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Nude CBD: Back to Basics


Nude CBD is a straight-shooting, no-frills purveyor of affordable CBD products. They create both quality finished products and stock solutions for DIY projects.

California-based Nude CBD is a sort of one-stop-shop for customers looking for CBD basics. 

But by “basics” we don’t mean boring, and we certainly don’t mean low-quality CBD product. The company offers customers both quality finished products (like tinctures and topicals) and the raw materials you might need to create your own – without breaking the bank.

Ready to hear more?

Nude CBD has been processing hemp since 2015, but the company has its roots in tobacco processing. In fact, when Nude CBD first began operations, it was initially an adjunct to the already existing, FDA-compliant laboratory Nude Nicotine. 

Since 2013, Nude Nicotine had refined pure pharmaceutical-grade nicotine for the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) markets. The addition of Nude CBD meant that that the company transitioned a pilot-scale of their industry-acclaimed, dedicated processing machinery (originally intended for refining tobacco leaves into nicotine) to extract cannabinoids from hemp.

The rest is history. Today Nude CBD is a vertically integrated seed-to-sale CBD laboratory encompassing four Farm-Bill-Compliant Hemp Farms and three refining operations across the US.

As we’ve pointed out, this isn’t a fancy-schmancy CBD company with celebrity-endorsements and coffee-table-friendly packaging (their capsules literally come in pharmaceutical-style pill bottles). 

So if you’re looking for a highly image-conscious brand, this may not be the place for you. If what you’re, looking for, though, is high-quality CBD without the sticker shock, Nude CBD may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Nude CBD was founded upon the principles of green chemistry - to bring quality consumer hemp products to market at low prices.

Company owner, president, and lead chemist, Jake Rubenstein, describes the company philosophy this way: “NUDE is our embodiment of the principles of honesty, transparency, quality – Nude CBD was founded upon the principles of green chemistry to bring quality consumer hemp products to market at low prices.” 

But what (specifically) sets the company apart?

Firstly, Nude CBD’s processing and product formulation replicate the same rigorous processes the company used for nicotine extraction (all of which are on file with the FDA).  According to the company, these highly regulated processes offer a unique level of repeatability, stability, and regulatory compliance. 

Words like “repeatability, stability, and regulatory compliance” may not lend themselves easily to an Instagram post, but you don’t want to buy CBD from a company that doesn’t take those concepts seriously.

According to the company, “Not only are we “Nude” in our approach to hemp agriculture and good manufacturing practices (GMP), we have taken it upon ourselves to institute an industry-leading quality control environment, taken directly from the FDA’s 21 CFR. Consumer education and safety are principles that we live and abide by.”

The company takes pride in the quality of their products. Their Full Spectrum Distillate, for example, contains higher levels of cannabinoids than many other suppliers. In addition to CBD, those hard-to extract minor cannabinoids, like CBG, CBC, CBDV, and many other valuable cannabinoids, are present in levels over 10%.

Nude CBD also pays attention to vital details like storage infrastructure and shelf-life testing. The company stores all raw materials, in-process product, and finished product in their on-site and off-site cold storage infrastructure. This ensures that you receive your product in the freshest possible condition. 

(Most companies don’t talk – at all – about how they store product. And, for the most part, expiration dates remain a very vague concept in the industry.)

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own CBD products (whether for yourself or for sale), Nude CBD supports home DIYers in their quest “to refine and perfect their formulae, address industry barriers, and enter the market in a safe, controlled, and low-cost manner.” 

You can find both stock solutions and concentrates (like isolate or distillate) that are ready to be incorporated into whatever CBD-infused edible, topical, or inhalable that you can dream up. 

Here’s the thing. The reality is that the CBD industry is a crowded place, and it’s just not possible to tell a good company from a bad one on the basis of their social media prowess or their labels. Nude CBD is a company that is doing it right – with simple, high-quality products, well-made, tested, stored, and delivered. 

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