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Genesee: Clean CBD Nutrition


Genesee is breaking new ground with clean, CBD-infused nutrition for fuel and recovery.

Are CBD Gummies just not cutting it as after-workout refuel? Or maybe you’re looking for a CBD option that packs a nutritious punch? It may be time you checked out Genesee’s wellness products for athletes. 

Based in Colorado, Genesee is filling the void in the CBD market for simple, top-quality nutrition products for healthy lifestyle support.

Like many companies, the inspiration for Genesee has its roots in the personal experiences of its founder, Will Carr. After years of pushing his body to extremes, he eventually found himself sidelined by the pain of turf toe, that scourge of the serious athletic.

Enter CBD, which he sampled for the first time at a tournament, and the rest is history.

As his inflammation and pain eased, Carr knew that this substance was something special. But he also knew that he could do more with CBD than what he saw on the market. So he got to work.

After painstaking research, Carr honed in on what would become the hallmark of Genesee products: top shelf, all-natural ingredients combined with broad-spectrum, water-soluble CBD. Or, as they say at Genesee, real food for real life.

Our purpose and passion is 360: it includes the personal and professional. It all just works synergistically.

Their product offerings are streamlined and straightforward. Currently, the company offers a protein bar and an energy shot; both sold in caddies of 12 (and wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging).

Genesee’s protein bar is a quick option for fuel and recovery, but don’t let the convenience fool you. This bar contains a whopping 20 grams of whey-hemp protein combined with five milligrams of water-soluble CBD per bar (more on that later). 

These bars come in two flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp and Cookies ‘N’ Cream. With those kinds of flavors, you might expect a pretty big sugar hit.  But it turns out that even the Cookies ‘N’ Cream bar keeps the total sugar below ten grams per bar. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp is even lower, at only six grams of sugar.

Where the protein bars major in, well, protein, the Genesee Wellness Shot is all about the combination of electrolytes and CBD. These two-ounce shots contain 100% of your B vitamin daily needs, as well as essential electrolytes like sodium and potassium. 

Like the company’s protein bars, these products are infused with five milligrams of water-soluble CBD for anti-inflammatory support. But they contain even less sugar. Both flavor options (Lemon Lime and Peach Mango) contain less than one gram of sugar and add up to only five calories each.

Any company that puts CBD front and center in their nutritional information should expect some digging into their sourcing and testing practices. Apparently, Genesee welcomes the scrutiny. 

The company sources their hemp from domestic sources in Colorado, Kentucky, and Tennessee. And to keep things simple for their customers, they’ve chosen to use broad-spectrum CBD. This type of CBD combines the advantages of a whole plant extract (like minor cannabinoids and terpenes) minus the complications of THC.

But their CBD stands out in another way as well. Namely, it’s water-soluble. For those who are unfamiliar with industry terminology, this means that Genesee employs a process that breaks their CBD down into microscopic particles and encapsulates these particles in lipid spheres. 

The end result is a type of CBD that will mix with water, and that the human body is consequently able to absorb much more easily. While scientists have yet to determine precisely how much more CBD the body absorbs when it is water-soluble, so far lab results indicate that it could be significant.

As a company, Genesee has prioritized transparency concerning product purity, posting third party lab test results on their website. In addition to potency results, their COAs contain results for well over a hundred possible contaminants as well. 

Genesee is so convinced that you will become fans of their products, they come with an industry-leading 110% satisfaction guarantee. That isn’t a typo. Genesee will refund you 110% of the purchase price (minus shipping) if you aren’t happy with their products.

Combining solid nutrition, transparency, and sustainable manufacturing, Genesee is committed to raising the bar for CBD edibles. In the words of Will Carr, “Our purpose and passion is 360: it includes the personal and professional. It all just works synergistically.”

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