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Prima CBD: Business as a Force for Good


Prima’s dedication to ethical business practice is leading the way for the CBD industry.

The notoriously unregulated CBD industry is big on hazy terms like “clean” and “pure,” but Prima has left the competition in the dust by earning the very real B Corporation (B Corp) Certification.

Operational for just over a year, Prima began creating buzz in the industry early on when they secured a record-breaking $3.3 million seed round. That was just the beginning. In its first year of operation, Prima’s product lineup has turned heads in the upscale world of CBD skincare, only to be followed by the news of their earning B Corp certification.

It’s an impressive start for a new company, but a glance at the company’s leadership shows that a simultaneous commitment to quality and ethical manufacturing runs deep. 

Two of the founders of Prima (Laurel Angelica Myers and Christopher Gavigan) came to the company by way of Jessica Alba’s Honest Company. The third founder, Jessica Assaf, had created her own unisex facial oil company as well as Cannabis Feminist, a 50,000-woman strong community supporting women working in the cannabis space.

So there was little question that Prima would be a mission-driven business from the beginning. And the fact that Gavigan and Myers had both worked within the B Corp system with The Honest Co. got Prima off to a running start. 

Comprised of over 3000 businesses spread across the globe, B Corp includes big-name companies like Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Stonyfield Organic. These companies have legal obligations to take workers, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment into account when making business decisions. 

B Corp Certification is a grueling process for any company, with an Impact Assessment process that evaluates a company’s entire social and environmental performance. They scrutinize everything from the business model’s impact on workers, community, environment, and customers to supply chain, charitable giving, and employee benefits.

Prima is setting a bold example of responsible business practices for the CBD industry, inspiring a deeper and more meaningful approach to functional, preventative healthcare.

The result? Prima’s six-point mission, which embraces the company’s ethos as a whole: 

  • BEYOND CLEAN: Unlike the foggy definition of “clean” used by many companies, Prima has developed a list of 2800+ chemicals and materials they commit not to use, due to their potential for health, eco-toxicity and/or contamination concerns.
  • CLIMATE POSITIVE: Prima is certified as 100% carbon neutral across the entire operations and supply chain. This certification requires that they measure, reduce, and offset their entire carbon footprint as a company. Prima offset more carbon than they used in their first year by investing in verified reforestation projects with
  • REDUCE WISELY: Prima prioritizes sustainable packaging – 85% of packaging is recyclable, 75% of packaging is glass, and 14% of packaging is made from recycled materials – and no ABS or PVC.
  • SOURCE RESPONSIBLY: Prima holds its supply chain partners to the highest standards of accountability and reporting. They evaluate and audit each for working conditions, environmental practices, and labor policies, ensuring that they uphold a strong code of values towards quality, transparency, ethical sourcing, and fair labor.
  • GIVE MORE: Prima donates 1% of annual revenue to nonprofit partners, including Sierra Club, Wholistic Research & Education Foundation, and Children & Nature Network in order to directly fund positive mission-aligned activities and research.
  • PEOPLE FIRST: Prima provides its employees with benefits like comprehensive healthcare, equity ownership, and a flexible working environment.

B Corp itself seems pretty chuffed to have the CBD industry beginning to take note of their obligations to the rest of the world. According to Lindsey Wilson, a senior associate in Business Development at B Lab,

“We’re beyond pleased to welcome Prima, as they stand clearly ahead as poised leaders of consciousness, credibility, responsibility, sustainability, and transparency in the quickly developing CBD category.” 

And what about their products? Prima has conducted clinical trials for at least two of them: Night Magic Facial Oil and The Afterglow Restorative Cream, and the results (posted on product pages) speak for themselves. These are products that work, and the beauty industry is taking note.

Also, considering the resources the company has poured into earning B Corp certification, the prices remain well within the reasonable range. 

With only just over a year under its belt, Prima has proved itself to be a company well worth watching – and hopefully, emulating.

“We’re incredibly proud to be part of a global movement of businesses enacting the change they wish to make in the world,” says Gavigan, “and using business as a tremendously important force for good.”

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