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The Apothecarry Case – Interview with Whitney Beatty

The Apothecarry Case Interview Cover Image

Remember when cannabis used to be that dirty little secret we placed in an unused shoebox and hid at the back of our closet or under the bed? Perhaps you placed yours on the top-shelf behind boxes so no one would sniff out your green indulgence? Whether for pleasure or therapeutic use, everyone has felt the stigma. Times have changed and cannabis, just like tequila or whiskey, deserves a place of its own either next to your liquor cart or on the top shelf in your home beautifully displayed. The Apothecarry Case, an Indo-Lifestyle upscale brand brings cannaluxe to your home so you can elegantly store your best bud securely while keeping it fresh.

This cannabis storage box company was founded in 2015 by Whitney Beatty a “TV executive and mother who never saw herself as a smoker”. The Apothecarry Case offers high-quality cannabis storage organizational systems, accessories, and accouterments. Beatty grew up in a time when cannabis was considered a drug and stigma associated with the use was the norm. She felt these ideologies imposed upon her as a child when she began using cannabis to treat anxiety. Her goal was not only to make herself feel confident imbibing herb for therapeutic use but also, for others. A secure luxury case would elevate the experience and also add normalcy to the process. As a parent, knowing that you can store your marijuana securely will give you peace of mind.

We recently spoke with Whitney Beatty to find out more about her story and what inspired her to start a business in the cannabis industry.

1. What inspired the name of your business? Why The Apothecarry Case?

The name Apothecarry came from the idea that back in the day before pharmacists, apothecaries were the people who provided medicine to communities. They would make house calls and mix the medicines on site. Since I was designing a case that would also carry medicine I thought it would be appropriate. We added the second R to play on the idea that we are a carry case. To be honest, I created the case because I wanted one.

I kept wine in a wine fridge, liquor in a bar, cigars in a humidor, and my high-end cannabis in a shoebox under my bed. Being a mother and a pet owner, I realize this does not make sense. I wanted a safe and secure storage system that elevated my smoking experience. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the market, I built one myself.

2. As someone who never saw themselves as a cannabis smoker and grew up when the “just say no to drugs” mantra was the norm. What do you wish people knew about the stigmatization of cannabis use? Do you have a personal experience you would like to share?

Oh, I think I wish people knew where those negative feelings about cannabis came from. I too was raised in the Nancy Reagan era, I say no to drugs. So, when my doctor suggested that I try cannabis to alleviate my anxiety, she may as well have been saying, ‘try meth!’ But her suggestion encouraged me to do my research on the plan. It really changed my life. It also encouraged me to understand the demonization of cannabis. Because we know the prohibition of cannabis has racist roots. Harry Anslinger, who served as the first commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics who was instrumental in banning the substance was quoted as saying “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

Before this cannabis was as widely used as Tylenol. I also think it’s important to point out the ramifications of this war on drugs. Why? Because communities of color were disproportionately affected. Many Black and Brown community members, elders, in particular, have apprehensions about the use of the plant and little experience with it. Even though being able to use plant medicine at a much lower price  — and without the barriers to entry that the U.S. healthcare system has, could help them tremendously.

3.Do you think that women of color will experience a great shift in this area since it’s become mainstream and normalized for recreational use in the wellness and beauty space?

Well, I think that is important and I would love to see it, I’m a bit disheartened with the lack of information and education and products focused on this demographic. Women of color may be most in need of the benefits of CBD. Women are already twice as anxious as men and research shows that anxiety is chronic and more intense for Black women than it is for white women.  I’m also slightly concerned about the way in which it’s been normalized in wellness and beauty, but not for THC usage. I’m a big supporter of whole plant medicine. I don’t want to continue the demonization of THC while people sing the praises of CBD. The best results come from the entourage effect of using both.

If my liquor is in my bar, my cigars are in my humidor, and my wine is in a wine fridge, why the heck is my herb in a shoebox in the closet?!

4. What are the views that you have had to eliminate as a working mother in cannabis? Do you think it’s important for parents to teach cannabis education earlier on?

I think the most important thing is that I had to think about as a working mother in cannabis is stigma. When I first put my son in school I was very nervous about sharing with other parents what I did. But I learned that I need to be as big of an advocate there as I am in my regular life. While my son is still young he knows that Mommy works in plant medicine and it helps make people better and I think that’s the worldview I would like for him to have of cannabis moving forward.

5. The Apothecarry Case cannabis storage box was created to give space in our homes for cannabis and remove the shame. The same way we showcase our fancy alcohol carts or minibars, cannabis deserves its own high-end luxe abode. Gone are the days of the shoebox at the back of our closet! How long did it take you to create a cannabis storage system that served both style and function?

I worked for about six months on case development. I had all sorts of different design ideas and I built several different models. Ultimately, I wanted to make sure that I could provide security via a key and combination lock, humidity control via our jars, storage for all your tools, and style that matched my decor without raising odor or eyebrows. It was a labor of love.

6. Cannabis is becoming a go-to for many people who are dealing with anxiety or other chronic conditions. How did this journey begin for you?

I went to the hospital one day because I believed I was having a heart attack, and after they hooked me up to the EKG machine they let me know it wasn’t a heart attack, it was anxiety. That changed my life. I had no idea how to deal with this diagnosis, but what I did know is I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life. When trying to find something that worked for me my doctor suggested cannabis. The rest is history. Her offhand comment not only changed my health but my career.

7. What’s something you wish people knew about storing cannabis that you had to learn along the way? What impact does this have on the overall bud experience?

I wish they would remember that cannabis is a plant, therefore it needs to be kept in a humidity-controlled environment. If it gets too wet it will mold (who wants to smoke moldy bud!!?), too dry and the trichomes fall off, diminishing the medicinal benefit and quality of your smoking experience.

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