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Head & Heal: CBD Straight from the Source

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Head & Heal is a farmer-owned CBD business that controls its production from seed to shelf. They prioritize transparency and a sense of customer connection that comes straight out of the ethos of the farmer’s market.

As you’ve no doubt heard, the CBD industry has become a very competitive place in the last few years. The promise of making big money is a powerful lure, and in 2020, nothing could be easier than finding CBD companies that are big on aesthetics but very, very thin on substance. 

But what if transparency is what you’re after? And what if you would like to know something about the actual humans that are creating the products – what they care about and how they invest in the wellbeing of their customers?

Then, dear reader, you will find that the field narrows quite a bit. But take heart. These companies are definitely out there – and Head & Heal is one of them.

The first thing you’ll notice, if you head on over to the company website, is that you’ll feel more like you’re visiting a booth at a farmer’s market than a slick corporate enterprise. That’s no accident. Head & Heal’s full spectrum CBD products began as an add-on to Main Street Farms’ CSA (and you can still run into them, selling their wares at local farmer’s markets in upstate New York).

But don’t let the casual, friendly vibes fool you. Company founders Karli Miller-Hornick and Allan Gandelman are leading the industry with high-quality products that they grow, process, and bottle themselves. 

Main Street Farms began its life growing crops for a local customer-base, largely served through a CSA and farmer’s markets. Hemp only came into the picture when Gandelman got Lymes Disease and found that nothing helped his symptoms like CBD. 

The original plan was to grow hemp themselves in order to have a trustworthy source of CBD. According to a recent interview with Miller-Hornick, “Originally it was just going to be a small thing that we would do for ourselves and our CSA members.” 

And then things took off. 

What began as an initial offering of one 600mg full spectrum CBD tincture has now expanded to a full line of tinctures, high potency topicals, hemp flower, and pet CBD. (For now, the company is holding off on investing in edibles until the FDA figures out how that will be regulated.)

Because we were started by farmers, we also understand that the best quality CBD Oil will always come from the best quality plants. We have an ideal climate for growing hemp and our team has over 75 years of combined organic farming experience.

We talked to Max Buckner, Sales Manager at Head & Heal to get a sense of what makes the company tick. He pointed to the confusion that customers face in a market “flooded with junk that is ineffective at best, and dangerous at worst.”

According to Buckner, Head & Heal has a mission to offer an alternative to the murkier aspects of the CBD industry:

“We grow, process, and manufacture everything ourselves, and are able to carefully control the entire process of making our USDA Organic CBD oil, from hand harvesting and hang drying our plants, to testing each batch multiple times throughout extraction and bottling to ensure potency and quality.”

As you can imagine, being a farmer-run enterprise obviously comes with both its advantages and its challenges for those who run it. Head & Heal controls every aspect of production, from seed to shelf, and this is by no means a simple operation:

“The unique challenge is that we are running multiple businesses simultaneously, all with their own specific needs and differences. This can get complicated, especially in an industry where the regulations seem to change every week.”  

For Head & Heal, though, the benefits far outweigh the complications, and for customers, it’s pretty hard to find a drawback to buying CBD from a company with such a high level of transparency and product quality. 

In fact, according to Buckner, the bottom line for customers is that when you buy from a company that does everything itself, you get more (and higher quality) CBD bang for your buck: 

“The major benefit is that we can provide our products at a really accessible price point for customers, and still afford to pay a living wage to our farmers and staff because our profit margin doesn’t get gobbled up by a bunch of middle-people.” 

Also, when you buy from a company like Head & Heal, words like “purity” or “organically grown” have real meaning that can withstand scrutiny. Their hemp isn’t sourced from a big farm in another state or overseas. You can literally ask the farmers what they use on their crops. 

(And, to be clear, by “organic,” Head & Heal specifically means USDA certified organic, which is still a rarity in the CBD industry.) 

The company’s Instagram account is replete with photos chronicling the product creation process, from seed to extraction to shelf. And according to Miller-Hornick, customer loyalty is high because of this sense of connection between the farm, the product, and the customer:

“We’re just a really genuine company. We’re always talking to our customers, asking for feedback and we’re really invested in them…You generate loyalty by paying attention to your customers’ needs and really connecting with them and showing them the process of how we do things from start to finish.” 

In an industry of shifting regulations and dubious claims, that transparency, combined with attention to customer’s actual needs, is worth its weight in gold.

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