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Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD Brand Review

With an excellent product line and high standard of quality, it’s easy to see why pets and their owners love Honest Paws.

Honest Paws

Expert Review
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American Hemp
American Hemp

Honest Paws CBD Review: Overview

Honest Paws sources high-quality, Colorado-grown hemp and enhances its products with botanical ingredients. This company also offers potency variety and unique delivery methods.

What is Honest Paws?

The company saw an opportunity to improve pets’ quality of life who had few options outside of conventional medications. So, besides offering CBD options for cats, dogs, horses, and other household and farm animals, Honest Paws also focuses on consumer education.

Its website has a ton of great resources and relevant content under its ‘CBD Education’ and ‘Pet Care Education’ pages. It also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy with no questions asked. Anyone not happy with a product has 30 days to return it for a full refund.

Product Sourcing: Sun-Grown Colorado Hemp

Honest Paws sources its hemp from Colorado. These farmers grow their crops outdoors under the life-giving sunlight, where they have plenty of space to grow and thrive. Then, the company uses the excellent extraction form of CO2 to preserve the nutrients in the hemp.

Its products are sent to a third-party lab for potency and contamination testing. This lab tests the cannabinoid and terpene profiles and checks for heavy metals, microbials, and foreign matter. However, there is no testing on the levels of pesticides, residual solvents, or mycotoxins.

Brand Product Line: Hemp-Infused Pet CBD

Under the Honest Paws product line, you’ll find a great selection of full-spectrum CBD oils, some hard bite-sized treats, soft chews, peanut butter, coconut oil, and a balm for skin and paws. Each option comes in various potencies depending on your pet’s size and health needs.

What Are Customers Saying About Honest Paws?

We found lots of positive Honest Paws reviews posted on the website. As usual, there are a handful of unsatisfied customers, but for the most part, it’s all 5-stars reviews. One customer said, “I started giving Honest Paws [hemp oil] to our 15-year-old pug and she’s as spunky as ever!”

Another person added, “we tried the Calming Hemp Bites and they definitely take the edge off my dog’s fear.” Even the mobility chews had great feedback: “These chews allow my old dog to walk, get up, and enjoy his quality of life. I could not recommend these more.”

Finally, we’ll leave you with one last review from a happy customer: “My dog loves the taste [of the peanut butter] and it works as well as all the products at Honest Paws.”

Honest Paws Pros & Cons

  • Colorado-grown hemp
  • QR code on labeling to access lab tests
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No corn, soy, gluten, dairy, or GMOs in products
  • More expensive than the competition
  • No testing for pesticides or solvents

Getting to Know Honest Paws

Chelsea started up Honest Paws after using CBD to heal her dog, Baby Rose, from a condition. Her vet recommended traditional medications, but they would leave her sweet pup feeling lethargic indefinitely. Even more, there was no guarantee that her dog would get better. After this experience, Chelsea felt compelled to create hemp-infused products that could help as many pets that needed it.

Based in League City, Texas, the company works with pet shelters around the country that need support. But, it’s unclear whether it provides financial assistance or discounts on products. Furthermore, Honest Paws ships to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and U.S. military bases and provides free shipping on orders over $49.95. Honest Paws also provides helpful CBD dosing guidance for pets on its website to help you find the best starting dose for your furry companion.

In addition, to save repeat customers some money, the company offers a subscription plan where pet owners can set their own delivery schedule and can modify or cancel the subscription anytime. The perk of the subscription plan is 15% total savings. Lastly, the customer service appears to be first class with real people on the other end of the phone and responses to almost every single review on the website.

Honest Paws Product Summary

Honest Paws Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil
Honest Paws Bites & Chews
Bites & Chews
Honest Paws Pet Balm
Pet Balm
Honest Paws Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Honest Paws Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil
Variety/ Flavors
Dogs: Wellness, Mobility, Calm, Relief, USDA Organic

Cats, Horses
Bites: Calm, Relief, Wellness

Soft Chews: Mobility, Calm
Relief Calm Wellness
Total CBD
125-1,500mg 150mg 450mg 160mg 120mg
Total Volume
30-60ml 30 pieces 60ml 450ml 330ml
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
4.2-25mg/ml 5mg per piece 7.5mg/ml 0.36mg/ml 0.36mg/ml
Price Range
$39.95-149.95 $24.95-39.95 $29.95 $29.95 $27.95
Price per mg CBD
$0.10-0.36 $0.17-0.27 $0.07 $0.19 $0.23
CBD Extraction Method

Honest Paws CBD Products

All of these products include full-spectrum hemp extract, and many of the active ingredients are organic. Even more, all of the product formulas are free from GMOs, corn, dairy, soy, xylitol, and gluten.

Honest Paws Hemp OilFull-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs, Cats & Horses

There are several types of CBD oils to choose from based on the type of animal you have, its size, and whether it needs a little extra support from added botanical ingredients. For instance, the Relief formula includes ginger, the Calm tincture has chamomile, and the Mobility formula contains turmeric.

However, the Wellness formula claims to have terpenes to support the wellness aspect of the product, but based on the most recent lab report (COA), we found that there are non-detectable traces of terpenes.

And finally, there’s a USDA organic oil, but after a quick search in the USDA Organic Integrity Database, we couldn’t find the company listed there.

Honest Paws Bites & ChewsHonest Paws CBD Dog Treats

In this category, there are hard bites and soft chews. Most of the ingredients in these Honest Paws dog treats are organic, just like popular competitor Holistapet. Some examples include organic oats, organic barley, organic peanut butter, organic coconut oil, and organic coconut oil flakes.

To name a few, other health-promoting ingredients in these formulas include glucosamine, boswellia serrata powder, tryptophan, and L-theanine.

Honest Paws Pet Balm

Pet Balm for Skin, Snout & Paws

For any problem your pet has with its skin, snout, or paws, you can apply this relief balm. It has an excellent list of nature-based ingredients, including sunflower oil, coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and five essential oils. The balm has a citrus fragrance because of the essential oils, so there are no artificial fragrances to worry about.

Hemp-Infused Peanut Butter

What dog doesn’t enjoy peanut butter? Honest Paws had that same thought, so it created a hemp-infused version of it. You can add this to your pet’s food, put it in a toy, or let them lick it straight off the spoon. One tablespoon contains 5mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil

The ingredient list on this hemp-infused coconut oil is simple: organic virgin coconut oil and full-spectrum hemp extract. Since coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid, it digests quickly and has the potential to fight inflammation and help with skin issues, among many other imbalances. Plus, each tablespoon contains 5mg of CBD for a wonderful boost.

Honest Paws: Bringing Wellness Back into Pets’ Lives

It’s clear that Honest Paws cares about our furry friends’ health and well-being, which is shown in its products. For one, the full-spectrum hemp extract that goes into every formula comes from sun-grown plants from Colorado that undergo the premium CO2 extraction method.

Also proving it cares, almost every single formula includes other helpful botanical ingredients that boost the product’s therapeutic value.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, every single product contains zero gluten, corn, soy, dairy, xylitol, and GMOs. Although some of the price points are high, the quality backs them up for the most part.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Honest Paws is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating with the organization.

Lab Testing

Honest Paws is transparent with the quality of its products so you can access third-party lab testing results on its website.

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