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Nature’s Nosh: Bite Into Better


If you’re looking for healthy, delicious, CBD-infused food for on-the-go snacking, Nature’s Nosh checks all the right boxes.

Nature’s Nosh is a Chicago-based, female-founded company on a mission. They want to prove that CBD, combined with simple, functional food, is truly the best medicine. Their signature CBD Fruit and Nut Bites were born out of this belief, combining wholesome ingredients (like fruit and nuts) for a guilt-free snack. Add premium hemp-derived CBD extract to that recipe and you’ve got a pretty unbeatable combination.

Liza Cohen, the company’s founder, knows how food works and she knows about the benefits of CBD. By putting the two together, she’s created a nutritious, delicious, and portable way to reap the goods that CBD has to offer.

But creating healthy CBD edibles wasn’t always the plan. Like any good business backstory, Nature’s Nosh came about by a circuitous route and at least one false start. (Cohen actually began with a career in marketing.)  Her true passion for food, though, was waiting to be uncovered as she followed her heart to the International Culinary Center in New York City.

When she first encountered CBD on a family vacation, Cohen began to use her burgeoning knowledge about food to imagine how CBD could be elevated as a wellness product. Then came the clincher for Nature’s Nosh as Cohen began training for the New York Marathon in 2018. 

Pretty much anyone can eat them. They are naturally vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free—all five flavors. So Nature's Nosh is nosh for everyone.

As Cohen trained, she researched the ideal food for post-workout recovery – and she found dried fruit and nuts consistently topping the list. According to nutrition guru, Brendan Brazier, the biology behind this isn’t too complicated. As you work out, your body first depletes the glucose in your blood as fuel, then turns to glycogen – carbohydrates that are stored in your liver and muscle tissue.  

So after working out, refueling is super important. The combo of dried fruit and nuts represents the perfect 4-to-1 carb-to-protein ratio, which helps your body speed the uptake of glycogen back into your muscles. This initiates the process of muscle building, which is the whole point of the workout, right?

So far, Nature’s Nosh makes sense as a good refuel source. So, where does CBD fit into this?

Well, CBD has been studied extensively for its anti-inflammatory properties, which has led many serious athletes to replace their over-the-counter NSAIDs for the substance. But it’s also known to be a powerful antioxidant which can scavenge nasty free radicals from the body.

Essentially, CBD + fruit + nuts = snack trifecta.

Now, the good people at Nature’s Nosh know that what we do not need is another meh-flavored CBD edible on the market. (Also, we like variety!) So let’s talk about our flavor options.

Keep in mind that all of these products have a few things in common. First, they combine fruit, nuts, and premium, hemp-derived CBD. Secondly, they are all handcrafted with no more than eight ingredients. (And the ingredients list is easily pronounceable too, which is refreshing.)

When it comes to dosing, each CBD Bite contains five milligrams of CBD, so four bites offer a respectable dose of 20 milligrams of CBD. Nature’s Nosh has chosen to use CBD extracted from domestically grown, non-GMO hemp, so you know there’s been stringent oversight on growing methods. 

Importantly, these treats contain no THC, so there’s no psychoactive component – and no worries about failing a drug test at work.

We’ve noted that these are ideal for healthy, active people who want a convenient way to heal and refuel after a workout. But frankly, these work equally well as fuel for all of life’s activities, including sitting on the couch as you binge-watch your favorite Netflix show. 

Spoiler alert: if you have these in your house, they may not last long.

Whether you’re pushing your body to its limits or just hanging out at home, Nature’s Nosh offers the trifecta of guilt-free snacks.

So where to find Nature’s Nosh CBD Bites? If you live in Chicago, then you’re in luck. In fact, you may have already seen these in your local health food store.

Otherwise, the company ships to all 50 states, and you can order via their website and use the code “BITEINTOBITTER” to receive 20% off!

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