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Premium Jane Launches New CBD Products for Pets


The pet space is booming, and Premium Jane is turning its attention to this growing segment of the CBD industry.

Premium Jane isn’t particularly new to the CBD industry, but the company has recently taken a big step, launching a new line of CBD for pets

By all appearances, the company has been doing very well even without serving the pet-owning world. So what would lead a successful CBD company to branch out into the world of CBD pet products

Actually, this move isn’t a surprising one, and really just reveals that the Arizona-based company has been paying attention to the numbers. 

According to a 2020 Pet Industry Green Paper published by Nielsen and Headset (a leading data and analytics service provider for the legal cannabis industry), hemp-based CBD pet products will represent 3-5% of all hemp CBD sales within the U.S. by 2025.

The unsurprising fact is that many CBD users have pets (74%, according to the report), and many are interested in sharing the benefits of CBD with them. 

“The perceived positive effects of cannabis and CBD have created new markets, reinvigorated traditional CPG categories and also fueled legalization efforts,” said Cy Scott, Founder and CEO of Headset. “It’s no surprise that cannabis and CBD are becoming a popular way to treat pets naturally, driving another exciting market category for cannabis while energizing the pet industry.”

Despite open questions around regulations, hemp-extracted CBD is exploding in the pet space.

But is CBD really effective for dogs? The research on CBD for dogs specifically is pretty thin at present, but a few recent studies have shown promising results

  • A 2020 study of CBD for dogs with arthritis at Baylor College of Medicine had encouraging results. According to lead researcher, Dr. Matthew Halpert, “Nine of the 10 dogs on CBD showed benefits, which remained for two weeks after the treatment stopped.”
  • In 2019, Cornell University published the results of a gold-standard (randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover) study on dogs and osteoarthritis. The results showed that over 80% of dogs dosed with CBD experienced decreased indicators of pain and increased mobility.  
  • Dr. Stephanie McGrath and her team at Colorado State University performed a pilot study in 2018 which tested both the safety and efficacy of CBD for epilepsy. In her words, “It does seem like there is a positive effect from the use of CBD for dogs with epilepsy.” CSU also has a study in the works on CBD for dogs with arthritis.

So far Premium Jane has only released two products, both marketed for dogs. The first product is a bacon-flavored, full spectrum CBD tincture designed to be added either to the dog’s wet food or directly into her mouth. 

They’ve also added dog treats to the line, which is a savvy decision since the average price per pound for CBD dog treats is twice the average dog treat. But they’ve created these without charging an arm and a leg. At around 10 cents per mg of CBD, this represents good value for dog owners.

Premium Jane knows its way around the world of CBD, and its products are all lab-tested, with batch numbered COAs available on their website. This is particularly important for these products since dogs are especially sensitive to THC (all Premium Jane’s products contain less than 0.3% THC). 

And lab reports aside, Premium Jane has also paid attention to important details – like baking their dog treats at a low enough temperature that the CBD isn’t destroyed in the process.

For dog owners looking for CBD pet products, Premium Jane seems to know what they’re doing. But for owners planning on experimenting with the substance, it’s important to keep veterinarians in the loop (whether or not they’re comfortable giving advice on dosing). CBD’s good safety profile doesn’t mean it won’t interact with other medications your dog might be taking.

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