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Spruce CBD: Pure and Potent


Spruce CBD is a family-run business that is making its mark by creating simple, high-potency CBD products.

There are plenty of people who get started with CBD by grabbing a pack of gummies by the cashier at the gas station. But eventually, if you want to see what CBD has to offer, you’re going to want to move on to a company that takes the substance seriously.

Spruce CBD is one of those companies. 

How do you know this? Well, for example, they can tell you stories about the specific strain of hemp they use – probably not something you’re going to get from the purveyors of those gas station gummies. (According to company founder Tony Spencer, the current hemp they use is an exclusive, 120-year-old strain of hemp that came over to the Americas during the War of 1812.)

The intimate knowledge of every element of their products is part of the difference that a company like Spruce offers its customers. Also, while they do offer a fairly wide range of CBD potencies, they aren’t messing around with low potency CBD. In fact, this company makes a point of making seriously strong products for those who need them.

The way Spruce functions as a company is probably due to the early experiences of its founders. When Tony Spencer talks about the motivation behind their business, he refers to his memories of watching his grandfather suffer from Parkinson’s as he grew up:

“The pharmaceutical drugs that he would be offered would bring a lot of hope. The side effects were terrible. He never saw relief. So to see someone getting these incredible results, sometimes literally within minutes, was just almost hard to fathom.”

When it comes to their product line, they keep things very simple. There are tinctures in two potencies, one of which contains a whopping 2400 mg CBD. And there are three topicals, including a CBD salve that probably ranks among the most potent that you’ll find on the market. 

We have a lot of customers who have wasted money on CBD products in the past that didn’t work for them. Cheaper, low-dose CBD doesn’t seem to offer much relief, which is why we don’t even bother selling a 200mg or even 500mg CBD oil. We don’t want to be known as another brand that didn’t work. We want to be known for providing real relief quickly.

According to Spencer, their business model is working: “We hear customers say, ‘I’ve tried five different brands, why is yours different?’”

The answer to that lies in the high bar the company has set for its products. That means they only use full-spectrum CBD oil, extracted from the afore-mentioned 120-year-old strain of hemp. They extract it with moonshine to maintain the most robust mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. And they use simple, functional ingredients. 

Simply put,  they make decisions that they believe will work for their customers:

“Since Spruce CBD is family-owned, we’re not beholden to big investors or big corporations whose primary objective is going to be to increase the bottom line,” says Spencer. “That allows us the flexibility to focus on what we really care about – and that is customer satisfaction, customer results.” 

Also, whether or not this makes for a better product, the fact that the Spencers see Spruce as a whole-family venture is pretty sweet since their family includes two young children:

“My wife and I feel really blessed to have this opportunity to use Spruce as a sort of entrepreneurial teaching event for our children. We often come in on the weekends and we’ll move freight around, we’ll stock inventory, we’ll pack boxes, we’ll build boxes…”

(On Spruce’s website you can see the family in action, including an action shot of their daughter driving a loaded pallet jack like it’s no big deal.)

Ultimately, it may be companies like Spruce that rescue the CBD industry from its shady reputation as a den of snake-oil salespeople. Without a government agency overseeing their quality, companies like Spruce quietly create CBD products that sidestep the hype and noise in favor of creating products that deliver the best of what hemp can offer.

“The thing that makes me most proud are the stories that come in from our customers. They’re coming in every day now,” says Spencer. “This idea of having…love…from strangers I’ve never met is something rather new to me.

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