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Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the most popular desktop vaporizers on the market owing to its cheap price point relative to more premium desktop vapes and it's versatility. The option to fill a bag is great for social occasions and of course, you can use the standard direct draw for solo sessions.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Expert Review
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Draw Method: Bag Fill or Direct
Heating Style: Conduction
Heat Up Time: 2 minutes
Compatibility: Dr Herb
Power Source: Wall Outlet
Warranty: 3 Years



The Extreme Q is made by Arizer, a Canadian company that has earned a reputation for quality, portable handheld, and desktop dry flower vapes.

Vaping Experience

Customizable vaping options like specific heat settings and a choice between direct draw or balloon make it versatile enough for all vapers.

Who’s it for?

The Extreme Q is ideal for anyone who is looking to vape dry flower at home without breaking the bank.

Overall Value

Save over half on the Extreme Q when compared to what other brands charge for similar desktop vaporizers. Read more of our Arizer Extreme Q review for more details

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient remote control unit
  • Affordable product with thousands of satisfied customers
  • Versatile with option for bag or direct draw
  • Some users complain that the Extreme Q is fragile
  • Vapor quality may not compare to more premium desktop vaporizers like the Volcano

Using the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Vaping dry herb has a dedicated following – our Arizer Extreme Q  review will look at the temperature settings, vapor production, and other standout features that appeal to vape aficionados.

Temperature Control and Heat Time

You can set the temperature on the Extreme Q vaporizer anywhere between 122°F and 500°F, depending on the material you are vaping, and how thick you prefer your vapor. This ability to fine-tune the heat is a nice high-end option, over vapes that only offer two or three preset options. Generally, higher temperatures will provide more potent vapor, and lower temperatures will enhance the flavor, but the vapor will be less potent.

The Extreme Q has a heat-up time of just a few minutes (depending on the temperature), and there is minimal waiting before it is ready to use. It also includes a remote control so pre-heating it from across the room, or even from the couch is simple.

Vapor Production and Airflow

The Arizer Extreme Q can be used in two ways, adding to its versatility.

The Extreme Q can be used with the included balloon, just plug it into the top of the unit and the balloon will fill with the vapor from the hot air moving through your vape material. You can choose one of three fan speeds to control how fast the balloon fills and the thickness of the vapor.

You can also take direct draw hits using the included silicone whip, which is great for sharing with others. When using the PVC whip, you’ll likely choose to have the fan off so the airflow will rely on you inhaling. However, you do have the option of using the fan on low for forced air vaping.

Regardless of how you use it the Extreme Q’s ceramic heating element creates flavorful vapor. You can add about 0.3 grams of loosely packed finely ground dry flower to the glass bowl, but don’t overpack it or the airflow will be negatively affected.


Like with any vaporizer, regular cleaning of the Extreme Q will ensure a better vape experience. The glass joints and bowls on the Extreme Q vape make cleaning all the places where residue typically collects easy. However, you will want to clean these pieces often to keep them from getting gunky, since it can affect the taste of your vapor.

Standout Features

There are a few things that stood out about the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer in my review. The Extreme Q has push-button functionality and an easy to read LED screen that displays temperature, fan speed, and lights. The friendly user interface made it a snap to customize each session: and the included remote allows you to control all these features from across the room. Finally, the sleep timer ensures the Extreme Q will power down after your session, so it doesn’t stay hot or drain power.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Accessories

The Arizer Extreme Q comes with all the accessories you need to get started. This also means there are no additional costs after purchasing the vaporizer – which isn’t true of all desktop vape setups. Here are the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer accessories included with purchase.

  • Remote Control
  • 2 x Glass Cyclone Bowl
  • Glass Aromatherapy Dish
  • 2 x Interchangeable Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Glass Stirring Tool
  • 3′ Whip (Silicone)
  • All-Glass Mini Whip
  • 2 x Balloon with Frosted Glass Mouthpiece
  • Spare Flat Screen
  • Spare Dome Screen
  • Sample Aromatic Botanicals

The Extreme Q is backed by Arizer’s manufacturer’s warranty, so you can feel confident that your vape will work for years to come.

Extreme Q Vaporizer vs V Tower Desktop Vaporizer

The lower price point of the Arizer V Tower vaporizer attracts many consumers who are vaping on a budget, even though its missing many of the accessories the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer offers, like the fillable balloon. However, it still has many of the features that make the Extreme Q stand out: including customizable heating, ceramic heating elements, glass connections and bowls, and an auto-off timer. The V Tower vaporizer is an ideal choice for people looking for the quality and functionality of the Extreme Q, but don’t need some of the bells and whistles like the remote control.

Arizer Extreme Q Discount

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Final Verdict

Arizer has made a name for themselves by creating reliable value-priced dry herb vapes. The company offers over half a dozen handheld and desktop vapes, including the Extreme Q. The company backs its products with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be confident in purchasing from Arizer.

During my Arizer Extreme Q review, it provided all the features I would expect of high-end desktop vaporizers, but at a bargain price. I loved the use of premium materials, like thick glass and food-grade plastic in its construction, and its high-power heating source. With its myriad of options and quality materials, the Arizer Extreme Q holds its own against desktop vaporizers twice its price and is a great choice for beginners and experienced vapors alike.

  • Long Battery Life (~3hrs)
  • All Glass Delivery Path
  • Many Satisfied Customers
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