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Potli Launches ‘Courage Over Comfort’ Campaign for AAPI Community

Potli Launches ‘Courage Over Comfort’ Campaign for AAPI Community

The popular Bay Area cannabis pantry brand takes a stand against hate with specially curated wellness kits.


The founders of Potli are not built to stand on the sidelines.

When Felicity Chen and Christine Yi founded their Bay Area cannabis food and wellness brand, the ubiquitous presence of all manner of legal edibles was still a chapter yet to be told. Chen and Yi – who met as college roommates but both hailed from the East Bay – launched what has come to be known today as California’s premier cannabis pantry brand.

At present, Potli’s line includes infused olive oil, honey, and sriracha, available both nationally with a hemp-infused recipe as well as in California in a selection of different ratios featuring THC, CBD, as well as other cannabinoids. With an emphasis on locally sourced, quality ingredients, it’s no wonder more and more homes now feature Potli products on their pantry shelves.

In addition, as two young Asian-American women with a platform at their disposal, the founders of Potli are stepping up to the plate with the announcement of their Courage Over Comfort campaign.

“Activism is not only about showing up and raising an alarm,” Felicity Chen, CEO of Potli, told Bloom & Oil. “It’s also about amplifying each other’s voices. By listening and learning from one another, we can really begin the work & start to address inequalities at the root.”

Timed to coincide with AAPI Heritage Month, the move from Potli also arrives in response to a hideous uptick in hate times targeting the AAPI community — both in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as across the nation. Now Potli is currently doing the work of which Chen spoke by offering curated wellness kits with proceeds being donated to the brand’s AAPI nonprofit, Alma Backyard Farms.

Title: Potli Launches ‘Courage Over Comfort’ Campaign for AAPI Community (Potli Shrimp Chips bag)

Each wellness kit comes packed to the gills with awesome goodies, including a cookbook from popular SF eatery Mister Jiu’s, a candle and a face mask from Someone’s Beloved, a “pollinator” zine, a “Grandma Approved” shirt and tote bag, and two special, Potli-related cannabis products to complete the haul.

The first from Potli? A limited-edition, 1 gram infused pre-roll made in collaboration with local cultivators SF Roots.

“Cannabis brings people together from all walks of life,” mused Morris Kelly, CEO and founder of SF Roots, about the collaboration and what message it sends.

“Over a joint, I have had inspiring conversations with people that I would not have otherwise. Be it at a concert, a walk in the park, or in a coffee shop cannabis always opens up an opportunity to have a conversation that breaks down barriers. I have never seen two people get into a fight over bud.”

Alongside the good vibes behind Potli’s collaboration with SF Roots is the simply scrumptious revelation that is the brand’s latest solo offering: shrimp chips!

Infused with Potli’s signature olive oil, this potent party snack is now also available to purchase on its own at select dispensaries and delivery services across the state. Serving as Potli’s first official snackable product, these ‘grandma approved’ savory treats are perfect for picnics, movie nights, or, as Potli’s press release suggests, “wherever an alternative to potato chips is needed!”

“A beloved snack in many Asian households,” the release continues, “and a nod to the founder’s heritage, Potli’s Shrimp Chips are a treat to bring balance, calm, and relief into your everyday routine.”

Fancy a taste? All residents of the U.S. can currently score the version featuring Potli’s hemp olive oil, which clocks in at 10mg of CBD per bag. For those in California, THC-enriched versions are additionally available, which is what anyone who snags a wellness kit can also expect to find.

In total, all items included in Potli’s kits are products from mission-driven minority-owned brands and from nonprofit partners, with a press release describing the overall goal of the campaign as an opportunity “to amplify the critical voices of change-makers and storytellers” while also “sharing their unique perspectives on the Asian American diaspora experience.”

Conceived to promote wellness tools and feel-good foods to elevate consciousness and inspire change, Potli’s kits are currently available to purchase for San Francisco and Los Angeles residents while supplies last.

Potli has also announced plans to raffle off a kit via its website, available to all adult California residents. Those who are eligible can enter to win with a donation to Alma Backyard Farms. A winner is expected to be selected on May 31.

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