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Seth Rogen Wants You to Beat the COVID By Smoking Weed


“American Pickle” star shares Twitter PSA at request of British Columbia Premier John Horgan.

The urge to party can be tough to control. The reasons for temptation are beyond understandable: oppressive heat, months spent largely indoors, the fact that you haven’t been able to dance to “WAP” with your besties yet. It’s a lot to deal with, no question, but in spite of it all, comedian Seth Rogen is encouraging his followers to stay home and light up.

In a message shared to Twitter on August 15, the prolific producer-writer-actor offered some sage wisdom to potential partygoers:

“People of British Columbia!” his post began. “Please do not go out to parties and BBQs and other large gatherings! The COVID is still out there! It’s more fun to hang out alone and smoke weed and watch movies and TV shows anyway! Do that instead! Thank you!”

Rogen’s good-natured plea to take the COVID pandemic seriously was made at the request of British Columbia Premier John Horgan, reports Marijuana Moment. They also noted that Horgan, who reached out to Rogen (as well as to fellow Canadian-actor-dude Ryan Reynolds) for help in spreading the message to stay home, responded to Rogen with a post of his own.

“Thanks, Seth,” Horgan later posted on Twitter. “Pretty much what Dr. Henry was going for…”

While certainly humorous in tone, Rogen’s words are ones to carefully consider. As summer continues to make the prospect of safely socially-distancing — which often equates to staying home — more difficult for many, there are always the twin pillars of cannabis and cinema to rely on.

Within Rogen’s own filmography, the apocalyptically-themed “This is the End” feels like an appropriate choice to pair with some killer bud in lieu of a pool party or beach bash. If that’s a little too close to home, there’s also the actor’s latest movie, “An American Pickle.”

(In that film, Rogen plays both a man preserved in pickle brine for 100 years before awakening in present-day Brooklyn as well as that man’s great-grandson. That’s a plot most worthy of pot, no?)

Other ideas for those looking to stray outside of the Rogen-verse: YouTube has like all of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” available for your viewing pleasure.

Even if Rogen’s advice was aimed at British Colombians, let none of us waste the opportunity to stay safely at home while getting monumentally baked and watching kick-ass movies or shows. Again, the man himself has content to offer in the form of AMC’s “Preacher” and Amazon Prime’s “The Boys.” Need more? Let it be known that Hulu is currently home to 34 seasons of “Survivor” — one show built to not make you want to go outside.

If there’s any bone to be picked with Rogen’s rhetoric, it’s in his choice of consumption. Given the respiratory elements associated with COVID, there are valid reasons to consider alternatives to smoking your stash.

Such guidance was provided in March by NORML, who in part noted that “because COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, some of you may wish to limit or avoid their exposure to combustive smoke — as this can put undue stress and strain on the lungs.”

“Alternative delivery devices,” the post continued, “such as vaporizer heating devices can significantly mitigate combustive smoke exposure, and of course, the use of edibles or tinctures can eliminate smoke exposure entirely.”

So perhaps the ideal choice lies in chomping an edible or taking some drops of a tincture. Regardless, Rogen’s underlying message is one many citizens of his adopted home country of the United States could certainly stand to heed.

For Rogen, the good-will gesture is but the latest example of the star using his powers to help.

In recent years, he has also advocated on behalf of research into Alzheimer’s disease, which his mother-in-law suffers from. 2014 saw the “Superbad” writer speak before a Senate committee hearing on the issue, while a 2019 carnival Rogen hosted raised funds for Alzheimer’s research as well.

On the subject of cannabis, Rogen is both a fan and an insider. The latter comes courtesy of his company Houseplant. Sounds like someone who knows what he’s talking about!

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