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Best 510 Thread Vape Pen Batteries

The 510 vape battery has rather quickly accomplished the task of becoming an industry-standard in the world of vaporizing. Whether you're using e-juice, cannabis flower, cannabis concentrates – if you're in the market for an on-the-go vaporizer, chances are you're going to run into the 510 vape battery. While the 510 vape battery finds itself at use in a wide array of different vaporizers across the globe, let's dig into what fans call some of its' best presentations.

Best 510 Vape Battery


1. Twist Variable Voltage 510 Vape Battery

Overview: The 510 Twist Vape Battery brings itself to the market with a sleek presentation. While maintaining itself as a high-quality, slim-line, quick-draw mechanism, the team at Twist appears to be very committed to customer service. The 510 Twist Battery, running at 400mAh, allows for combustion temperatures between 2.0v – 4.0v. While running at full temperature, this unit still presents tremendous value in battery life. With the added bonus of its preheat feature, it looks like Twist has produced a very popular battery.

Pro Con
Variable voltage 510 vape battery allows for choice in combustion temperature (2.0v-4.0v) 510 vape cartridge not included
Slim-line design available in multiple colors
Pre-heat function on easy click allows quick results on achieving desired combustion temperature

What Customers Are Saying: By way of reviews, Twist Variable Voltage owners seem to be tremendously happy with their purchase. Even those who had slight issues with their units are impressed with the quick response on behalf of Twist. It seems to do a great job with any type of threaded 510 vape cartridge, although lacking its own in the package. Customers rarely speak on issues related to leakage or cleanliness. Those who encounter a negative experience with this battery speak very highly to immediate response in customer service, noting quick product replacements or easy instruction as highlights. The Twist Variable Voltage Vape Battery has a large, dedicated, and happy fan base.

2. Vmod 2 Palm 510 Vape Battery

Overview: While remaining slim and discreet in presentation, the Vmod 2 Palm 5 has a powerful 900mAh 510 battery. The sleek Vmod 2 stands up to its claim of being a perfect fit for the palm of your hand. The integrity of the 900mAh battery promotes a healthy battery life, and it’s relatively quick to reach a full charge via the included micro-USB charger. The variable voltage on the Vmod 2 allows for combustion temperatures between 2.5v-4.0v. The addition of a magnetic connection provides an extra hold on your 510 cartridge. Button operated, the Vmod 2 places itself as an easy-click unit, and the preheat function promises a personalized vape experience.

Pro Con
– Size: easy to carry in the palm of hand or pocket, the Vmod 2 travels well – Potential compatibility issues with certain 510 cartridges
– Battery life: the 900mAh battery holds a long charge – Button size may lead to inadvertent power up in pocket/purse
– Magnetic connection in addition to the 510 threading encourages cartridge stability – 510 thread vape cartridge not included

What Customers Are Saying: The Vmod 2 Palm 510 vape battery is undoubtedly a fan favorite. While managing to design a renowned discreet palm-sized vape, the Vmod 2 has also produced one of the most durable batteries on the market. Consumers speak very highly to its battery life and the confidence of their chosen combustion temperature. There is a lot of positivity concerning the addition of the magnetic connection to the 510 threading. Unfortunately, it also does appear that some customers may have issues threading specific types of 510 thread cartridges into the Vmod 2 Palm 510 vape battery. Other consumers have made note that, perhaps due to the size of the “on” button, the Vmod 2 might sneakily click itself into power. Those who experience this could end up being disappointed in losing not just battery life, but your product itself.

3. LoKey 2 350 mAh Variable Voltage Battery

Overview: The LoKey 2 510 vape battery steps into the vape game with a very unique design engineered. A stand-out piece for the LoKey 2 is its hidden USB charger. Easily tucked into the side of this vape and unveiled with a smooth slide, the LoKey 2 helps put an end the days of missing cords. Simply connect to a standard powered USB port, and you’re hopefully looking at a full charge within three to four hours. The addition of a keychain loop proves to be an interesting element of the battery design, allowing this vape to be clipped to any style of chain. With the power of the 350 mAh battery, consumers are offered three different voltages to achieve their desired combustion temperature. The three-click voltage switch grants access to a choice of either a)2.7v, b)3.1v, or c)3.6v.


Pro Con
– Built-in USB charger makes for a cordless experience – Choice of three voltages may not be suitable for a product that requires a higher burn temp
– Easy click through to one of three combustion voltage temperatures – Inconsistent battery life
– Maneuverable mouthpiece and cartridge USB charger add to product durability – Poor customer service

What Customers Are Saying: Unlike many of its peers on the market, the LoKey 2 510 vape battery is genuinely unique in its design and presentation. Fans of the Lokey 2 speak highly of the unit based on this fact alone. Given the attached USB charger and the maneuverability of the mouthpiece/cartridge of this vape, the LoKey 2 has received high praise from customers for its durability. It promotes itself as being a similar size to a car fob, and this certainly rings true as a positive for many consumers. While it seems that the LoKey 2 has little to no issue with any 510 threaded cartridges, it does not include its own. Some consumers have experienced some problems with cartridge leakage, leaving somewhat of a cleaning job to endeavor. While the majority of customers seem to have no issue with their purchase, those who do might be faced with some challenges by way of customer service.


The 510 vape battery has established itself as the primary technology at use in many vaporizers. With no tangible IP, this technology has been shared amongst industry insiders over the years and finds itself at use across the world of vaporizing. Many established brands have adopted this technology, while start-ups across the globe kick off their vape products using the 510 vape battery. 510 threading has quickly become the industry norm for cartridge installation.

With so many units available for purchase at different price points, we feel that customer service could ultimately prove to be the tipping point for consumer loyalty.

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