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oHHo CBD: Hemp and the Terroir Revolution

farm dirt

We all know that where a grape grows will influence the character of the wine. A new CBD company borrows the old idea of terroir to create distinctive CBD products.

The CBD industry is actually still sort of new, but the explosion of the industry in the last few years makes it feel as if everything has already been done. (CBD toothpaste, anyone?)

So how does a new company stand out?

Many go the route of finding the newest and weirdest products to infuse with CBD, but oHHo CBD is taking a different approach. They are taking a very old idea and applying it to the hemp industry.

The product line at oHHo is about as simple as it gets, relying instead on the distinctive character of a specific, small-farm-grown cannabis crop. And they’re betting that customers will be able to both appreciate and benefit from the differences that come from their hemp’s distinctive place of origin.

For anyone at all familiar with wine, this will make a lot of sense. A Willamette Valley pinot noir is going to taste different from a pinot noir from, say, South Africa. Even if the exact same grape is used for both wines, they will ultimately taste different because of where they were grown. 

Those differences are not just in our over-active imaginations. Plants actually do express a sense of the place in which they are grown. This is called “terroir.”

This French term refers to the whole range of environmental factors (everything from the dirt to the climate and the farming practices) that influence the plant’s phenotype. The concept has been used for a long time in the wine and coffee industries, and it’s increasingly being adopted by the cannabis industry to differentiate one crop from another.

oHHo sources their hemp from small farms, cultivating areas between 20-40 acres. This scale allows for a more human and less industrial farming process, where each plant can be individually nurtured by hand.

So far, though, the CBD industry has been a bit slow to catch on. Most CBD companies source their hemp from farms all over the country without differentiating one load of hemp from another in the extraction process.

oHHo CBD wants to change that. 

Three full spectrum CBD oils form the center of the company’s product line  – and that’s where the similarities with most other CBD companies end. For example, each CBD oil comes in a single potency, though customers can choose a bottle size (15 mL or 30 mL).

So what’s the main difference between the three hemp oil options? The hemp used for each of these products was grown on a small farm in one of three places: 

  • New York: Sourced from the Hudson Valley, oHHo’s New York oil is the higher potency option and is derived from single-origin, hand-nurtured hemp flower. The company describes it as a full-bodied oil, rich and earthy – perfect for relaxation and rest.
  • Colorado: Described as spicy, floral, and woody, oHHo’s Colorado tincture contains hemp oil from the heart of the Rocky Mountains. This hemp was hand-harvested, and oHHo recommends it as a versatile oil for overall wellbeing.
  • Oregon: The latest addition to the family, oHHo’s Oregon tincture was grown on a small farm near the coast. This hemp oil was extracted via hydrocarbon extraction and formulated with live rosin harvest ( a premium, solventless, concentrate). It is terpene-rich and has a hoppy, piney taste.

Too hard to choose? oHHo offers a tasting kit, the equivalent of a tasting room experience. And for those who prefer to inhale rather than ingest their CBD, there are CBD pre-rolls and hemp flower (Lifter and Suver Haze strains) sourced from either Saratoga Springs, NY or the Green Mountains of Vermont.

These products check many boxes: small scale farming, healthy genetics, clean CO2 and hydrocarbon extraction, pharmaceutical-grade bottles, sustainable (and beautiful!) packaging, and rigorous testing. Together these form the basis of oHHo’s company value system. 

And as a member of the 1% for the Planet community, the company has also committed to donating 1% of annual sales to help fund environmental nonprofit organizations taking initiative all around the world. 

If this is the direction that luxury CBD is taking, we’re here for it.

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