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The CBD Pillow: Micro-CBD for Solid Slumbers

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CBD is believed by many to help with sleepless nights. The CBD Pillow embraces this popular trend by combining CBD microencapsulation technology with all the best qualities of a high-end pillow.


As new CBD companies fight for the attention of an increasingly discerning and novelty-hungry market, we’re beginning to see some innovative products begin to hit the (online) shelves.

The CBD Pillow definitely fits into that category.

Designed for CBD users who find that their CBD tincture isn’t quite enough to get them through the night (or are maybe just growing bored of the traditional CBD fare), this product offers an alternative dosing mechanism for CBD. 

No, you don’t eat it.

In fact, the CBD Pillow is exactly what it sounds like. A pillow dosed with CBD. In this case, the cannabinoid has been microencapsulated, then bonded to the fabric on the outside of the pillowcase.

To the wary consumer, “microencapsulated CBD” may sound like sales jargon. But the creators of the CBD Pillow have actually made use of innovative technology in which CBD is broken down into microscopic droplets and then wrapped in a protective polymeric coating. 

The CBD Pillow makes use of innovative technology in which CBD is broken down into microscopic droplets and then wrapped in a protective polymeric coating.

There is plenty of ongoing research on the possibilities of microencapsulation, so it’s not that surprising to see the CBD industry taking note. Encapsulating the CBD protects it from contamination and oxidation until it is ready to be released. 

Also, the higher bioavailability of these tiny particles of CBD may mean that a lower dose of CBD goes further than its traditional form, which is a nice side benefit.

So that’s the basic science behind those microcapsules. But how does the CBD in the CBD Pillow get into your body? 

Unlike other forms of CBD dosing, this one is a pretty passive process. While you sleep, the friction of your skin on the pillow liner causes those microcapsules to burst open, releasing the CBD inside. (The company’s website explains that the microcapsules vary in size so that they are released over time.) 

Your skin then absorbs the tiny droplets of CBD, providing a microdose of the cannabinoid while you sleep. Unlike a CBD tincture or gummy, the company maintains that your skin should continue to absorb the CBD as long as your head is on the pillow. 

In order to help sway their more skeptical customers, the creators of the CBD Pillow have done some extensive research, including an independently conducted “Franz Cell Test” which shows the absorption of CBD to be around 60% over a seven-hour period. 

Importantly, the CBD used also meets the standards of the industry’s best practices. That means that the CBD Pillow company sources US grown hemp and has their CBD independently tested for a wide range of contaminants (like pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials). Third-party lab results for potency testing are published on the CBD Pillow website.

Obviously, the CBD in the pillow won’t last forever. Pillow construction aside, the CBD is designed to last for three to six months, depending on variables like how many hours you sleep on the pillow as well as how often you wash it. The company recommends only washing every two weeks (for a total of 20 washings) to maintain the integrity of the CBD.

At that point, CBD Pillow customers can order a replacement pillowcase, which is infused with a new dose of CBD. (But you’ll have to buy at least one CBD Pillow before being eligible to buy the pillowcase.)

At $99, this isn’t exactly a bargain bin pillow – but if you’re having issues with sleep, the bargain bin isn’t where you should be looking for your pillow. And the CBD Pillow offers more than a nightly microdose of CBD. Manufactured in California, this is also just a high quality, medium-firm pillow, which stacks up well when compared to other brand name (and often pricier) foam pillows. 

The liner is made from bamboo-derived breathable rayon which also serves as a built-in pillowcase, while the fill comprises a blend of hypoallergenic certified shredded memory foam and plush microfiber. 

Also, for the pillow connoisseurs among us, the pillow height and firmness are fully customizable. If you prefer a thinner pillow, just unzip the cover and remove any amount of fill to customize the firmness level to your individual needs.

Still feeling skeptical? The CBD Pillow comes with a money-back guarantee, providing customers with 30 nights to decide if the pillow is for them. Customers also benefit from a 10-year warranty on the craftsmanship of the pillow itself.

Between the microencapsulated CBD, the industry-leading pillow construction, and the solid return policy, the CBD Pillow looks like a pretty solid bet for a good night’s sleep. 

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