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Eddie’s Line Up: The Best Cannabis Products and Accessories


As a long-time cannabis user, I have experimented with herb, oil, and edibles. My preferred method is by far herb, with oil coming in second, and edibles a very distant third. There are so many things I love about the trusty ole herb. I can see it and smell it, and I know exactly how much I need to take me to where I want to be. Herb was my first introduction to cannabis, and using it in this format has become almost ritualistic to me.


As much as I love herb, there is definitely a time and place for oil. I use a vape pen when I feel the need to discreetly use cannabis, whether I’m trying to unwind at home when the kids are around, or want to indulge before going out somewhere in public like a movie or a restaurant. While the vape pen provides a quick and easy way to enjoy cannabis without that specific weed smell, I do find they run out relatively quickly.

When it comes to using cannabis in the edible form, you have to be very careful as it is difficult to manage the amount you’re consuming. With edibles you need to know when enough is enough. I have tried edibles in cookies, candies, and gummies. While it was an okay experience, it’s certainly not my go-to.

Herbaceously Delicious: My Top Five Strands

  1. Gelato: At 55% Indica, I love the taste of this strand. If you’re looking for something more intense, it gives off a great head high. It’s beautiful to look at and has a very strong smell. The THC level for this strand is 20%.
  2. Wedding Cake: This is another one of my favorite strands and is quickly increasing in popularity. At 60% Indica and 25% THC, it has an incredible fruity cake taste and is great for alleviating headaches. I love that this strand doesn’t make me sleepy and keeps my mind awake. But be warned, this strand can make your mouth a bit dry a bit, so you might want to keep some H20 nearby.
  3. Cotton Candy: I’ll be honest, I love this strand because I love cotton candy.  At 70% Indica and 22% THC, the flavor packs a sweet punch and will have your mouth watering.
  4. Gorilla Glue: This is a strong strand. At 60% Indica and 25% THC, this one hits hard and the taste is great too. Gorilla Glue has a “loud” smell and has many crystals, which makes it look “diamondy”.
  5. Khalifa Kush: As you may have guessed, this strand is made by rap artist Wiz Khalifa. It’s likely that your favorite rapper smokes this strand. It’s very potent and is great for relaxing when you have nothing on your agenda and just want to kick back. Khalifa Kush is made of 80% Indica and 26% THC.For more strain info, check out AllBud.

Ready to Roll: My Favorite Accessories

The way I use cannabis is the way I will always use cannabis: Roll it up, light it up, and relax your mind.

My favorite rolling papers are Swisher Sweets and Backwoods. The Swisher Sweets are very sweet and thick, while the Backwood paper is thinner and allows you to really taste the cannabis. Both cigar papers come in different flavors. I prefer the plain flavor of Swisher Sweets as they don’t overpower the taste of the cannabis. When it comes to flavors of Backwoods, Russian Creme is my go-to.

Although I’m a traditional “roll-it-up” kind of guy, I absolutely hate using traditional, thin joint papers such as Zig Zags. They are so little and thin and they burn out so quickly; a couple puffs and damn, the joint is gone! I also find thinner papers harder to use. They tear easily and will have your hands reeking. Swisher Sweets or Backwoods are much bigger, a lot thicker, and definitely allow your joint to last much longer. Swishers or ‘Woods for me, every time!

  1. Backwoods are my number one favorite rolling product because of the smoothness and the taste you get when using them. They are bigger than all other forms of cigar papers, which makes them much easier to roll. I also find I get the best high when using Backwoods.
  2. A close second when it comes to rolling products are Swisher Sweets. Quite simply, I love that sweet taste. They are thicker than Backwoods, which can mask the cannabis taste a little, but are the easiest product to roll with and give you the most durable blunt.
  3. I’ve tried many different vape pens, and the Pure Pulls are my favorite. They are extremely thin and easy to carry, and the charge lasts a very, very long time.  There is no “heating up” required before you’re able to enjoy it – you simply pull on it, and you get a great, smooth, clean taste with almost no smell to it at all; perfect for being discreet, easy on the lungs, and gets you lifted really, really fast.
  4. I don’t mind the smell of weed; however, it’s an aroma my wife prefers not to have in the house. The Helmet Head Smell Proof Bag is a great purchase to secure your goodies and keep them undetectable at home. This bag is smell proof and weatherproof, has a combination lock, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.
  5. Sure, disposable lighters are convenient, but why not treat yourself to something better? I’m a Marley fan, so the Zippo Bob Marley Lighter was an obvious choice for me. While more expensive than your supermarket option, this thing has a windproof design and will last a very, very long time.

Ready to Try: Gas Masks and Growing

The one thing I really want to try that I haven’t yet is the gas mask. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it looks so cool and seems like it would get you sky high.

I’m also interested in growing cannabis. Last time I was back home in Michigan, I saw a lot of grows. I was able to pick a few buds directly from the plants and roll up right there. The buds were so fresh, clean and big! To put it bluntly – pun intended – it was the coolest shit in the world. I would love to try growing my own someday.

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