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American Shaman Reviews: Something For Everyone!

American Shaman claims to be focused on the welfare of its customers, and they seem to mean it. The company develops all its CBD products using non-GMO hemp sourced in the United States, and it uses innovative technology to make water-soluble tinctures, which have one of the highest absorption rates possible. Moreover, American Shaman supports the wellness needs of its low-income and military veteran consumers who require financial assistance.

American Shaman

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Lab Tested
Lab Tested
American Hemp
American Hemp

Overview: American Shaman Review

The Company: American Shaman

American Shaman displays an obvious passion for helping others and is laser-focused on creating new, innovative hemp-derived products. Plus, it has a Compassionate Care Program that provides 30% off all orders greater than $34.99 to those who qualify. Additionally, the company has an excellent customer support team that responds to almost every single question and review left by customers on its website.

Clean Product Sourcing

The company sources its hemp from farms in the U.S. These licensed farmers don’t use GMOs or chemicals while cultivating the crops. To prove this, the company pays third-party labs to test its products.

Based on these lab reports, called COAs, the tests included checking for pesticides, residual solvents, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. But not every COA for each product included this level of testing.

American Shaman CBD Oils & More

American Shaman has one of the largest selections of CBD products we’ve ever seen. So, of course, it carries the most popular items like oil tinctures, topicals, capsules, and edibles. But it also sells hemp flower (including CBG flower), some bath bombs, pet products, beverages, and more.

American Shaman Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

After reading many American Shaman reviews from happy customers, we learned that products like the oil tinctures and capsules helped users feel calm and relaxed, gave them lasting relief, some got a boost of energy, while others had an easy time falling asleep.

As for its topical products, like the CBD lotion, customers reported how a little bit went a long way, that it has a nice scent and soft texture, and it worked well to moisturize dry skin. Those who bought CBD products for their pet said they observed noticeable improvements in their pet’s mobility, and they were less anxious.

American Shaman Pros & Cons

  • Huge variety of products
  • Has a financial assistance program
  • Offers innovative water-soluble products
  • Certain topicals are expensive
  • Some edibles contain unhealthy ingredients

American Shaman CBD: All About the Company

This CBD company was founded in Kansas City, MO, by Vince Sanders in 2015. He formed a highly specialized team of doctors and researchers to create innovative, safe, and high-quality products. His mission was to make hemp-derived CBD available to all who needed or wanted botanical and natural-based solutions.

American Shaman performs quality control batch testing in-house and then sends its products to third-party labs for potency testing. Likewise, it uses nanotechnology to create water-soluble CBD, a feat that’s respected and is now modeled after.

Almost every single product made by American Shaman comes in a full-spectrum and THC-free option. The choices in products are simply astounding, and the company backs up everything it produces with a money-back guarantee.

American Shaman Product Summary

American Shaman doesn’t shy away from product innovation. Its abundant selection is evidence of this. With dozens of products (and growing!), the company focuses on giving its customers plenty of choices. And these choices aren’t limited to tinctures, oils, topicals, and pet CBD. It also sells capsules, lots of different CBD edibles, bath bombs, hemp flowers, CBD coffee, and more.

We’ve prepared this chart, so you can take a look at American Shaman’s huge line-up of awesome products. You’ll also find specific details about each of these product categories below.

Tinctures & Oils
American Shaman Topical Cream
CBD Gummies from American Shaman CBD
cbd capsules from american Shaman
American Shaman CBD Flower
Hemp Flower
American Shaman Bath Bomb
Bath Bombs
Pet Products
Variety/ Flavors
Cherry Limeade




Pina Colada

Blueberry Moon

Strawberry- Banana

Cool Berry

Tropical Punch



Palo Santo

Tea Tree



Mint Chip


Blue Raspberry






Chocolate Chip

Natural Cherry Wine (CBD)

John Snow and Lemon Cream Diesel (CBG)

Lilac, Tea Tree/Mint, and Oatmeal
Canine Tincture, Canine, and Feline Water-Soluble Oil,

Dog Treats

Doggy Food

CBD Tea, and CBD Sparkling Water
Total CBD
150-900mg 30-500mg 25 - 1,000 mg 450 - 900 mg 4.9% CBD

20.8% CBG
150mg 80 - 300 mg 40-140 mg
Total Volume
15-30 mL 5-240ml 1-100 pieces 30-60 capsules 1-3.5 grams 1 bath bomb 30ml

40 treats
28 caps

4-6 cans
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
10-50 mg/mL 8.33 - 30 mg/ml 3.13-30 mg/piece 15 mg/cap 4.9% CBD

20.8% CBG
150 mg 10 mg/ml and

2-5 mg/treat
5-10 mg/cap

Price Range
$34.99 to $179.99 $10 to $109.99 $9.95 to $219 $59.99 to $109 $14.99 to $29.99 $14.99 $29.50 to $59.99 $14.99 to $37.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.19 to $0.23 $0.20 to $0.50 $0.20 to $0.67 $0.12 to $0.13 n/a $0.10 $0.15 to $0.37 $0.28 to $0.50
CBD Extraction Method
Molecular Distillation Molecular Distillation Molecular Distillation Molecular Distillation Molecular Distillation Molecular Distillation Molecular Distillation Molecular Distillation

American Shaman Products


Large Selection of Tinctures 

The company is well-known for its large selection of tinctures. American Shaman CBD oil and tinctures come either in a traditional oil-based solution or a water-soluble formula. There are different flavors and potencies to choose from. Plus, nearly all of its tinctures come in a full-spectrum formula or THC-free blend.

It’s rare to see this level of variety from other CBD companies, so American Shaman scores big points for that. The price per mg of CBD is higher than most other tinctures and oils. However, given the large expense of producing water-soluble tinctures, we think the price tag for those is fair. We can’t say the same for the oil-based tinctures, however.

Capsules: 15 mg CBD per Capsule

The full-spectrum CBD capsules offered by American Shaman come in a 30 and 60 count. Regardless of the count you choose, there’s 15mg of CBD per capsule. Besides CBD, the only other ingredient is hemp oil.

These are a great, discreet way to consume CBD and enjoy the long-lasting effects of capsules. The only downside is the low-medium potency. We would like to see another option at a higher dose, such as 30mg.

Edibles: Brownies, Cake, Cookies & More

American Shaman has some of the most interesting and diverse edible options of any CBD company we know. It’s common to see CBD gummies, but this company takes the definition of edibles to another level.

You can find brownies, cake, cookies, candy, gum, honey, almonds, marshmallow treats, and popcorn – a real foodies’ dream. The prices can get pretty expensive per mg of CBD. However, you won’t find some of these items at this quality anywhere else.

Hemp Flower

For those who love to smoke hemp flower, the company provides two options to select from. Firstly, it has a pre-rolled joint that contains 1 gram of CBD flower. Secondly, it sells CBG flower in a container with 3.5 grams of trimmed buds.

Both are great options and allows customers to choose between CBD or CBG – aka cannabigerol, a minor constituent of cannabis.

Bath Bombs for Self Care

American Shaman sells three distinctly flavored bath bombs at 150mg of CBD each. You simply draw yourself a hot bath, toss the product inside, watch it dissolve and change the color of the bathwater.

It’s an excellent way to show yourself some TLC. While at the same time reaping the benefits of CBD through the body’s largest organ — the skin!

Pet Products

The products under this category cater to both canines and felines. You can choose from tinctures, treats, and food. In our opinion, the standout pet product is the company’s water-soluble tincture. Given the higher bioavailability and greater absorption rate of a water-soluble tincture, this option is extremely valuable for your pets.

Other Products

Some of the company’s other CBD products include CBD probiotics, CBD tea, and CBD sparkling water. All fantastic options for those looking for something different. We feel that combining CBD into these common, everyday products was ingenious. We give American Shaman a lot of praise for these novel offerings.


American Shaman: A Leader in Innovation with an Incredible Variety of Products

American Shaman is a leader when it comes to taking creative leaps and innovative strides in the CBD industry. Beyond that, we like that the company uses organically grown hemp from the U.S., and provides its customers with exciting and potent selections.

This CBD company provides products that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Lastly, it generously offers a financial assistance program to veterans and low-income individuals who can’t afford regular CBD purchases.

So, what do you think about this company? Are you ready to use an American Shaman Coupon code to try your first product?

Better Business Bureau Rating

Although American Shaman is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) it does have a “B-” BBB rating.

Lab Testing

American Shaman is transparent about the quality of its products and therefore discloses lab testing results on its website.

Contact American Shaman CBD
American Shaman

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