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ReCreate: Low-THC Cannabis Products from the Stanley Brothers

ReCreate bottles

The Stanley Brothers are best known for their CBD company, Charlotte’s Web. With their new brand, ReCreate, they’re branching out to create low-THC marijuana products.

The story of CBD’s explosive rise in popularity is so tied up with the Stanley Brothers’ brand, Charlotte’s Web, that it’s hard to tell one story without the other. 

It was their strain of hemp, named after a child with treatment-resistant epilepsy, that featured prominently in  Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s 2012 documentary, Weed. The documentary was a key turning point in mainstream attitudes towards hemp, and the Stanley Brothers built their brand on that initial notoriety.

Fast forward eight years and the brothers (all seven of them) are now turning their attention – and considerable resources – towards a new brand, called ReCreate. The focus of the new venture will be creating low-THC marijuana options for those who are ready to move beyond hemp products. 

It’s a smart move. The legalization of hemp has hastened the erosion of taboos around cannabis use, and as people become more comfortable with hemp, it’s inevitable that some are going to get curious about what slightly higher levels of THC might feel like.

Tellingly, nowhere on the ReCreate website will you find the word “marijuana.”  Instead, the more generic and less intimidating word “cannabis” suffices, along with the even more accessible “CBD + THC.” However, while CBD is the main cannabinoid in these new products, it’s the higher levels of THC that differentiate them from Charlotte’s Web’s products.  The company works hard, though, to accentuate the holistic benefits of the whole cannabis plant over the potential psychoactive effects of one cannabinoid: 

“Our purpose is not to be mind-altering, with high amounts of THC, but rather life-enhancing with optimal levels of THC, CBD, and functional Ayurvedic botanicals designed to make your life healthier and more complete.” 

Known for raising the bar for transparency in the CBD industry, the Stanley Brothers' new brand, ReCreate, provides cannabis products for those ready to move beyond hemp.

With ReCreate, the company is essentially taking the formula that has worked so well for Charlotte’s Web and applying it to marijuana. For example, as hemp industry leaders, the family has fought hard to raise the bar when it comes to testing.

Third party testing has become a mainstay of reputable CBD companies, and it was Charlotte’s Web that was one of the first companies to adopt QR codes linking to batch numbered lab tests. This allows costumers to see the lab tests that pertain to their exact product. 

ReCreate’s products will come with a batch number listed on the product box, with all Certificates of Analysis listed on the company’s website. The customer just enters their batch number into a form on the website and the associated lab report pops up. 

This devotion to consistent dosing and formulation is a core principle for the Stanely brothers:

“We work in balance with nature, formulating our products so that consumers can trust our dosages, our offerings, and our promises. Our commitment to consistent consumer experiences translates to consistent consumer confidence.”

The company’s commitment to whole-plant nutrition is also very much in evidence on the ReCreate website. They combine full-spectrum cannabis extracts with Ayurvedic botanicals like lemon balm, turmeric, and valerian root. These formulations also make use of adaptogens like ashwagandha and Chaga (a mushroom that grows in colder climates in the Northern Hemisphere).

So far, those products include tinctures, chocolates, and gummies. Each product comes in varying ratios of CBD to THC, depending on whether the consumer is looking for relief, relaxation, focus, or sleep. There is also an “everyday” tincture, which has a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC. 

In tandem with the June product launch, the Stanley Brothers announced a COVID-19 relief program for members of the cannabis industry. The initiative will provide access to $100,000 worth of ReCreate products to dispensaries in Colorado and California. 

Accessing the program is remarkably easy and only requires filling out a short form on the website. Customers can then bring in the confirmation email to a local dispensary. The goal is to help communities that rely on the cannabis industry and have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For now, ReCreate products are available only from dispensaries in California and Colorado, though presumably, they will soon become more widely available in other states where marijuana is legal. According to ReCreate co-founder Jesse Stanley:

“We believe strongly that people should have access to natural therapies. The rules are being rewritten, our culture is at the dawn of the new era of personalized therapies. The Stanley Brothers started with cannabis and the natural evolution of our mission is the inclusion of functional botanicals in ReCreate.”

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