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Netflix’s “Tiger King” Inspires World Wildlife Fund Strains


Long Beach cannabis brand Moxie ties release to a new episode of popular docuseries.

The popularity of Netflix’s latest limited-run documentary series, Tiger King, speaks to our collective thirst for distraction at a moment that finds virtually all of us trapped indoors. Released on March 22, the show reportedly drew over 34 million viewers in its first week on the streaming titan alone. Then things really got wild.

At this point, the series has become a viral sensation, hooking viewers with a salacious narrative about the seedy world of roadside zoos. Unfolding over seven episodes, the show’s main focus is a big cat trainer (and budding YouTube star) in Oklahoma known as Joe Exotic. Footage of Exotic’s battles with fellow big cat personalities Carole Baskin and Bhagavan “Doc” Antle (who is not a doctor) have subsequently spawned a range of reactions.

There are now celebrities dressing as the series’ main subjects and renewed interest in an unsolved murder tied to the narrative. Reporters are even asking President Donald Trump about a possible pardon. Yes, Tiger King mania has hit a fever pitch, which is why California cannabis brand Moxie wanted to get in on the action.

However, unlike the majority of the actions taken by the stars of the show, Moxie’s Head of Marketing, Tessa Adams, explains that the desire was to do something that might actually help these majestic, endangered creatures.


We wanted to do something fun and entertaining in a time of uncertainty,” Adams explained by email to Bloom & Oil, while also raising awareness for the tigers that are being kept captive in these so-called 'zoos'."

Two limited-edition strains inspired by Tiger King are now available in dispensaries across California. The first, Tiger’s Blood, is a hybrid of the strains Goobers and Wildfire. Cool Cat’s Crush, meanwhile, borrows its name from an expression made popular by Baskin and is bred by crossing Wildfire and Wedding Cake. While Tiger’s Blood is reported to have citrusy properties, Cool Cat’s Crush is described as “grassy” and “piney.”

Moxie has produced 1600 grams of each strain, which are now on-sale and available in one-gram quantities.

Furthermore, Moxie has pledged to donate $1 for every gram sold of both strains to the World Wildlife Fund’s Tiger Protection Fund. Noting the company’s desire to “bring awareness to the animal abuse that was rampant throughout the Tiger King series,” Moxie’s limited release was timed to coincide with a new, eighth episode of the show that debuted on April 12.

Based on critical consensus so far, it may be wise to skip this latest installment from Netflix and just stick with the cannabis.

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