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Study Finds Smokers Are Using to CBD to Quit Tobacco


Of 5,000 U.S. CBD users surveyed, nearly one-fourth reported using CBD to limit or fully replace their tobacco use.

The idea that CBD is a magical cure-all is a marketing myth.

Part of the reason we know this is simply because there hasn’t been enough time to do the research necessary to arrive at such conclusions. Phrased another way: it’s not necessarily the outlandishness of the claims that’s to blame (though some blatant frauds do undoubtedly exist) but instead our inability to verify what may be valid assumptions when it comes to what CBD can and cannot do.

Acknowledging this caveat, there are still numerous areas in which promising, if not definitive, data with regards to the benefit of CBD is beginning to emerge.

One such market is that of traditional tobacco smokers.

To be certain, a number of industries have come into their own as public opinion has rather definitively shifted against the value of smoking cigarettes when compared with its public health cost. Initially, there were competitive markets for product categories like nicotine gum and patches. More recently, nicotine in vaporizable form has exploded in popularity – a development that could mark the death knell of Big Tobacco but one that is also being regulated out of existence at both a state and federal level in the U.S.

In the wake of a spate of vaping-related illnesses last year, legislation banning flavored tobacco in all forms has subsequently been introduced in a number of states, including California. While proponents argue that offering flavors like “cotton candy” and “fruit punch” appeal specifically to a young, potentially underage demographic, opponents suggest that without access to their current products, many will simply return to the proven harms of traditional cigarettes.

The timing is then arguably perfect for a new study from the Brightfield Group, which surveyed over 5,000 CBD users in the U.S.

Their findings, published by Hemp Industry Daily, offer some notable hope for the idea that CBD may offer some therapeutic benefit for those looking to discontinue tobacco or nicotine use.

The survey found that 24% of respondents said they’d used CBD to help them quit smoking. More specifically, the study detailed that quitters’ substitute product of choice is often either smokeable hemp or vaporized oil. In addition, 41% of the quitters surveyed noted they have entirely replaced their tobacco with hemp,

If such numbers paint a grim future for Big Tobacco, they are music to the ears for anyone currently making investments in the future of both cannabis and hemp.

Following the success of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the production of industrial hemp, in turn transforming hemp into a mainstream agricultural product, the CBD industry has become a certifiable juggernaut. As its value to our health and well-being continues be examined and explored in seemingly infinite ways, the notion that CBD might also be of service in efforts to eliminate tobacco consumption should still be rightly regarded as a notable new mark in cannabinoid’s favor.

Why is that?

Well, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the leading global risks of mortality place tobacco use second only to high blood pressure in terms of deaths globally. While high blood pressure is first with 13%, tobacco use isn’t far behind, with the WHO listing it as being responsible for 9% of the annual global death total.

As PR News Wire reports, government efforts to intervene “have seen mixed results.” And yet, as they noted, a positive trend in consumption has nonetheless emerged.

“According to the WHO’s report from last year, for the first time, the organization projects that the number of males using tobacco is on the decline, indicating a powerful shift in the global tobacco epidemic.”

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that relying on logic to predict the future is a shaking proposition for the time being. That said, a confluence of timing that places tobacco users looking to quit in record numbers; hemp becoming legal once more in the U.S.; and data indicating that CBD and hemp might work as way to leave cigarettes behind seems, at a minimum, significant.

Naturally, there is much still yet to be done before a world in which hemp eradicates tobacco exists. For one, the onerous but vitally necessary task of conducting more research is needed. In addition, the prospect of the government leveraging its power in favor of such a pivot — one that would, to be certain, require a number of politicians who’ve long suckled at the teat of Big Tobacco to wean themselves of the relationship — could drastically expedite the process.

However, it happens, it does appears that the myth of CBD is slowly beginning to harden into impressive, life-changing chunks of fact.

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