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Air Vape X Review

The Air Vape X is an excellent, high-quality portable vaporizer whose benefits more than make up for its downsides. It’s one of the best handheld vapes I’ve used, which would be near-perfect with a few small improvements.

Air Vape X

Expert Review
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Vaporizer Type: Portable
Heat Up Time: ~20 seconds
Compatibility: Dry Herb
Heating Style: Conduction & Convection
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
Temperature Settings: 210-420°F
Battery Type: 1300 mAh battery


We put the Air Vape X through its paces over the course of a week, using it heavily, charging it frequently, and cleaning it fully several times. Its ease of use, simple display, and fine temperature controls make it a vaporizer that’s easy to recommend and fun to use. It’s a rare product that is great for beginners and more experienced users, as it gives you the control you want without unnecessary complications or bells and whistles. Unlike popular competitors, there’s no app to download to unlock features, and its simple charging setup allows you to use the product while it’s charging, putting the Air Vape X in the top-tier of portable vaporizers.

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Pros & Cons

  • High quality materials
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Clear, simple display
  • Fine temperature control
  • Small, but powerful
  • Too small battery
  • Annoyingly strong vibration
  • Strange up/down button placement
  • Cheap cleaning tools

Air Vape X Build Quality

The build quality on the Air Vape X is extremely high. The vaporizer has a pleasant heft, and the mouthpiece magnetically snaps into place with a satisfying click. In hand, the Air Vape X feels natural and comfortable, and the use of quality materials like metal and ceramic gives it a high-end feel absent from some similarly-priced vaporizers.

The display is clean and clear, showing the current battery level and temperature. Three clicks of the central button turn it off and on, and the display shows a spinning fan to let you know that it is heating up. Once at temperature, the Air Vape X vibrates to notify you that it’s ready. Though, in my opinion, the vibration is much too strong, and it made me think my phone was buzzing somewhere the first few times—which is not an entirely relaxing sound. A more subtle vibration would be preferable.

The Air Vape X comes with several tools to help you prepare and clean it, but they’re the same cheap-feeling tools you’ll find included with most vapes. After only a few sessions, the provided cleaning brush looked pretty disheveled, which is a shame as the Air Vape X needs to be brushed clean while it’s still warm after each use. I imagine I’ll need to replace the brush within a few weeks.

It charges with an included micro-USB cable, and my unit came with a mostly-full battery, which was a pleasant surprise. It charges quickly, but that’s mostly due to its small capacity (more on this later), and the display shows its progress throughout the charge.

The box includes a few replacement screens and a pad for concentrates, but I have only used the Air Vape X with dried herb. Overall, if cleaned regularly and treated well, this vape feels like it will last several years with ease.

My Experience With The Air Vape X

The experience using the Air Vape X more than makes up for any minor downsides. It heats up remarkably fast (within 20–30 seconds), and the fine control over the temperature allows you to really dial in your ideal experience. I would typically start low (around 340F) for my first session and then incrementally ramp things up for another 1–2 sessions at higher temperatures until the herb was fully spent.

Once at temperature, the three-minute timer starts counting down toward its automatic shut-off, signaled by another much-too-powerful vibration. The draw is easy and clean, and you don’t need to press or hold any buttons once it’s at temperature. At higher temperatures, you can produce significant clouds without triggering combustion, and at lower temperatures, you can really taste the herb and produce a nice, light vapor.

I tested the vaporizer with a strong indica, and after two three-minute sessions, I was feeling some significant effects—including a growing desire to eat, nap, or do both. While this is a great vaporizer for new users, even the more experienced among us should be able to have a great time with this product.

The Air Vape X is simple to pack and prepare, though the narrow chamber makes it a little too easy to spill ground herb all over your table or counter, as I found a few times before I started to fill it over my rolling tray. The small chamber also means you’ll need to replace your herb a few times if you’re looking for a particularly powerful experience or are passing it around a room with friends.

The ceramic mouthpiece stays cool enough for comfort, despite the product’s short vapor path, which is another huge benefit over many of its competitors. By the end of the three-minute session, especially at higher temperatures, you can definitely feel its warmth, but it rarely gets too hot to use or enjoy.

After a few uses, you’ll want to give the mouthpiece a more in-depth cleaning. It comes apart fairly easily, though there are 3–4 small, fiddly parts that you need to be careful not to drop or misplace when you go to submerge them in ISO. Everything fits back together easily once clean, and a good cleaning session really only takes a few minutes if done regularly.

While the Air Vape X is not the smallest vaporizer on the market, it fits reasonably discreetly in my admittedly large hands. The upper portion of the Air Vape X houses its air vents and mouthpiece and is significantly wider than the bottom two-thirds of the product, which tapers into a very thin rounded rectangle. This thinness, though, produces the single largest downside to this product—the battery life. Three full sessions are the most I’ve been able to get on a single charge, which makes it much less useful for a day on the town or a few natures seshes on a hike.

Perhaps the smallest, strangest complaint one can have about the Air Vape X are the temperature arrows, but it feels worth remarking upon. For some reason, the up arrow is on the left, and the down arrow is on the right. I had no idea how hard-wired “up=right, down=left” was in my brain, but this vaporizer proved it to me. I always hit the wrong button first.

Air Vape X – The Final Verdict

While the Air Vape X isn’t cheap—I spent about $200 on it—it feels like a great value for the money. It comes with a Limited Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and it certainly gives the impression from its build quality and materials that it will last for many years.

If you’re looking for a powerful, easy-to-use vaporizer with fine temperature controls that won’t break the bank, the Air Vape X is an easy choice.

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