their oral healthcare routine,” Megan said. 

And the company’s mission is clear: “We want to get more and more people questioning what they are putting in their mouths and why their toothpaste is the least expensive product in their bathroom.”

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